Last Updated: July 24th, 2011

The GO Dev Team, the people who brought you the popular apps GO SMS, GO Weather, and GO Launcher, are at it again, bringing you a contacts manager and dialer that is, quite frankly, stunning, both in functionality and aesthetics. It dropped into the market not 12 hours ago and is already getting very popular as well as garnering great reviews. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

The first thing you'll notice upon installing it is that there are actually two parts to the application that will be called by your device separately: The dialer and the contacts manager. That means that, when you want to make a phone call, it will take you straight to the dialer instead of the contacts manager which, while a simple concept, is a really nice and overlook feature of some other contact mangers. Now that we have that little factoid out of the way, let's look at sexy dialer pictures:

snap20110314_205501 snap20110314_205507

snap20110314_205604 snap20110314_205537 

Here we have the main dialer. It is quick and responsive, but takes a little longer than I'd like to start up initially. It shows your complete call history and can do shortcut contact searching a la HTC Sense's dialer and, when you see a grey down-arrow to the right, it triggers a pull-down that shows your call history for that specific contact. Nice. If you hit menu, you can get to settings and call log filters. The settings are pretty standard but sometimes the English gets a little interesting.


Next up is the groups tab, which is just plain sexy. I have noticed that sometimes (a few times, actually) GO Contacts crashes. [It crashes for Brad and Artem on a regular basis, but it works just fine for me. We all have EVOs -  Artem is running a Sense-based ROM, while I'm on CM7 RC2 and Brad is running CM7 nightlies. Based on Market comments, it's not a common issue.--Aaron] You can send a nice little bug report, but it is still a bit irksome. Like I said, though, it's been on the market just shy of 12 hours, so I'm crossing my fingers for a fix soon.


Finally, there's a favorites tab, which is also pretty good looking. It scrolls left and right and shows you larger images of your contact pictures with just first names underneath.

Overall, GO Contacts is a sexy and (mostly) smooth contacts manager and dialer. It has a good feature set and carries out its functions pretty well. I have noticed a lot of crashes in the short time I've had it installed though, so it would be great if you, the reader, could sound off about how well it's performing for you. You can grab GO Contacts right here for your favorite price:

Brad Ganley
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  • Phil

    Looks like the Go folks are doing exactly what I've been talking about for months now. Using the real power of the Android API's anybody can basically release their own entire Android experience suite of applications and they can all work together seamlessly. If Google would take the heed of CyanogenMod and use their theming system and OEM's would take Go's route of providing the experience at the app level I guarantee we would be able to see OS updates MUCH faster than we do.

  • Steven M

    Will this actually give me proper Groups support on my Nexus S? The lack of it was a huge irritant when I first got it... I'll go scan that QR code right now. Thanks for the heads-up!

  • Dan

    The contacts app would be nice if it were a full app. Those 4 tabs are not all there is to the contacts app on your phone. If I tap on a contact, I just takes me to the contact page in Sense. Or to add a contact, it just opens up the Sense people app. Really, this just replaces the list of contacts, groups, and favorites. Not really worth it unless they decide the flesh out the whole app. What they have so far looks good, however.

    The dialer is nice. For people w/o Sense this is a great dialer.

  • Duffin

    I recently took the plunge on the GO Launcher going from Launcher Pro. Yeah, it's very similar to Launcher Pro, but it just has a few extra things that I liked a lot more and updates have slowed severely on Launcher Pro. That being said, I have been looking for a dialer replacement for awhile now and this one seems to fit the bill. It's attractive and I love the ability to just type out a name on the numbers and it knows who I'm looking for. I've got a Nexus S, so I've been stuck with the stock dialer for awhile now. I agree with Dan above that it's a little disappointing that the Contacts portion is just a list of the contacts and that editing them takes you to the stock Contacts app. I'm not sure if Google allows apps to have their own Contacts app, though, so it may not be GO's fault.

  • http://GOTeam Ken

    I don't trust these guys. GO is a mysterious company, with no visible business plan or revenue, that makes all free apps without advertising. That all require internet access. Why do dialer and SMS apps need to open sockets? How is GO using your information and how do they make money?

    • Eric

      I know that Dialer has the option to import facebook contacts, Weather downloads video and weather info. Not sure about SMS, maybe it's to check for updates? The app always checks for updates on launch. Same with all the others.

      I don't know what the revenue stream is. Perhaps they are making a name for themselves, and preparing to charge for some soon? I know I would never have paid for one of their apps, but now I use GO SMS, Contacts/Dialer, and Weather.

      • Eric

        I'd edit, but AP's editor isn't working for me right now. GO SMS can import facebook photos as well.

      • Ken

        You don't need Internet access to import Facebook photos. The Facebook app makes them available to all apps, including the stock SMS app.

        Maybe GO's fine and they are just making some nice stock apps as part of a long-term business model. But when I see an app that wants full Internet access, and is free, from an unknown company with no discernible business model, I don't install.

        • Near

          When they steal all our information, we all will be sure to come apoligize for ignoring your warning.

        • that guy

          They have the option to purchase themes in go sms pro
          they could get revenue from that and it would need internet to load those up
          Maybe I'm wrong and they will steal our info

  • Chris B

    I currently use "dialer one" (free from the market) and it works great on my nexus one.
    Might give this one a try to see which one I like best.

  • Westy

    GOOGLE listen up this is exactly what i want for a contacts manager. Please steal this PLEASE!

  • Jaymoon

    Aw, I just came across AContact not but 2 days ago, and was loving it... Now I'll have to try this one!

  • http://vidandroide.wordpress.com Vida Androide

    It's nice, but looks like a Youlu Dialer clone.

    Youlu, however, offers more features and is very smooth, no crashes or FC. It keeps getting better any other version (every six weeks or so).

    • http://www.droid-den.com Lekky

      It does look strikingly similar to youlu..

  • oNoz!

    I don't think the GO Team is a professional company..I believe they're rather group of developers working together and they're members of XDA...