The APK for one of the most lusted-after Android apps, Netflix, leaked on to the Internet today. However, whether you can actually do anything with it is another question altogether (the answer to which is not entirely clear yet).

I was able to install the app on my EVO, and everything looked good up until the point where I actually wanted to watch a movie - and then... nothing. Most users have reported similar results, though at least one person claimed that it is fully functional, with a tweet "works on fascinate" (of course, anyone can say that on Twitter, so take it as you wish).

You can try the app out here or check out some screenshots below. Be sure to let us know if you can get some content to actually stream!

netflix netflix2 netflix3

Thanks, Stephen!

Source: Twitter; Download link

Will Shanklin
Will's typical, run-of-the-mill story is that of 'classically-trained actor turned Android smartphone and tablet writer.' If you catch him quoting Shakespeare, it's not because he misses it, but because he desperately wants his Masters in drama to count towards something.

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  • Frank

    Tried on Incredible. Loaded fine, no streaming though.

    • dianara_sherry

      I have an HTC Evo Shift 4G. I DLed the app using the link above, let it update, logged in, clicked on a movie, then clicked play. It started to looad then the screen went white for a few seconds, then it went back to the home page. Tried 2 diff movies n 1 tv show. Epic fail. :(

    • louie

      Works great with EVO 3d it just updated it self and I'm able to stream

  • Rami

    i was going to get this and i just got too annoyed. now i actually might get an iphone 5. i am sorry but i am annoyed of all of this android crap that i have to go through. locked damn bootloaders, slow updates, crappy apps. an iphone gets an update as soon as the update is available, all of its apps have to be checked so theyre really good, many of the games are first released on ios. i have a droid x and an ipod touch and honestly if it want for he 3g connection on my droid x and the convienience of having data anyhwhere i would be on my ipod way more. and im on it about the same as my droid just because of the amazing quality of the apps. i do thing android is a great os but manufacturers are screwing it over. i hate how every 2 months there is a minor upate but some of the new apps work with it and manufacturers dont update until the next update comes out. and they lock it up so that other people cant update it themselves. and android phones are literally released every 2 seconds and its really tempting to get them even though theyre the same features. iphones are released once every year so that you know when the next one will be released so no surprise releases. you know that you will have the latests and greatest i device for a year. I actually used to dislike ios and i loved android and i should have not returned my og droid for a droid x. but if this is the direction that android is heading in, then i dont want it. So for now my friends, this is goodbye. i will occasionaly browse the forums and add some useful comments and keep up with android news and if android and its manufacturers wake up and smell the shit that they are serving to consumers, i will give android another try. Goodbye my friends.

    • Shmoopty

      Troll, this has nothing to do with the article.

      • Rami

        no i loved android but it requires too much mantinence and the manfacturers screw us day and night. im no isheep and i hate people who follow apple mindlessly but ive thought long and hard about both and ive come to the conclusion that apps are more polished on ios and i will jailbreak it as soon as i get it.

        • Justa Notherguy

          Face it, kid: you're an attention whore.

          So, you're moving on to something else...well, bravo. Go tell your parents, your gf, your minister or anybody who gives a crap about your life. :-)

    • Gil

      Um...so you are leaving Android because you can't stream Netflix? How about not having Flash? To me that's a bigger detriment.

      • Rami

        flash is not a big issue for me i dont like watching videos on mobile devices especially web videos like netflix on flash. i like android and think it has potential but its not being fully used yet. im not and isheep, i think ios is a bit more polished with better looking apps thats it. I like the notifications of android better though.

      • _Tetragrammaton

        IOS has skyfire and iSwifter apps for flash streaming.

        • Austin Serio


          No. I have an iPad 2 and I can safely say, the lack of flash sucks, even with those apps. I cannot wait to get my Droid Bionic!

      • Joshua

        Uhh, where have you been? You can run flash now. I just downloaded it the other day.

    • http://www.anivision.org Xcom923

      so let me get this straight. You want less choice....OK, don't let the door hit you on the a$$ on the way out

    • jpmorgan

      Wow.. Bit emotional much?

      Android is not to blame for your issues. It is the manufacturer's and your decision to buy their device. Android is open-source so it's a manufacturer's decision how locked down it is and whether to invest the time in frequent updates.

      It is your fault for not vetting the device you purchased. You would have been better off with a Nexus Android phone (Nexus S for example) which receives frequent and immediate updates.

