If there's one thing I hate, it's getting too much work done. Sometimes I just need to slow down and utilize my brain power to find patterns and combinations in a series of colored, hexagon shaped tiles - that's why I was so stoked when I found Hextacy. If you, too, suffer from cripplingly high efficiency, I think I can help. Follow me, and I'll show you how you can feel like you have free time, even at the office.

In all seriousness, though, I need a 12 step program to stop playing Hextacy. It's one of those games in which the graphics aren't mind-blowing, the rules are easy, and the gameplay is so simple that you can't help but devote 100% of your waking life to defeating it.

Getting started playing Hextacy is as easy as it can possibly be. Click the icon in your app drawer, select new game, and select your game mode.

snap20110312_120529 snap20110312_120532

The three game modes are fairly straight-forward, which is how the developer managed to fit them in a single line under the mode titles. I'll explain further just in case they aren't clear:

  • Normal mode is the classic Hextacy: No limit to how long a cluster can be and power-ups are enabled. This is my personal favorite.
  • Hardcore is exactly like Normal mode but with one stipulation: Clusters can only consist of 3 tiles. This means you'll have to incorporate a significantly higher level of strategy to progress. I'm really, really bad at this mode but, really, I guess that just means I'll need several more hours of practice.
  • Pure is exactly like normal mode, but without power-ups. Harder than Normal but significantly easier than Hardcore, I do pretty well in this one.

In order to clear clusters, you'll have to be able to draw a line from one tile to the next. This sounds easier than it actually is, though, because you can't undo or double back. All finger movements are final.

snap20110312_123104 snap20110312_123053

snap20110312_123020 snap20110312_123010

Like I said, it's a simple premise and it's really easy to pick it up and get sucked into. Every time you expend all your options, it will drop more tiles from the top until, eventually, you completely run out of combinations and the game is over.


It's infuriating. You just got defeated by some hexagonal tiles. WTH, man? Luckily, it took my name and saved my high score.


Apparently I'm not that good at the game yet, because I feel like 3525 is a low score for how much trouble I had. Either way, I love this game. The interface is incredibly fluid and, no matter what I've had going on in the background, the game has never lagged or stuttered on me. Everything is easily accessible and it's just plain pretty to look at. For a casual game, just because of its addictive properties and endless replay value, this game is a solid 4.5 out of 5 for me. I'll be playing this one for a long time to come, especially when I'm supposed to be doing something else.

You can grab Hextacy on the market in the full and lite flavors but, for a mere $2.35, you can't AFFORD to be doing work.