Remember the first Xperia Play commercial that aired during Super Bowl? The one with Andy getting human thumbs attached to his green hands so he can play games? Yeah, the one that sent creepy chills down so many kids' spines (although, personally, I absolutely loved it).

Have you ever wondered where the thumbs came from? Was it some homeless person they had to kill or do thumbs grow on trees around where Sony Ericsson execs live? Turns out, neither. I won't spoil it for you, but this video SE released clarifies it perfectly, in the same creepy, Saw-like manner as before. Get the popcorn ready.


Source: sonyericsson via Phandroid

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  • ari-free

    Clearly they aren't targeting Bejeweled fans with this ad. This has Sony written all over it.

  • marshall

    i think all commercials should be like this, i would buy a lot more stuff if all marketing was dark and twisted but with light punch lines... i would be like "I want to support this kind of company." lol