    • JJ

      What does this app have to do with updating? The only reason apple gets updates so easily is because only apple makes it so there is only one place it can come from. If your mad at locked bootloaders and slow updates then get an android from htc. Samsung and motorola are known to have locked phones and slow updates. Stop being an idiot. Apples phone comes locked also. Of course you'll be mad at android if you use the droid x. My friend threw his out the window and got an htc android. Why don't you do a little more research before talking smack.

    • mega

      Awe shut up...go troll somewhere else

    • http://testicles.net Barack Obama

      Stop crying like a baby and run back to your iphone, you homosexual.

  • http://CanedoPC.com LJCanedo

    bye Rami. the iPhone was made for users like yourself

    • Rami

      im not a troll, just expressing my opinion. i love android i just dont think its ready. and the manufacturers are espeially screwing us with skins, locked bootloaders and slow updates. i will get an android phone as soon as google forces manufacturers to update quickly. fyi im rooted and i have apex 1.4 on my droid x.

      • acupunc

        That's why Google created the "Google experience" line--Nexus One, Nexus S, and now the Motorola Xoom.

        With one of those products you get updates asap, no skin, etc. . . so, what's the problem?

        • person

          The XOOM isn't a google experience device.

      • Justa Notherguy

        "im not a troll, just expressing my opinion."

        Yes....over and over and over again.

        Despite what your family has taught you, the world does not revolve around Rami. Grow up.

      • mckooter

        so, you couldn't do netfix yesterday and were happy. today you almost can and your mad?

        so when streaming actually does work are you going to be even more fed up?

        one of two things happened here:
        1) you don't realize that this netfix app dosent stream because its a leak and netflix is blocking it (i.e. not released yet)

        2) you are mad at your phone for other reasons and decided that you would just post it in any random blog post you found

      • Mike

        How about a little bit of shut the heck up. Put some big boy pants on and deal with it.

      • Mikeyd

        it now plays on most andriod phones now def the high end ones and my phone updates way quicker then my girls iphone 4

  • Shmoopty

    Nexus One running CyanogenMod 7.

    Same. App runs, streaming fails.

  • Ryan

    Nexus S. Streaming won't work.

  • Droid doesnt

    Droid doesn't. Android is a prehistoric piece of shit. And u faggot fanboys are pathetic. iPhone is king for a reason! Hahahahahahahaa

    • Gil

      Prehistoric: belonging to or existing in times before recorded history; "prehistoric settlements"; "prehistoric peoples" Check the meaning of your words you fanboy.

    • Rami

      troll screw you. both are good but you dont have to go around annoying people

    • iPhone doest..

      iPhone is KING of what??? Android is now #1 in the USA and #2 in the world.. iPhone is not #1 in either... Symbian is #1 in the world.

    • ari-free

      iphone is the king of phones with tiny 3.5" screens LOL

      • J

        Now, That is funny!!! and so true!!!!

  • brandon

    So does this mean that Netflix is close to a full release for Android?

    • Gil

      It seems that way. I think they are just fixing some security issues related to streaming.

    • Asphyx

      No not really unless they come up with a software DRM system that can be installed as well.

      As of right now it is a Samsung exclusive as the Samsung has the hardware DRM built into it.

  • http://about.me/michaeljdennis Michael Dennis

    Nexus One. Stock 2.3.3. Doesn't stream. I'd be happy if I could at least manage my queues.

  • Fyi

    The original post from AndroidSpin includes the whole system dump might help to further reference problems.

  • Djkoz78

    If droid sucks so bad then why have they just beat out blackberry & iphone for market share. Also why was the Htc Evo named best smartphone ever? Don't get me wrong I really like the iphone as well I have an ipod touch & absolutely love it both os have the good & bad sides for android the sheer customization & openness to the os. Ios is the quality & the updates. oh netflix wouldn't stream either evo or the incredible.

  • Matt

    Droid X stock let me view everything but streaming did not function.

    Evo 4G on Cyano7RC2, same.

  • http://www.cypher-sec.org thecolor

    So, I've been able to load it over wifi, 3G and 4G, but not stream either.

    Give it a day or two, someone will have a working version out. :D

    Fresh ROM

  • Neil

    EVO CM7 Nightly 19.

    I have a feeling that the streaming is more to Netflix recognizing the Android phones, and not having streaming turned on for Android yet.

  • Tyler

    Samsung Galaxy S (Captivate)
    Installs and runs, using wifi, no steaming.

    • Foullows

      How did you do that with the captivate? I can't install it because I can't install from 'unknown sources'.

