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After HTC's upcoming Flyer tablet was announced and previewed, many were bewildered that their debut offering in the tablet game was a 7" single-core slate that runs Gingerbread and totes a stylus. If recent leaks from retailers hold any water, then the Taiwanese manufacturer may have something else (much better?) in store. Two leaked internal document show a 10" Honeycomb tablet from HTC launching in June.

Two leaks from separate outlets show different versions of the same list. Droid Life cites the document coming from Staples, while Pre Central describes their similar document as originating from "a major retailer." The majority of the slates listed are nothing new (including the XOOM and the Galaxy Tab), but HTC's June release of a Honeycomb tablet with a "TBD" price certainly jumps out as new.

While HTC has taken a lot of flack for the upcoming Flyer, they may be able to get it out the door more quickly because it runs Gingerbread - which is easier to impose their Sense overlay onto (Gingerbread is used on phones and more similar to the already Sensified Froyo). If they are insisting on incorporating their Sense UI onto Honeycomb, one can see how they may need several extra months to prepare that. There is no word on whether the tab will use Sense or not, so this is merely speculation at this point.

You can check out the leaked documents below, which show the little that we know about the Android 3.0 tablet (along with some other upcoming and current tabs that we were already aware of).

touchpad-June-opal-September staples-android-tablets-600x448

Source: Pre Central via Android Central and Droid Life via Phandroid

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  • David

    I hope they do a kickstand like my EVO. No one else has one, and it would stand out in a crowd!

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Absolutely, a kick stand would kill it, although now that I think about it, a case that stands up-right would be sufficient, cause I'll be protecting that baby for sure.

    • ari-free

      it would have to be pretty strong to support a 10" tablet at the same angle as the Evo

      • mike I

        both the Archos 70 and 101 have kickstands so I would think HTC could make one to support itself. maybe one on either side in the back for better support.

  • http://mindmirror007.blogspot.com/p/home.html alchemist007

    I will take one if it is non-"sense"! I love HTC build quality.... yet to find a solid replacement for my N1 (Look and feel wise)!

  • Aaron

    Absolutely. I agree 100%!
    I am so scared to see the utter crap that will be the Sense tablet experience.

    Probably the same late-90s Windows app feel that we have come to hate from the phone version.

    Please, HTC!! Don't vomit your Sense mess all over what is sure to be a solid piece of hardware!!

  • Nathan

    dell, acer, and toshiba honeycomb at $499 or less? pretty awesome.

    now i just hope HTC follows suite and then just to pick the best of the 4.

    • Steve

      I'm liking those prices too, it's making me more hopeful of getting an Android tablet sometime this year.

  • Near

    Why don't people like Sense? Its beautiful and functional, I don't exactly see a problem with it. Honeycomb looks nice as is, but I don't see how Sense could do anything to ruin it.

    • mike I

      I agree and not like you can't run a HTC phone without Sense. nothing is preventing folks from not using the Sense widgets and go with another launcher.

    • http://robert.aitchison.org Robert Aitchison

      Sense is at best bloatware, it runs lots and lots of needless apps all the time that consume battery life and data usage even if you don't use them.

      Even with a replacement launcher the Sense bloat is still there.

      I rooted my wifes MyTouch 4G just so I could uninstall (most, not all) of the Sense junk, her battery life improved significantly but now she gets random force closes from the apps I could not uninstall (made the system really unstable) expecting sibling apps.

      Sense, like all other customized Android UIs is pointless.

      • chris

        To be fair I think rooting and using setCPU would have fixed the battery issue. Just set it so that the CPU can't max out while the phone is idle/screen off.

        Sense makes android look a lot nicer, (2.3 and below look poor, be honest) It does also add lots of features, the keyboard for instance is still better than what Google provide with 2.3.

        It is by far the best OEM home skin. I just wish they could de-link it from the core of android.

  • Noel

    I am thinking since HTC will out some devices at CTIA in a week or so...i am expecting the HTC Pyramid to be a dual core phone and the HTC Doubleshot a Dual core phone or tab..maybe the 10 inch tab on listing from staples. Hope both will be Magenta bound..as u know Magenta didn't get any love at MWC. Alchemist007 i concor with u on the N1. I love my N1...looks and feels gr8 in ur hand and performs gr8 as well. The only thing mising is the tons of internal storage space i crave for..and wish it had a 1600 to 1800mAh battery. Even without that...i still haven't found a device on Magenta that will replace it...hopefully a stock Android Dual core...Pyramid or Douleshot. Fingers crossed

  • Kermonk

    Yeah, I'm sure they will make one, and they'll release it at the very reasonable price of $999 !

  • Lucian Armasu

    They waited for the dual core Snapdragon, just like the HP Touchpad. I wish HTC wouldn't be so damn dependent on Qualcomm. It's making them fall behind, and they'll remain behind if they stick with Qualcomm (say hello to Tegra 3 tablet 2 months later?).

  • L boogie

    Awesome!!! hopefully HTC works on certain factors such as battery life, internal memory issues such as that God-awful low memory bug, useless bloatware as mentioned in earlier comments etc, and they would a good foothold in the tablet competition

  • Mex

    I love sense myself, so much so that if the flyer doesn't have it there is no way I'd buy one!

  • chris

    People slam Sense, but I miss it when I'm trying out a new launcher. It's the widgets. They look so much better than anything else on Android. Like the Facebook widget...that is a big white block and it's ugly as hell. Friendstream looks awesome and features up/down scrolling. Much better. It's just crap like stocks, radio, peep, etc....that eun continuosuly that are annoying.