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Last Updated: March 14th, 2011

In what is sure to ruffle a few feathers with Android users, a representative of a research company Wednesday sunk his teeth into Google's Android 3.0 'Honeycomb,' saying it is "by the geeks, for the geeks, and of the geeks" (we were confused, as we thought that was a compliment). The analyst left little hope for mass adoption of the new tablet-tailored version of Android.

In his note to investors, Trip Chowdhry of Global Equities Research said Android 3.0 is doomed to fail next to Apple's iPad 2. He blames Google's background on the web as the culprit for the spanking he expects the OS to take. He said that services like Gmail and Google Voice "worked well as long as these products are free," but that when those same products are packaged on an expensive device like the XOOM, "the consumer is unforgiving."

Chowdhry added that "Honeycomb is insignificant to Google's revenues," and predicted they would survive the supposed disaster unscathed (meanwhile Motorola's and NVIDIA's shares have dropped in the wake of the pricey XOOM's launch).

What exactly does Mr. Chowdhry not like about Honeycomb? Forbes lays out the following gripes that the analyst has:

  • the Motorola XOOM can sometimes freeze and crash
  • battery life can be inconsistent
  • battery standby time is only 10 to 12 hours compared to 30 days for the iPad
  • auto-wrap of text on the tablet’s screen doesn’t work correctly

We find that his points lead to more confusion and questions than they do to answers. Three of those four complaints could easily be attributed more to the XOOM and its hardware than with Honeycomb. Plus how do his gripes about battery life and stability relate to his assertion that Honeycomb is for geeks? Not to mention, what exactly about Android 3.0 is so terribly complicated and technically advanced? It's not as if you boot it up and are presented with a Linux command line - we are talking home screens, app drawers, widgets, and Angry Birds. Is our populace so dumbed down that this is considered "for geeks?"  Must we pronounce something dead because it doesn't go to extremes to cater to the least common denominator?

What's your take on this? Does he make a point, or is this just a bag of wind from someone who can't see past the hot air blowing out of Steve Jobs' lips? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Forbes via Boy Genius Report

Will Shanklin
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  • elijahblake

    lol, where do these analyst come from? Cupertino perhaps?

  • Moonie17

    Many of my non tech savy friends have now brought Android devices and have fallen in love with them.... Im even getting more of them to choose them over iOS dont see what this douche is on about, obviously not much of a "researcher".

  • http://www.toysdiva.com PixelSlave

    Just like analysts who predicted Android phones would fail.

    You know, we really can't read too much into analysts prediction. Who know what their best interest is -- if he or his company has a large position in Apple, or related investments, we all know what he will say.

  • Honeycomb

    Trip Chowdhry is a moron...he needs to put some Honeycomb honey on the iPad2 and stick it to his Candy A$$.

  • CopierITGuy

    What a total douche! This is just another i*ad/iOS troll with a voice who will say anything to scare someone else into buying an inferior tablet. Can we say, "Misguided anger!"? Sounds to me that this guy checked out the Xoom and didn't like it (because Steve Jobs told him it's a piece of crap!) and decided that ALL Android tabs are doomed to fail (again, because Steve Jobs said so!) Maybe one day, people will start thinking for themselves again.

    News flash: there is plenty of competition coming down the pipe to give the i*ad a run for its money. Need I remind you, Mr. Fanboy, that you are saying the same thing about Honeycomb that was said about Eclair 15 months ago. We can all see how poorly Android 2.x has done since then! Oh, wait...

  • Hands0n

    I'm extensively an Apple (OS X and iOS) user, although I also have my fair share of Android (legit and inde-ROM installs). This analyst is blowing smoke out of is posteriour, with one exception - the Xoom is over-priced.

    That said, I will be picking up a Honeycomb tablet when I find one that I like. The Xoom doesn't quite float my boat. The Samsung 10" Tab may well do - especially after Sammy's review of construction and pricing as is hinted in the media.

    But really, Honeycomb is most definitely not for geeks. It, as is Gingerbread, Eclair et.al., completely simple to use and most certainly made for the masses. I've yet to find someone who cannot work Android (or iOS for that matter).

