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Facebook for Android got updated today, bringing several new features to your Android social networking hub. The biggest addition is that you can now upload pictures directly to your friends' walls from your phone. You can also upload photos to Groups. Aside from that they added SSL for improved security, some additional photo uploading tweaks and various bug fixes.

You can check out the full changelog in the screenshot below, and head over to the Market to update.


Source: Android Market via Droid Life

Will Shanklin
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  • Defiant

    Friends'... not friend's.

  • Jon

    Not to mention that with this update it reaches the humongous size of 20MB, being the biggest non-sd-movable application of the whole android market...

    • Artem

      Holy crap, really? That is ridiculous. What the heck are they storing there?

      • Jon

        ...ops...Actually nope. I saw the total number and I did wrong. The app itself is "only" 4.57MB (on N1, which has it installed by default), which is also annoying for a non-SD-movable app, but all the rest up to the 20.67MB the app is taking is data...I guess it's related to contact sync :(

  • vasin

    Im my N1 8 MB all

  • vernon

    bloody thing is around 25MB
    its ridiculous.

  • jo_beat

    it seems to be working now after the reboot. kept on crashing like 6 times after installing it. weird.

  • Wr3ck

    Awesome, now it only has to catch up to the other billion features that Flow does more efficiently (I know this isn't one it does but I'm just saying since it does so much more than this app will ever do). They really need to hire that developer instead of the person or people they have working on this crappy app. I'd get rid of it if Flow was able to contact sync.

  • Paul

    Force closes like crazy. Running CM7 nightly from last week on a G2. The old FB app worked perfectly but after the update it kept force closing all over the place. I ended up having to uninstall it. You can't install older versions from the market, so luckily Titanium Backup had a slightly older copy I could install. Works fine again. Whatever they did, they broke compatibility with CM7 or Android 2.3.3 or something. All the recent comments mention FC issues.