Way to pour salt on your customers' wounds there, Verizon authorized Verizon retailer: pictures have surfaced of a new flyer arriving in customers' homes (obtained by Droid Life) that shows the HTC Thunderbolt with the words "Now Available" beneath it. No, this isn't an unexpected dream come true for Verizon customers, it seems like a flub by an authorized dealer (it's unclear to us which one) that certainly can't help calm the restless natives.

Despite the rhetorical wrangling we heard from a Verizon exec yesterday about being on track with LTE phones, this flyer appears to confirm beyond the shadow of a doubt that Verizon had originally intended for its first LTE smartphone to be available much earlier than that. Rumors of atrocious battery life are thought by many to be the reason for the lengthy delay of the phone, which Best Buy began taking pre-orders for last month.

This leaves us to wonder which trigger-happy retailer pulled the heartless joke and, more importantly, why.

Update: Dave in the comments suggests that the photo is Photoshopped, or is at least waiting for the real launch day in Best Buy's back rooms. Unfortunately, we have no way of reliably verifying either of these theories at the moment, but they do sound plausible.


Source: Droid Life

Will Shanklin
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  • Coldman

    Yeah, Oops is right. What a disaster of a launch. Day after day only gets worse.

  • dave

    Please! That "now available" was photo shopped on there. Who are you guys kidding. Our local Verizon store has a pallet of them in their back room. They are just waiting to get the green light to sell them. Ill have one by next week.

    • drew

      Serious? I'm getting tired of waiting for the thunderbolt, I hope it comes out soon.

    • Coldman

      You sure about the next week?

    • rami

      Hello dave. I am the one who sent this in to droid-life and I did not use photoshop. I can post more pictures if you'd like but I don't even have photoshop nor do I know how to use it well.
      so please keep your stupid allegations to yourself.

  • inline5

    Does anyone really care anymore...? I'm already waiting for the next best phone to come out!

  • soon to be mrs owensby!

    I Don't care about the thunderbolt..I love my samsung fascinate

  • Scott

    I am skipping 4G until my next upgrade in 2012. I just went with the Droid X for $49, I am tired of waiting, and don't want to pay Verizon to be a 4G lab rat.

  • Maddox

    I work for a Verizon retailer (not best buy) and we DO NOT have any flyers like that. And @dave, I hightly doubt your retailer "has a pallet of them." Hell, we didnt even get our iPhone stock in until last week.

  • Chris

    Surely the thunderbolt has missed it's mark by now? Infact, I'd of thought all of the new HTC phones had missed their mark, unless they're all being released as mid-range/mid-price devices.

    Can't see the point in splashing out for a singlecore phone right now.

  • Maddox

    No point in even waiting for this phone anymore. By the time it comes out, the Bionic will only be a few weeks from release, which should be on time seeing as its Motorola.