    • Jon Garrett

      people say the xoom is overpriced because they only look at the top end model., they forget that a similarly equipped ipad costs about the same.

      I don't know why the wifi version ($539) is always overlooked.

      • jon

        People are compare the top choices because the iPad has multiple models, well memory sizes, while the xoom only has one, you have no choice and the WiFi only price is only a rumor since it is not out yet. So people are going to look at the iPad version they would buy and only have the one xoom to compare it to

  • John J

    There will always be naysayers.

    He's probably just trying to drum-up traffic / readership by posting a negative review.

  • Federico

    If Android if for geeks, maybe so what...this "Mr. dino-sapiens" sorry researcher as he call himself...technology is not for geeks, is all around us even in his freakin toaster, TV, etc...what a schmuk

  • CodeMonkey

    Seems like he just makes publicity grabbing statements about any tech that's currently newsworthy..
    At least he's not afraid to repeatedly contradict himself:

  • toebee97

    They should change their slogan.

    Apple: Dumbing down the smartphone market, one user at a time.


    Apple: Combating Natural Selection since 2007.

    • acupunc

      iPhone! The dumb smartphone!

      • The_Omega_Man

        Since the ipad is just a big iphone (without the phone part) ipad! The dumb tablet!

    • Chris

      Love the natural selection comment.

      Since when did the term 'Geek' mean anyone with a hint of intelligence and the ability of free thought.

      Saying things like gmail are OK as free services but not when you have to pay is easily one of the most retarded things I've heard all day (I work on an IT service desk so that's saying something) its like saying they're bad becuase you have to buy a PC to access them. Moron.

      Toebee97, this guy wouldn't have made the process.

  • http://canadroid.com Bigc_13

    Google should give up, honeycomb does not run on the iPad 2 so it's doomed to failure. They should also drop android altogether because it isn't the iPhone /sarcasm

  • Amit

    Rants of an obscure analyst. Why even bother sharing his thoughts on this lovely forum

  • acupunc

    I think he has a lot of stock in Apple and/or some serious ties to Apple--maybe trying to get Apple stock back up to its high so he can sell because he was an idiot that purchased at that price.

    He claims the Xoom has 2 hour battery life--though he has no sources to back that up. I've read and see every review I could find and none came up with anything like that.

    As far as Honeycomb being difficult--three software buttons, "my app" and "all apps" is too difficult? Watch a 5 minute video on Honeycomb and you know all you need to know. . how hard can it be?

  • milad

    iM A android fan and im so totally agree with the battery life subject , i dont own a ipad but the battery life on all android devices is crappy , and if Google and other companies like htc,motorola,... are smart they would do something about their crappy batteries....!

  • David Ruddock

    This analyst is merely attempting to support his position that Google's stock is inflated beyond its true value. He has every reason to want to dislike or be skeptical of any product decision Google makes.

    The problem is, Google does't make the XOOM - but it does make the operating system the device runs. It's a stretch the say that problems with the XOOM will grind Honeycomb's momentum to a halt. In fact, it's downright stupid.

    Motorola before anyone else is to be blamed for the problems he's pointing out, and that's what analysts don't seem to understand about Android - if an Android device doesn't live up to the hype, there's 2-5 others on the way set to take up that flagship-hardware banner.

    Also, "for the geeks, by the geeks"? Most reviews have indicated that Honeycomb is the most user-friendly iteration of Android yet, so I don't know what he's rambling on about there. I'm sorry our operating system is not composed entirely of tile grids.

  • Jubjub

    So much false information...

    "battery standby time is only 10 to 12 hours compared to 30 days for the iPad"

    • The_Omega_Man

      Yea, I did a double take on that one.

  • wingzofsteel

    Perhaps the investors of Global Research Equities will see Trip Chowhdry, et.al. as profiteers of bought and paid for opinions? As far as I am concerned, let the Cupertino winds blow! As the Android market has muffled the billows of i-os, so goes the slow and steady domination of Honeycomb in the tablet marketplace. Time will bear it out, that is, as long as quality hardware exist to support it.

