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If learning that the Thunderbolt will finally be dropping on March 17 just wasn't enough for you HTC fans, some more exciting news is making its way around the web today. Rumors of a dual-core HTC device, codenamed the Pyramid, have been around since the beginning of February. Now, thanks to XDA.cn, we have some images to go with the rumors.

htc pyramid1

htc pyramid2

The site does mention some of the specs on this bad boy, like a 4.3" 540 x 960 qHD display, a 1.2GHz processor, 768MB of RAM, an 8 megapixel rear-facing camera and a 1.3 megapixel camera on the front, but it seems like some other things have gotten lost in translation. There is no mention of dual-cores and they claim that the Pyramid will be running Honeycomb. That is extremely hard to believe, as we have heard time and again that Honeycomb is solely for tablets.

While some of the information is dubious, there is no doubting this phone is on the way shortly. After being spotted on Telstra's Australian site, I have a feeling we may just get a peek at this beastly beauty at CTIA. If we do see the Pyramid this month in Orlando, would it make you rethink getting the Thunderbolt?

Source: XDA.cn via PocketNow

Zak Stinson
Zak is a neuroscience student residing in the bread basket of Canada. When not reading or writing Android news, he has been known to partake in dangerous backyard science experiments he is nowhere near qualified to perform. He also loves Thai food.

  • NCX

    I saw this a few hours ago, It looks like an international version of the ThunderBolt. same design (minus back). According to Expansys, its the Desire HD2 with the codename "Pyramid". OS should be Android 2.4

    • Zak Stinson

      I agree that it looks pretty close to the Thunderbolt, but looking at them side by side, there are some distinct differences on the front (Esp. the bezel on the bottom).

      I think the Thunderbolt is a one-off and you won't really see an international version, but the slabs from HTC are all looking pretty similar these days!

  • RomeSC

    This is super gorgeous. Oh man. And with the "Google" instead of the "with google" we can assume its stock android?

    • Aaron Gingrich

      My completely unscientific and unqualified brief eyeballing of the picture makes me think that's photoshopped on.

      • http://wave-france.blogspot.com Jerry

        I'd love to see this baby become the next Nexus...

  • Brian

    This looks so yummy, and if it's vanilla Android... omg... GOT TO HAVE IT! My $ is waiting. Love HTC.

  • http://zalzalaweb.com/jens anakin78z

    Ooo... I like that back! Damn nice looking phone. Not 100% sure about the top front of the phone, but I could easily be convinced...

  • Digitalthug

    WTF why is there no Kickstand? Thunderbolt has one, Evo has one, HD7 has one...this won't?!

  • Kenneth P

    Thats one sexy phone! The first 4.3in with some actual design, not just a brick. If its dual core and vanilla android....@#$%#$@ there goes my savings!!

  • Leo

    Am I the only one that clicked the xda.cn link? If you do then you'll scroll down to the pix of the Pyramid phone & even though there's tons of Japanese (or Chinese) writing in the description it says clear as day QWERTY. Can we say "BAD ASS" phone??? So damn happy & YES I'm glad I waited for HTC to save the day :-)

    • http://www.cisco/ccie.com Huckleberry

      Unfortunately, you were reading the phone above it, the "prime", which is a Windows phone. If you read the description below each phone that is where the minimal specs are. This phone does Not have a Qwerty keyboard in it's description.

      • Leo

        Actually Huckeberry in their descriptions both of the phone state QWERTY.

    • http://www.cisco/ccie.com Huckleberry

      Oops, looks like my browser might have been tricking my eyes:)

      • Jayshean

        Don't worry about your eyes, it says Virtual QWERTY to be exact

  • Tonedabone

    Anyone think this may be what Sprint is going to announce? EVO II maybe?

    • Paul Atreides

      If they do and it's dual core consider my money spent!

      • liams

        Sprint is set to announce the Evo "3D" on the 22nd, no?
        If that's what this is........I must have it.

  • Paul Atreides

    Where is the Kickstand?! Still a sexy device tho.

  • kj

    please come to t-mobile!!!

  • Leo

    According to T-Mobile tech support the phone in going to them. Not to mention these previous stories the last few months have pegged this phone to go to T-Mobile as well.

  • Noel

    Oh baby baby...Magenta has ur landing strip prepped...just waiting for ur arrival. Hope it is dual core as romoured b4 and has pure virgin vanilla Android. It looks so so yummmy, more like the N1 bigger brother...i am all in. I am 99.99% sure this will be outed at CTIA as the Pyramid or Doubleshot and coming to Magenta. Or Doubleshot might be the HTC 10 inch Honeycomb tab...either way it looks like My beloved N1 might be taking a break soon. Pure Gooogle Android on this baby plzzzzz.

  • Chris

    Hell yeah! Can't wait till this gets released in the UK. HTC make the best android hardware.

  • ChrisB

    This phone (HTC Pyramid), might be a code name for the next developer phone (Nexus phone) Nexus 2/3.

    - It says "google" on the back instead of "with google"
    - It has the menu icon like the nexus , it doesnt say "menu" like sense phones.
    - Google usually releases a new nexus phone with a major android software release. 2.4 (ice cream sandwich) is rumored to come out in the summer. It will bring honeycomb features to phones.
    - Tmobile usually gets nexus phones first.
    - Variants of the nexus one went to other carriers. Ex. HTC incredible, HTC desire, HTC evo (bigger screen but almost same internals. Pyramid/nexus2/3 could go to sprint as the evo2 but with sense, and HTC desire HD2 to europe.

    All this is just a hunch by me BUT alot of it adds up quite nice.

  • Chris

    About time, HTC dropped the ball with its last announcement of incremental updates to old phones. Finally a phone I'm willing to consider buying, after I passed on the Nexus S.

  • oNoz!

    Cmon Tmobile! You've finally got yourself a beast!

    I highly doubt Sprint's getting this...

  • jenue

    it would be awesome if added a trackball like on Nexus One. Trackball has a lot can do than the optical

  • Richard Yarrell

    predicted specs for UPCOMING HTC EVO2/3D
    2.960by540 resolution
    3.New Htc sense UI 3D style
    4.Dualcore snapdragon MSM 8660
    5.Adreno 220cpu for smoother 3d performance
    6.1080p hd video-out via hdmi 20mbps
    7.a synchronous core clocking 3d video out and 3d video capture
    8.hdmi mirrioring mode for playing games and web browsing, games will run at 60fps
    9.encoding and decoding 3d video
    10.2.0 front facing camera
    11.8/16 built in internal memory
    12.16/32micro sd card out the box
    13.1800 Mah battery
    14. 8/10 mp camera
    15.DNLA techonolgy
    16.wifi b,g,n,
    17.bluetooth 3.0
    18.supports video playback mpeg4,h.203,h.204,divx,wmv,avi,3gp
    19.fm radio
    20.netflix application
    21.Htc cloud base services for gaming and purchasing of applications and device support by the cloud.
    22. Android 2.3.3 or 2.4 Gingerbread/Ice cream