galaxy tab 10-1 at movies

Have you been salivating over the Motorola XOOM, but holding back from taking the plunge until you have seen what Samsung, LG, and others have to offer in the 10" tab department? You can cross one of those off of the list as Samsung's upcoming slate has been thoroughly taken through the wringers in a full 11 minute video.

There isn't necessarily any groundbreaking information revealed, but seeing the tablet in action for such a lengthy period gave me a much clearer sense of what the tablet will look and feel like. It certainly looks very similar to the XOOM (as we knew it would). While you can't always get an accurate sense from a video, it appears that the disaplay may get a little bit brighter than the XOOM's does (its somewhat dim display has been criticized by some), but that is hard to judge accurately at this point. We would, however, say that it appears to be a worthy rival to the XOOM in every respect. Now let's wait and see about pricing and availability.

Source: AndroidHD via Android Central

Will Shanklin
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  • Cesar

    Man that thing looks just like and ipad.....

  • Nene04

    That thing looks nice....You can't really chage up the standard look of tablets lol Its going to be a rectangle in grey or black or both lol

  • http://technocrate.net nailerr

    That was a pretty bad video, though I could not say exactly why. Seems like something a PR person made at home over a week.

    Is it an advert?

    Either way that is the tablet I am holding out for right now. So long as the price is not absurd, I appreciate how light the Samsung phones have been and in a tablet that seems like a good quality to have.

  • john

    how about, the ipad looks just like the tablet concept from the 60's and 70's!

    how should a tab pc look? round? a ball, maybe star shaped? apple did not invent the tablet and there have been many tab computers around, long before jobs decided to make one for his cult.


  • SiliconAddict

    Again best hardware on the market as always. However I will never trust Samsung with their horse**** track record when it comes to software support.

  • http://technocrate.net nailerr

    SiliconAddict, I feel that but having the Nexus S helps assuage some of that fear because once you tell Samsung they can make the hardware but keep them away from the software things can run like sexy butter. And these first generation Gooblets (new word, use it!) are all base Android 3. So really they are all using nearly identical innards and should - SHOULD - be updatable with very little manufacturer lag.


    John, well made point about the shape but lets be fair, at least Apple got the ball rolling for real ;)

  • Chris

    I wouldn't worry about the software. Android 2.1 is still way ahead of iOS, never mind honeycomb.

  • Jarisha

    Slightly lighter than the iPad2, with a bigger screen and higher resolution, MUCH better cameras, only slightly thicker (much thinner than Xoom). And you just can't compare Honeycomb with the (now stale-feeling) iOS. Questions still remain though: price, battery life "in the wild", and screen clarity/brightness. Also, what are the 4G plans for the Tab2 vs iPad2? I'll continue to wait and see but I'm leaning towards Tab2!

    • http://technocrate.net nailerr

      I think we can probably at least not worry about the screen, it's one of those things Samsung do pretty well. The iPad display is no slouch though.

  • liams

    So ummm when is the release again???