  • ataplata

    Yeah, like anyone's gonna believe a guy named "Trip".

    • CopierITGuy

      :) Nice. That's the funniest thing I've read all day!

  • baley

    Hmm that reminds me of "do not to feed the trolls". Referring to the "Market analyst" ofcourse...

    • The_Omega_Man

      Amoeba > Analysts

  • Dward

    Google Navigation is rubbish because cars are expensive. Flawless logic. Regarding post number 4: I doubt this guy could find his a$$, even with Google Navigation.

  • http://twitter.com/Telanis_ Telanis

    LOL that is the stupidest thing I have heard in a long time. Seriously. And GMail is the best email there is, period. People don't "put up with it" because it's free, people LOVE it. And free is the only way to compete in that space.

  • Saha

    He might be thinking of giving the xoom to his old parents who can't distinguish Windows from MacOS, so I would not blame him. Poor guy. He should stick his head in a cave there and leave it there for the rest of his life.

  • http://zalzalaweb.com/jens anakin78z

    #TripChowdhryIsAdouche is trending on twitter.

    The iPad crashed on me within 3 minutes of use when I first tried one out.
    The Xoom has yet to crash on me.

  • d2gslm

    typical - always right around the launch of a new iOS apple device - these morons who have stock investments w/ apple start pumping out this hot air to boost the stock price and try to push the already over-hyped / bloated stock price of apple up and up..

    See what he says at the end of the year when its all said and done..

  • Dean Prevette

    NOV 11 2008:
    "But now Trip Chowdhry from Global Equities Research says SaaS and open source companies will suffer greatly amid the economic turmoil."

    "Quarterly Financial Tracker: Q2 CY 2010 – SaaS Vendors Still Show Massive YoY Growth"

    Way to go Trip..Wrong Again....!!!

  • ari-free

    I wonder what he thought about Windows 7 because it is even more complicated than Android.

  • c0d3m0nk3y

    someone's been eating out Steve Job's ass WAAAAAAAAAAY too much. News flash, that's not the smell of roses, you've got so much Apple bukake on your face that all 5 of your are skewed.

  • :)

    This is someone who either worked at Apple or has close ties to the Cupertino contingent. This is so obvious that I can honestly say "let's move along. nothing to see here". 15 minutes of fame for them is over at 1 minute.

  • brad

    This is just another uneducated I have to use apple because I dont understand computers doof.

    These are the people driving the ship. And they have no clue as to what they are saying, doing or talking about.

    If compared, IPAD has its issues. There are crashes. Battery use is dependent on the user. This is just another apple fan boy investor, thats lips are chapped for kissing steves butt.

  • @CarlTres

    Funny. That's the same thing that people were saying about Android phones. That no one cares about the specs or available alternatives. Probably has stock in Apple.

  • Phil

    He sounds like a butt hurt fanboy to me. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Apple created a crap load of fanboys that can't stand to see other products taking that spotlight away. In the tech media you can just the it oozing from them. They don't want to cover Android at all but they have to due to its popularity. So they either try to cover it with sly jabs, nitpick anything they can find, or in this case just flat out make up nonsense with no sort of facts to back any of it.

    • anon

      I'll agree with that. Also realistically, is 30-day standby time real? If it is, is it something to brag about? I feel like if your ipad is sitting around for 29 days before you decide to pick it up, you probably don't need one anyway haha
      His appraisal of honeycomb just sounds like a collection of the same worn-out crap that people say about Android all the time. It's for geeks, inconsistent battery life (i think running time vs standby time is living prove that that applies to ANY device), etc etc.

    • The_Omega_Man

      So true. Android is not perfect (Yet) but they do seem to emphasis the flaws over the benefits. and iOS seems to have no flaws at all...even though it is now on version 4.3!

  • mustafa

    I love the part that Honeycomb is useless to Google because it is insignificant when it comes to revenue. Seriously it takes an analyst to figure out that a new barely released product doesn't generate revenue? The same argument was probably made about Android 1.0 and we all know how that turned out.
    My only concern is this 'analyst' has got too much publicity for saying some stupid stuff.

