We know Samsung will be unveiling a new tablet at CTIA later this month, and all signs point to their showcasing an 8.9" Galaxy Tab. The same number, 78910, which was displayed in a promo last week, has appeared again on a new image posted on the manufacturer's Facebook page. It will almost certainly be measured at 8.9" because Samsung debuted the first major Android tab at 7" (the original Galaxy Tab), and has announced a 10.1" model (the Galaxy Tab 10.1) - leaving 8.9" as the likely proportion of the upcoming slate.

Asking us again "What's your Tab life?", the visual shows an extreme closeup of a tablet with a cross-hatched texture that looks quite thin. You can expect the svelte tablet to be announced and previewed on March 22 at CTIA, so mark your calendars.


Source: Samsung Hub via Phandroid

Will Shanklin
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  • Kane

    That is one snexy picture - I'm more interested in what that surface feels like - it looks quite well made and good to the touch.

  • Douglas

    This might be the one that gets me to spend on a tablet. Screen size is just perfect, just have to wait for the other specs. :-)

  • Noel

    Hopefully two tabs...a 7 inch dual core and an 8.9 inch dual core. Add that to the 10.1 inch already outed at MWC...then dual core for everyone...just choose ur size, small medium and large.

    • http://zalzalaweb.com/jens anakin78z

      I'd be all over a dual core 7 inch honeycomb tablet.

    • Jon Garrett

      I'll take a size large please. to go.

  • DG

    Hopefully this comes in a WiFi version. Have not been impressed with the xoom. If it comes in WiFi then this is for me.

    • http://schpydurx.livejournal.com ProfessorTom

      What do you not like about the Xoom?

      • quick

        I played with the Xoom couple of times @ Costco, I was disappointed with the screen, especially the brightness. I went to the settings to turn it up (disable auto) and it was already at max with auto disabled. I can't imagine it being very good outdoors.

        Also felt quite heavy. But for a 10" tablet I was expecting that much...

  • http://sweb froyo

    $499 or less or DOA

    • http://sweb froyo

      $499 or less or DOA

      don't care it got dual or quad or tegra 8 cpu and 8tb of ram and 2048tb of nand flash. before everything else is considered, if these android tabs can't compete apple on price, they are going to fail.

      • Jon Garrett

        they will compete and soon surpass Apple.

  • Canadian Droid Fan

    Will it have Honeycomb and offer a Wifi version??? If so, I'm in...