A couple of weeks ago, I ran into a new game by Art in Games called AirAttack HD Lite, which was a free preview version of a top-down plane shooter, but with only 2 levels. The game was polished so well that I finished the 2 levels in a heartbeat and was left longing for more. In fact, if you remember, I called AirAttack HD "not your dream game, but the one after that."

Today, the full version is available. 8 levels, 58 enemy types, 2 planes (I was hoping for more, but since they have numerous weapon upgrades, we don't really need more than 2), 8 "huge end level bosses," 4 control methods (touch, relative, tilt, and joypad), and [optional - thank god] support for Tegra processors (THD) all await you behind the download links below.

And to answer your question, yes, it's this fun.

What are you waiting for? Check out the screenshots and videos below, and hurry to the download links on the bottom.


image image image

image image image



Note: To clear up the confusion between the 3 versions in the Market:

  • AirAttack HD Part 1 is what used to be AirAttack HD Lite, and now contains 3 levels.
  • AirAttack HD Part 2 costs $1.93 and contains 5 more levels. According to the developer, the split is due to download size limitations on Samsung devices, which forced them to split the full game into 2 parts. The direct quote is: "Samsung devices have 30 MB download limit." Samsung owners, looks like you have to buy this version instead of the full one.
  • AirAttack HD costs $2.90 and contains all 8 levels for all other devices.