  • Tony

    Just more Apple propaganda! So the iPad by itself is going to beat the might of Samsung, Motorolla, LG, Toshiba to name a few.

    I strongly believe that these Android devices will out sell Apples iPad. Honeycomb looks amazing, once the developers get going I am sure the apps will be equally as good.

    i am not sure where this douche got his info either.... the battery stats look completely wrong!

  • Ken

    That's interesting. And who the hell is Trip Chowdhry and his company that I've never heard of?

  • Simon Belmont

    Wow, just wow. I have never seen such blatant fail in the claims of negativity toward a product.

    The battery is 12 hours on standby? Uh, maybe because it is actually connected to a data connection pulling in updates and whatnot, unlike the iPad which is probably asleep completely and dropped the connection? You leave the iPad connected and I am sure it won't get 30 days of standby. Puh-lease. Trip Chowdhry, did you just polish some apples or what?

  • Slipgate

    Epic picture of Hulk Hogan there. lulz

  • Doug Fiedor

    An analyst, eh? I'm thinking that said "analyst" might have way too much of his money invested in Apple and sees the writing on the wall.

    It took Android a little over two years to become number one in phone sales. I doubt very much that it will take that long for Android to be, by far, the number one best seller in the tablet market.

    Take a cold hard look at the iPad 2. Where's the damn card reader and USB port? What? Jobs thinks we don't need those parts? Well, I do! iPad 2 is little more then a skinner iPad 1 with a cheap camera added. Is it pretty? To some it is, I guess. But, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have some specifically useful plans for a tablet that the iPad cannot fulfill.

    All this nay-saying about the Xoom and Android 3 is the same type of baloney written by the Apple-centric tech reporters about my EVO when it first came out. Most never even touched one but were putting it down anyway. Well, I own one of the first EVOs shipped and it works perfectly. Actually, my EVO does a little more than what HTC intended, but that's another story. . . .

    Let these ding-dongs babble on. Let's all meet back here at this time next year and watch them crying in their collective beer -- while we will be discussing the new quad-core Android 3.x tablets while they are poking fun at them.

  • chris wilson


    • The_Omega_Man

      I think the caps lock is set to on, on your tab! ;)

  • Lou

    One thing people understand is people buy the ipad because its brand recognition. There are few things that are better on android like the web browsing experience just to name one. IOS has recently added a few things android has had prior to honeycomb. But people won't know this cause they believe ipad is better cause its an apple product. These researchers and product reviewers need to learn that android can have a different user experience for every OEM that uses the OS. If android had one specific device and hardware it was developed for things would be completely different but we android users like options and that's what its all about!

  • paltry

    he is a dumb ass!

  • NewNewton

    Ipad for life hoes! android is for butt savages!

  • Nick

    Its just sad that when something does more than just apps people say its to stupid for normal consumers, well i say those people are to stupid to relies that apple sucks and that android has a future.

  • JahahKala

    " Is our populous so dumbed down that this is considered "for geeks?""

    "Populace", not "populous"

    Your lack of literacy is typical of the masses.

    • Will Shanklin

      hahaha good catch - oops. Though despite this flub, I still believe the literate are more populous than the illiterate.

  • http://andyhall.org Griffolion

    Yet another analyst who can't see past Cupertino.

    The iPad has mass market appeal because it's pretty and Apples marketing team is strong, that's roughly it.

    I agree the Xoom is priced highly, but everything else is pretty much tripe.

    The beauty of Android is that it's not tied to any one piece of hardware. So a failed tablet / phone = very little egg on Google's face as there will be 3 successful ones to replace it after the vendors have watched and learned.

    I honestly don't mind that the iPad will dominate the tablet market, i have a Xoom on pre-order and will be happy with it. I have no strange need to see Android in the hands of literally everyone to satiate my own insecurities about my technological allegiances, Android will get to that stage in time.

    Other than this, let's all just chill and enjoy our Android things.