Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi 10.1- Tablet 00001NARGNLX B&H Photo

A couple of weeks ago, word popped up of a UK site starting to take pre-orders for the Wi-Fi-only version of the Motorola XOOM, being available in early April. Not long after that images leaked of the same model showing up in a Sam's Club training center with a price tag of $539. Not to be outdone, yet another story arose saying office retailer Staples would be supplying the slate for $600 with employee training starting on March 23. Today the rumors take another step into becoming reality, as site B&H is now taking pre-orders for the Wi-Fi model of the Honeycomb debut for $599, making them the first American site (to our knowledge) to offer pre-orders on the carrier-free model.

This news should come as a relief for those that have been holding back from dishing out the $800 Motorola is asking for a contract-free 3G/LTE version of the tablet. We have seen an early pattern by Android tablet manufacturers of withholding Wi-Fi-only options until they have sold as many contract-laden versions as they can. In comparison to the Galaxy Tab (which still doesn't have a Wi-Fi version available), the time lapse between the 3G and Wi-Fi models of the XOOM is looking to be relatively small.

Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi 10.1- Tablet 00001NARGNLX B&H Photo

If the rumored price of $539 at Sam's Club was correct, that would be a significant savings over what now is shaping up to be the suggested retail price of $600, but before holding your breath for that one, please note that the Sam's price is unconfirmed and was merely plastered on a mock-up XOOM display in a "training store."

Want to reserve yours as soon as possible? You can head over to the source link to get your pre-order on. No release date is listed but we are still betting that PC World's "the first week of April" will likely be it.

Source: B&H via Phandroid

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  • yen

    No sale tax, free shipping and 6 month interest free from Bill Me Later if you qualify.

  • Franky

    I still find it incredibly stupid to overprice the Xoom like this. $600 for WiFi only? And the 3G-Version is $800?

    You do know, that contract-free 3G-USB-sticks are sold for something like 20 bucks over here (with contracts they usually come without any charge at all!!!). So what the heck are the other $180 for? They score a comfortable 900% increase in price for just building in the damn thing! To me this indicates that a few more parts of the Xoom might be comparably overpriced, thus we end up at these ridiculous numbers.

    Probably I'm repeating myself, but with this kind of greed motorola&co will wipe android-tablets right off the market instead of challenging apple, how they ought to!