Amazon Appstore- Apps and Prices Leak

Well look what we have here: it appears that the site androidnews.de has stumbled upon some (apparently accidentally) posted apps from Amazon's upcoming Android app store. What were the site's daring investigative journalistic practices that led to the discovery? According to Frank from the site, "This morning, just for funzies, I entered http://www.amazon.com/apps in the address bar and found myself on a site with a horizontal slider. 48 apps were shown there. Clicking on one of them doesn’t lead anywhere but the Amazon.com home page. It doesn’t matter, if you try it on a desktop or mobile browsers." While the links didn't take him anywhere special, the apps listed were all priced.

Not surprisingly, the URL currently leads to no such apps, but they did manage to grab some screenshots before the online retailer got a chance to discover the flub. Some of the most popular apps featured were Zenonia, Raging Thunder II, SetCPU, The Moron Test and SwiftKey.

It looks like most of the prices are within a few pennies of the prices you currently see in the Android Market, but there were a few deals to be had. Scan2PDF Mobile costs $6.44 in the Market but only $3.99 on Amazon. Also photography app Vignette, which is tagged at $4.02 from Google, is just $2.49 at Amazon.

You can check out the screenshot below for the leaked apps, and visit the source link for the detailed price comparisons.

Amazon Appstore- Apps and Prices Leak

Thanks, Frank, for the tip!

Source: AndroidNews.de

Will Shanklin
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  • Duffin

    I was wondering how Amazon was going to make their market relevant and it looks like they're going to "cheaper." That's really the only thing I can think of unless they manage to get some good exclusives. I know Angry Birds Rio is supposed to be an Amazon Exclusive, but I really don't find that game fun, personally.

  • Raptor007

    The link http://www.amazon.com/apps still works and the horizontal app directory is still there for all of them. Odd since you can't do anything.

    Honestly though I am not keen on managing multiple stores for apps purchases, its enough of a pita to deal with gameloft when you need to re-download your apps.

    • Duffin

      I'm not either, but it'll be interesting to see if, say, AppBrain figures out a way to put both markets on their site so people can just search everything at once and choose which service to download from for duplicate apps.

  • Paul

    Yeah. I think I'll stick to the market, I'm not interested in searching 2 or 3 or 4 different 'app stores' when I want an App. Although it sucks it could be 'cheaper' elsewhere. It also sucks that some apps could exist in one store but not another. This is only going to further hurt users experience with Android. If Google would just tighten down and enhance it's market then there wouldn't be a need or interest in alternative markets. But I'm a core original market fan as I think most people will be. There will probably be an app someday that searches various 'markets' when you need to search for an app and it'll also price compare the app in the various markets, ensuring you get the best deal.