      • Mikeyd

        Go to settings and u can turn it off ao u can download from ne1

  • Chris

    Samsung Epic 4G w/ 2.2

    Same deal, everything works except streaming, it says it can't communicate with Netflix's server or something.

  • Bob

    The Netflix app won't stream but it will add/remove items Instant Queue. N1 2.3.3

  • skitchbeatz

    Installs on 2.2 captivate, runs (a bit slowly) adding to instant queue works though.

  • http://www.cmdln.org Nick

    Install on atrix fine, functional minus streaming. Get error 1200 then logs me out

  • Steve

    After quick look appears that the DRM decoder is simply missing.

    03-15 23:56:52.665: ERROR/CNetflixOMXILClient(251): OMX enumerator found no names matching drm.play
    03-15 23:56:52.665: ERROR/CNetflixOMXILClient(251): Failed to identify and instantiate DRM play
    03-15 23:56:52.665: ERROR/PlaybackDeviceNative(251): Failed initializing Netflix OMX IL client
    03-15 23:56:52.857: ERROR/nf_player(251): MediaControl Listener: error = NFErr_MC_OpenDeviceFailure
    03-15 23:56:52.865: ERROR/nf_player(251): NetflixPlayer::sendEvent: msg: 100, ext1: 2, ext2: 4026597381, msg:

    • Justa Notherguy

      Well, you have to figure we need the DRM libraries, plus maybe some specific kind of HW, either for hardwired routine or just to make playback bearable despite the additional DRM burden.

    • HittingSmoke

      As a Linux user who's tried to get Netflix to stream in the past, this is what I figured as it's plagued with the same issue.

      There's rumors that it will require hardware DRM that's only going to be available in future phones though.

      • Constructive

        Well, I hope that's not the case. I find it hard to believe that the iPhone didn't require any additional hardware simply because it's a closed system.

        • Asphyx

          iPhone has DRM (software) but anything that ties to iTunes has it.

    • Asphyx

      All the reports about Netflix for Samsung has always stated the reason it was getting it and not everyone else was the fact that Samsung had the DRM incorporated that Netflix needed to be able to stream to phones.

      (I believe they need it for contractual reasons not exactly technical although it is a technical requirement)

      If someone can create a compatible DRM service for stock Android then streaming should work with this app.

  • Slick368

    Prolly wont do much until there is an option to activate the device on a Netflix account. Even if the app includes all the components to play a stream until you have the Activate Device option available you wont connect to stream anyway.

  • Nick

    I just D/L it to my DX. No joy...

    I don't understand what is taking so long. I love Netflix and my DX, but it is bothersome. Just gotta have patience I guess.

    No biggie. Just gotta keep watching on my 360! :)

  • Matt

    Same on evo CM6, works except for streaming.

  • Wilson

    Loaded but would run on Nook Color running a FroYo build. The specific error message I received was: "Sorry we could not reach the Netflix service. Please try again later. If the problems persists please visit netflix.com. (1005)"

  • Wilson

    That should have been "would not run". Website won't let me edit :/

  • spyder

    I've had iphone... started making a list of the things it WOULDN'T do from day-one. I also have an iPod touch, which I love, but don't expect as much out of it as the iphone. But a couple days ago I gave in and got the new iPad2 (my phone, by the way, is an Evo from the day of release). I just couldn't wait another year or two for android to get working tabs and more than 100 apps into the mainstream. And I'm a netflix fan and can enjoy it now on my ipad. However, the ipad lacks a lot of things I know that android tabs will solve when they catch up with the ipad. The OS is just a lot better than iOS. Sure, it's not as polished and trouble-free because there are too many factions all going different directions. But it's SOOOO much more powerful and customizable. I'll be getting an Android tab as soon as it really gets perfected, but I don't see that coming this year.

  • spyder

    I've had iphone... started making a list of the things it WOULDN'T do from day-one. I also have an iPod touch, which I love, but don't expect as much out of it as the iphone. But a couple days ago I gave in and got the new iPad2 (my phone, by the way, is an Evo from the day of release). I just couldn't wait another year or two for android to get working tabs and more than 100 apps into the mainstream. And I'm a netflix fan and can enjoy it now on my ipad. However, the ipad lacks a lot of things I know that android tabs will solve when they catch up with the ipad. The OS is just a lot better than iOS. Sure, it's not as polished and trouble-free as the iOS because there are too many factions all going different directions with Android. But it's SOOOO much more powerful and customizable. I'll be getting an Android tab as soon as it really gets perfected, but I don't see that coming this year.

