samsung's real 8-9 tab

If you saw our post the other day about Samsung's teaser image for their rumored 8.9" Galaxy Tab (expected to be announced at CTIA later this month), you may have seen what appeared to be an extremely thin tablet. At a casual glance, it looks svelte enough to give the .34" thick iPad 2 a run for its money in its lack of girth. Then a diligent tipster shared his homework with us and, well, it looks like Samsung has been using some Photoshop lighting effects to create a bit of an illusion.

First, see the image as presented by Samsung and posted on Android Police this week:


Unless you are viewing it from the perfect angle on your screen, it looks, as we described it, "razor-thin," does it not? Now see the same image with the lighting adjusted to show the entire width of the tablet:

samsung's image adjusted

It looks a little bit thicker than you originally thought, doesn't it? The entire bottom segment of the framing was invisible to all but the closest of examinations.

Taking it even a step further, our tipster even calculated the measurements, using the pictured 3.5mm headphone jack as a point of reference:

samsung's real 8-9 tab

As you can see, it appears to be approximately 12mm thick at the headphone port and 10mm thick beyond that. For comparison, the iPad 2 (praised by many for its thinness) is 8.6mm thick. Not a huge difference, and the 8.9 is still a relatively slender offering - but probably not what we were hoping for after first sight of this teaser.

While the image of the slate wasn't explicitly edited into looking thinner than it is, lighting tricks were most definitely used to add the illusion of its being much thinner. Now that it appears that Samsung's integrity in presenting this sneak preview is somewhere in the same ballpark as their commitment to updating their phones' firmware (hint:not the highest), does this change your outlook on the upcoming addition to the Galaxy Tab family? Does it make you want to buy a XOOM and say to hell with it? Sound off in the comments below.

Thanks, Charlie J. for the detective work and the image!

Will Shanklin
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  • Rich

    I totally saw even in the first picture how thick it was. I think you guys need to either buy better screens, or schedule eye exams, lol.

    • Jon Garrett

      smoke and mirrors.

      Its a bad picture go to by in the first place. a reflective surface would give the illusion of being thicker than it really is.

      Besides, no-one even knows what the thing actually looks like so to say that Samsung has "faked it" is absurd.

      • Rich

        Not really. Clearly if it was a reflection there would be a bulge+the 3.5mm jack. I admit the picture isn't the best, but anyone with common sense and decent eyes can tell if they actually LOOK at the photo. There is no way anyone with sense can mistake that as a reflection, if they simply look at the top piece with the jack.

    • ari-free

      yes I could see it too. I learned how to tell the difference between blacks after comparing... s-amoled screens to everything else

  • DuDe

    Did anyone really think that the Samsung tablet will have the thickness around that of the 3.5 mm jack...?

  • toebee97

    I think that clears things up.

  • FZ

    8.9" or 7" Tablet would be perfect for my taste... a 10" is a tad too big IMO. I would just most likely use it to watch videos and play games, surf the net when I dont want to use my laptop. If this is carrying stock Honeycomb (and depending on USB ports) I'll be definetely getting this (or an LG Slate)

  • http://www.ulisesart.com Ulises Bolivar

    interesante aporte

  • http://www.zomgitscj.com Aatif

    I agree with Dude, you can totally make it out in the unedited picture too. Look at the left hand side. LED Screens FTW!

  • Nathan

    just let it be stock honeycomb, wi-fi only, and lighter than the ipad and i don't care how thick it is.

  • http://alittlephotoshop.com Stuart Little

    I think you just boosted the levels and showed up a reflection that you then measured. Just sayin...

    • Tyler

      Wow! I think you're right! The "silver lining" sure looks like the top edge!

      • Hans

        My thoughts too. Why would they put a thin chrome line in the middle of the edge?

        To me it looks to be somewhere between 7-8 mm. Hopefully SAMOLED plus, and hopefully cheap enough for me. =D

    • Phil

      Actually until he modified the pic I thought everyone saw the bottom part of the tablet and thought it was a part of it. Now that its brighter it actually looks like its a reflection EXCEPT the 3.5mm jack is not in it. But the seam or break between the two bands seems too big for it to be actually a part of the device. So I'm wondering if they drew in a reflection and forgot the jack.

  • Telanis

    The measurement is BAD. The tablet's on an angle, so you have to measure on and angle. Not perfectly vertically. That's inflating the thickness significantly.

    • three_pineapples

      I agree...surely this should have been taken into account?

      Apparently people here don't like posting accurate articles...

  • Telanis

    The measurement is BAD. The tablet's on an angle, so you have to measure on an angle. Not perfectly vertically. That's inflating the thickness significantly.

  • Dan

    If you look at the picture it was measured on an angle

  • TC

    Come on guys, this sound like an article from some tabloid. This is just a reflection!

  • Adrian

    the line measuring is parallel to the edge of my screen, the tablet isn't at 90 degrees to it. While it may be 10mm on that line, it's a little thinner normally

  • Kenneth P

    haha its the same size it was before, measuring the reflection doesnt make it any thicker

  • stamatis

    it would be pretty stupit for samsung to do smthing like this. Plus the top and bottom "metal-like" edge don't much which is weird...only time will tell

  • http://www.christiantechsaz.com Aaron

    I agree, that looks like a reflection that someone forgot to drop the headjack into. :-/ Either way, it's Samsung, never again. :(

  • jurrabi

    "does this change your outlook on the upcoming addition to the Galaxy Tab family?"

    No, It does not. Before I would never have considered buying it because of the faulty post-buy support that samsung gives (just an example. Youtube channel in my samsung HDTV stoped working after 3 months and 1 year later I'm still waiting for an update).

    This has not changed my mind.

  • ozoneocean

    LOL at all those comments of "I saw it on my screen".
    Previous comments about it being a reflection that they forgot to add the headphone jack to are spot on- but the headphone jack was probably taken out of the reflection deliberately to make it more subtle. The reflection is only there for effect afterall.

    Whoever thought this was actually a story and especially those who sought to get measurements from it don't know much about graphic design.