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We learned a couple of months ago that Bluetooth had been unlocked for Nook Color on a developmental level, but not until today has it been available for users.  Developers fattire and verygreen have collaborated on a CM7 SD card bootable ROM that will let you sync your Bluetooth keyboard or headset to the "eReader." As trusted dev dalingrin noted earlier in our comments, the Bluetooth functionality has also been committed to the CyanogenMod 7 nightlies and is now available.

It has hardly been perfected yet, as early reports are saying that the Bluetooth range is currently ranging from one to five feet, but the fact that these ambitious devs have taken this eReader one step closer to having full tablet functionality is quite impressive.

The reason something as seemingly outrageous as Bluetooth on an e-reader is even possible is that manufacturers generally get better deals on Wi-Fi chips that also have Bluetooth capabilities.  If they have to pay more to get a Wi-Fi-only chip, it's more economically sound to go with the Wi-Fi + Bluetooth chip, and simply deactivate the Bluetooth functions on a software level. This leaves room for the development community (in this case, fattire and verygreen) to re-activate it.

While not yet tested, in addition to keyboards and headsets, this could potentially mean support for:

  • webcams
  • Wiimotes (for playing game emulators like NESoid, which are bluetooth compatible)
  • bluetooth GPS (though a great app, TetherGPS Lite, already can help in this department)

The image is based on CyanogenMod 7, which is based off of Android 2.3 'Gingerbread.' Gingerbread is the first Android version to integrate native SIP calling (when registered with an SIP provider, such as Sipgate). Nook users will now have this functionality in their makeshift tablets.

Bluetooth-ready CM7 can be installed by either SD card to the Nook's internal memory. Following are Android Police exclusive directions for SD installation (this is for PC users):

  1. Download the SD image
  2. Unzip the image onto your computer using WinRAR
  3. Get an SD card, at least 4GB. Using an SD card reader, insert it into your computer.
  4. download WinImage, and under ‘Disk’ choose "Restore Virtual Image to Physical Drive." Choose your SD card reader’s drive. Change the files shown at the bottom to "all files" and select the file.
  5. After booting the Nook with the SD inserted, go to settings -> wireless & networks
  6. make sure that bluetooth is enabled and then you can explore and pair devices in "bluetooth settings" there

To flash the latest nightly to the Nook's internal memory, download the latest CM7 nightly build and follow these instructions.

You can find more info at the developer's thread and at the CM7 development thread.

Source: xda-developers [1] [2] via @kmobs

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  • Simon Belmont

    Great job, verygreen and fattire! It is amazing how much has been acheived with the B&N Nook Color.

    I believe it to be the hacker's dream tablet. A well priced one at that.

  • dalingrin

    Bluetooth support has been committed to CM7 repos so it should make it into the next nightly, for those wondering.

    • Will Shanklin

      Thanks for the tip, dalingrin. I'm familiar with your work on the Nook, and will update the post. Glad you stopped by. :)

  • Eric

    I'm on honeycomb, or I'd try it immediately. SNESoid + Wiimote + 7" scree = Win

  • http://www.stiqs.org stiqs

    Installed the latest nightly and when I go to enable the bluetooth it says turning on but never actually turns it on.

    • sailingrb

      reboot and it should work. nightly 19.


    Yes it works, I think the chip for it to work is at the bottom, so if you hold or face the bottom towards you it works a little better :-)

  • tanalee


    You have respectable tutorials, but skip some steps important to newbies. Somehow you jump from selecting a file in WinImage to booting the card in the Nook. Are your posts for a targeted audience who already knows the steps in between?



  • petev

    Hi, I have paired and connected my handsfree headset, but not my LG Vortex, which pairs but does not connect. I was hoping to use the GPS in the Vortex. I would be willing to buy a Holux type bluetooth GPS receiver If I knew it would connect to the NC, they are bluetooth 1.2. Any Ideas?

  • bgibson135

    I'm in the IT department of a small university, but have been "playing" with various Web 2.0 apps & hardware for the past couple of years. I have found that, with an external (full-sized) keyboard, I can take notes (via email) and post them to my WordPress site as quickly as I can hand-written notes. The iPad has a Bluetooth keyboard for about $70, that connects quickly and works well. But, I dont' care if it is an iPad, a Nook, a Kindle, or any Android device, if a Bluetooth keyboard could hook up to them, then I could start "pushing" that device as an alternative to paper & pen. *If there was a Bluetooth keyboard standard, that worked across the various devices, the IT department would probably fund those, and students would just have to "plop down" their device, connect to the keyboard, and start taking notes, in class, the library, or wherever, etc.

    That the devices are also content delivery mechanisms, would be "icing on the cake."

  • g guest

    Can someone tell me how in the heck I can get my Nook Color running miui to connect with a bluetooth keyboard. The keyboard will connect right off the bat when I am running cm7 nightly, but not with miui.

  • Jeff G

    trying to connect a verbatim wireless portable ( bluetooth) keyboard with a color nook (running droid system 2.3

    does anyone know how to successfully pair the keyboard? One tech person said I would need 3.0 or later droid system but the color nook does now operated with that to my knowledge so wish to know if anyone has had success connecting the keyboard on the nook with 2.3

    • Divide5

      I've paired a bluetooth keyboard with a nook color running CM7.2. It was a bit fiddly as 1)the keyboard required a passcode and 2) the nook requires a bluetooth keyboard driver.
      The driver I ended up using is "BlueInput" (free on the Market)

    • Divide5

      I've paired a bluetooth keyboard with a nook color running CM7.2. It was a bit fiddly as 1)the keyboard required a passcode and 2) the nook requires a bluetooth keyboard driver.
      The driver I ended up using is "BlueInput" (free on the Market)

  • PFP

    Does anyone know if this will work with the Nook Tablet?

  • Barb

    I enjoy farting.