  • spyder

    sorry for the double post. Tried to edit it and it doubled the post. Tried to delete it and it almost doubled again on me! come on Android Police... get this fixed!

  • bk w/ bloody sauce

    put on my Notion Ink Adam, same thing, no streaming :(

  • Zero

    Guys, dont even bother, this will not work on older android hardware because they dont support DRM at the hardware level. By older I mean every phone on the market right now. This is nuts. Look, I know that part of owning an android phone is knowing that there is a new one pretty much every week, but the fact that a phone I just bought is outdated and will not run something as basic as video streaming because the hardware does not support it is insane.

    You have to buy a new phone for basic feature X even though your current one is new. My friend has an iPhone 3G thats almost four years old and it is able to stream Netflix but my galaxy cant? Really? Thanks google. Im going to switch.

  • Mike

    Does anyone know if there is another build out there? This might've been a phone specific build ya know

    • http://www.cypher-sec.org thecolor

      I'm sure one is right around the corner, since it was just leaked. I'm also sure that since it was "leaked" it was not meant for any device it was not already on. :D

      Give it a day or two, it should pop up more functional somewhere. :D

  • Roger

    Installed and works fine on Droid 1, but no streaming.

  • mark

    Same here nice ui but no stream.. g2

  • Jesse

    I dig the app, but the graphics are lousy on my EVO (must be MDPI).

  • Corbanski

    App works but no streaming g2

  • http://daniellemccool.com Danielle

    No streaming on Evo Shift.

  • michael

    Runs on the Xoom, but no streaming. :(

  • RGordon13

    I can run it on a Galaxy Tablet (Verizon version), but when trying to stream I get an error saying it could not reach the Netflix service. Error number 1005. I can see the queue just not stream.

  • jon

    Runs good on archos 70it tablet but no streaming either

  • Bob

    Loaded on Moto Atrix but as with everyone else could not get it to stream, but it's a start.

  • http://androidpolice.com TGOD

    Epic: dowloaded but no streaming. But could manage instant que for about 2 minutes then i was unable to

  • I'm a computa

    EVO 4G. NOT Shift. App works, but no streaming.

  • JD

    Installs and runs on HTC Thunderbolt with wi-fi and 4G, but when attempting to stream get "Sorry we could not reach Netflix service. Please try again later. ...blah blah.... Error (1011)

  • ethan

    works, doesn't stream on t-mo g2. can't wait for when it does!!

  • grazman

    Netflix will not stream any device with a processor that does not meet their drm requirements. This means that the processor itself must he designed to protect d media. The reason the iphone can stream netflix is because apple built the device. Specifically to play protected protected content. ITunes.

    As other processors are designed that can do the same thing You will see an official netflix app for that device.

  • Tony

    Just tried on my rooted Droid X. Everything works except stream. Received error "Sorry we could not reach the Netflix service. Please try again later. If the problems persists please visit netflix.com (12001)"

    Hope this works soon.

  • grazman

    The droid x processor is not a Certified list from netflix. The processor does not meet the requirements To secure the media stream. It will likely never work. Weather the device is rooted or not Has absolutely nothing to do with it.

  • Mikeyd

    I was wondering y so many different error codes for same issues

  • Shamus

    Tried on my Captivate recieved a streaming error but also a prompt saying there was an update that failed to download

  • trigstone

    Wow they locked that down fast... clicked to download app, phone popped up message saying: "Netflix.apk - Cannot download the content is not supported by this phone" SAMSUNG Continuum.

  • DroidDoez

    I agree the Iphone is a great mobile phone, but I have recommended and converted many friends and coworkers to Android! If you are just a casual txt/mobile gamer,itunes illiterate, then most definately go w the apple bandwagon!
    I have schooled many into the freedom of rooting and gaining complete control over their mobile android phones, basically its like having a new phone every day? Great devs like jrummy,tbh,etc. Thx to these college tech junkies I never get bored or limited with my android! Never been a big fan of the ipods, but lets face it, they are cutting edge! My dX has crashed/bricked many times over, VZW will not back you up, but w the power of google gods, and some patience, there is no way you can corrupt the dx unless you drop it in the ocean!
    Enough rambling, iphone's impressive display is the only feature that beats out the DroidX, performance, durability and customization are what I desire the most!
    Dx, rooted, liberty rom,oc 1.2 :) anyone interested in the ultimate droid experience, email me for some tips/websites to check out,
    F+@k Apple.....

