thunderbolt or not
Last Updated: September 3rd, 2011

Now that there is finally a firm release date for the HTC Thunderbolt (Thursday, March 17, in case you have been in a cave), we thought it would be fun to take a little poll to see just how many of you are willing to forgive the frustration you were put through by all of the delays, or if you have already moved on?

Let us know below where you stand on the HTC Thunderbolt. Be sure to check back throughout the day to see the results.

Will you be getting the HTC Thunderbolt?

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Will Shanklin
Will's typical, run-of-the-mill story is that of 'classically-trained actor turned Android smartphone and tablet writer.' If you catch him quoting Shakespeare, it's not because he misses it, but because he desperately wants his Masters in drama to count towards something.

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  • guacaquio

    It's just an Evo imitation with a bigger monthly bill

  • Aaron

    No, I was never interested in it.

    Sense is a dealbreaker. I don't care how many Gs it has.

  • Jim

    $300 my ass. They can go try & screw someone else.

  • brad

    I cancelled my order when i found out it was $250. And they told me it was pushed back. Then I thought why pay $250 for a phone, and then I decided if I wanted to be violated, I would just go home to my wife and keep the $250.

    • Aaron Gingrich


  • JeffW.

    I won't buy it at that price. Thats pretty steep in this economy. I think many people who want the phone will wait until the price drops some, and IMO it will fairly quick. Once the rush of people who 'have to be the first to have the phone' is over, then I think you will see a drop in price.

  • Raptor007

    I have a pre-order at BB, but may just go to my Verizon store and work a better deal. Once again though trolls have no clue about the differences between an outdated Evo 4G and the TB 4G. What will you do when Sprint kills off WiMax for LTE, then your SOL.

  • Seth

    Can get it for $199 from wirefly with $25 cash back from fatwallet. $175 Might be worthwhile if only to lock in the unlimited LTE for $29/mo.

  • Patience is killing me

    I was excited about this phone; now that it's here and for $200 on Wirefly...I just don't feel it. The phone looks great and I'm excited about getting my first Android device. But, call me a cheap bast@rd if ya want. 250-300 for a phone that is not up to par with the latest and greatest Atrix leaves a lot to be desired. Looks like I will wait around a little more and see what Moto's stance will be on newly released phones and unlocking the bootloader.

    Perhaps I'll be the guy waiting and waiting. But, if I've waited this long, I'd prefer to wait for a dual-core optimized release of Android and a phone to match. Christmas/Birthday gift since they're both at the end of the year? I'll have to kiss my old ladies @$$ to talk her into this one or maybe watch Black Swan to make her happy.

    Until then...I will continue to be a frequent visitor of Androidpolice.com and see what hypebeastin take place next.

  • Bill

    The wirefly deal requires that you get the $59.99 talk and text plan at minimum. Dealbreaker for me.

  • guacaquio

    Thunderbolt is an Evo wannabe without a HDMI port and wit a bigger monthly bill

  • Rami

    i was going to get this and i just got too annoyed. now i actually might get an iphone 5. i am sorry but i am annoyed of all of this android crap that i have to go through. locked damn bootloaders, slow updates, crappy apps. an iphone gets an update as soon as the update is available, all of its apps have to be checked so theyre really good, many of the games are first released on ios. i have a droid x and an ipod touch and honestly if it want for he 3g connection on my droid x and the convienience of having data anyhwhere i would be on my ipod way more. and im on it about the same as my droid just because of the amazing quality of the apps. i do thing android is a great os but manufacturers are screwing it over. i hate how every 2 months there is a minor upate but some of the new apps work with it and manufacturers dont update until the next update comes out. and they lock it up so that other people cant update it themselves. and android phones are literally released every 2 seconds and its really tempting to get them even though theyre the same features. iphones are released once every year so that you know when the next one will be released so no surprise releases. you know that you will have the latests and greatest i device for a year. I actually used to dislike ios and i loved android and i should have not returned my og droid for a droid x. but if this is the direction that android is heading in, then i dont want it. So for now my friends, this is goodbye. i will occasionaly browse the forums and add some useful comments and keep up with android news and if android and its manufacturers wake up and smell the shit that they are serving to consumers, i will give android another try. Goodbye my friends.

    • brad

      Well, if you are comfortable with doing only what steve jobs tell you, then go for the iphone. At least android users have choices. And the pure google phones are what is the future releases. With a few exceptions.

      As annoying as it is for updates and fragmentation, I would rather have that than to have steve jobs acting like my mother and trying to create a monoply.

      So, if you want, and you like to be told what to do and how to do and where to do it. Then i say go for the iphone.

      But if you like the luxury of having choices.

      Then stay with android. Just think of it this way, android is only a few years old. And to be honest, its just getting polished. Apple never had a polished iphone, it always has problems, as did its apps in the beginning stages.

      I would rather use android. And I would rather have the freedom that I have with my Nexus One right now other than returning to apple. There is a reason steves last name is jobs.

  • froyo

    I am only using a smart phone because my employeer reimburse my bills. if I have to pay myself, I'd use a go phone, which costs 60 bucks a year. in this economy, there are so many whiners out there complaining about losing jobs, not getting paid high enough, this and that. why, why are there so bunch of people paying 90 bucks monthly to get a smart phone? look at teens, they all desire to have these things and paying big bucks for them. no wonder apple is making huge money.

  • Mark McCoskey

    I bought a T-Mobile myTouch 4G back before Thanksgiving, so I should be good for 2 years. My 2G iPhone lasted 2.5 years. I'm expecting the same with this phone.

  • commentguy2010

    ordered one today and can't wait

  • Slammer

    Where on Verizon Website does it say it will be released tommorow, It still says soon.
    nor does it say on Best Buy Website, another tease?

  • tashakitty

    Have Preorder at BB. When open 9am Thurs/3/17 they are releasing the Thunderbolt. I went in today to check & the Warehouse Mgr & computer agreed that 40 will be in Thurs am. Catch--cost $249.99 Thurs, Fri, Sat till 10--then, Sun 3/20 they go UP to $299.99!! I am torn because I likie their ins & buy back plans--but those prices are out in space! Surfing the net & seriously considering ditching BB perks for better prices--but I wnt Talk 450 Only plan $39.99, but don't see?! Not on Wirefly? Heading for
    Amazonwireless now--seems a great setup, but how long are they going to keep up penny sales on great phones?! "Beta" period? Teaser..