    • Melissa

      Do you know of any movie streaming websites that do work on the thunderbolt or droid x?

  • http://zackeryfretty.com/ Zackery Fretty

    Captivate 2.2 nothin'

  • jewelz

    All i have to say about this mess is that it si completely stupid. Those people talking junk to each other really? This is supposed to be comments about how the app works. Which by the way won't stream and I don't really care to hear anymore about drm or whatever the problem is netflix needs to get over themselves and just let us watch instant que when are already paying for it. The biggest difference between anything and apple has been the closed system netflix knows this but we can still watch it on windows ps3 xbox etc gut they wont allow the running of their movies on android? That is just down right dumb.

  • grazman

    It's COMPLETELY STUPID for someone to say "This is supposed to be comments about how the app works. Which by the way won’t stream and I don’t really care to hear anymore about drm or whatever the problem is netflix needs to get over themselves and just let us watch instant que when are already paying for it."

    HOW THE APP WORKS is by securing the media stream with DRM. The comments about Apple are also very way off base. iPhone came about via iPod, which has a signle purpose to secure the media stream. Now that Android is being poised to handle DRM contect it needs a CPU that is designed to protect the DRM.

    DRM IS HOW NETFLIX WORKS. It doesn't work on any device that does not secure the DRM via the CPU. Their decoders wont bypass that. Since they make deals with the studios and copyright holders, they cant DUMB IT DOWN for the likes of you and have all their content pulled.

    It would be better to UNDERSTAND the subject matter at hand before you rant because it makes you look rather stupid.

  • Alex

    Just tried on my fascinate, did not work.

  • grazman

    If you don't have a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, it's nit going to work.


    LG Revolution and maybe Thunderbolt users might have the most luck right now.

  • daftar

    I'll show u my DRM 4 FREE if u b good, honeybunns!

  • george w

    We all know Then there apple us is queer as folk can get.

  • john

    App works, no stream Acer iconia a500

  • Stephanie

    What I'm trying to figure out is if I can use my phones' hotspot capability to stream movies to my tv set via my wii. Does that make sense?

  • Stephanie

    Lol! Where did this place pull that picture from???i know that's off topic but I've never posted on a forum before and that cracks me up. I should un hook it from wherever it is linked.

    • grazman

      You must have a gravatar account. It pulls the picture from that most likely. Thanks!

      To answer your question, the wii has its own wifi connection, whether it is from your phone, a router or a hotspot within range, if you can connect to it with adequate signal speed/throughput to the internet, it will stream. The application, in your use case, is on the wii which is a known working netflix device/platform and has been well tested.

      Beware of data charges on your hotspot function (uness you have rooted and gone around the carrier or have unlimited tethering (I don't know of a carrier to have one though)!

  • Stephanie

    Hmmm...never heard of gravatar so I guess the photo stays. Shrug. Also have no idea what 'rooting' is, and I assumed that my ' unlimited' data plan with Sprint would cover anything I got up to with m y shiny

  • Ohiotech

    Partially works on Fascinate

    If you want to see your queue, or jockey it around. If you want to watch videos, no luck. Says the following" The Netflix service is not available on your device. Please check the Netflix website at netflix.com/netflixreadydevices for information regarding support for your device. "
    That was on Wifi and 3g.

    At least I can jockey the account around without having to be logged into my pc.

  • george w
  • clothednblack

    Works on my droid x running gingerbread 591 deoxed. Streams perfectly. Going to have keep my extra battery around

    • clothednblack

      595 deoxed is what I meant to say

  • LouCap

    Works perfectly on my HTC Evo 4G, streams and everything.

  • george w

    using verizon gingerbread official image and netflix updated app from android market. streaming works. image is version 4.5.596 and is being rolled out now to verizon users.

  • John

    I installed it on my Evo 4G running 2.3.3

    It loaded all of my account stuff fine. I tried to stream something I got a loading screen then a black screen with a "ma" sound. This was from the show I was watching then it went back to my queue

  • joel

    tried on my TMobile MyTouch 4G. And after a couple false starts it worked! Watched most of a 1/2 hr cartoon on the way home!

  • Bernadette

    Installed app allowed update streaming prefectly on my LG Phoenix. ;)

  • jiim

    It was working on my evo shift until update ..its now messed up.it keeps saying updating and its been over ten min.please fix it

  • luis garcia

    have on huawei m835 queue loaded fine but wont stream just a black screen then it goes back to the queue again. why wont it work waaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.