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The latest in a string of rumors about the upcoming Wi-Fi-only version of the Motorola XOOM comes from the team at Droid Life, who say that the carrier-free model may be hitting Staples stores on or around April 3. The same folks are also now reporting another leak from Staples which shows that employees will get the slate in their hands to begin training on March 23.

This dates come from a tip offered up by a Staples insider. Take it as you wish, but this would be consistent with recent postings from UK site PC World, citing early April as the availability date for the UK market. Presumably, Moto would launch the device in its home market, the US, before sending the WiFi XOOM abroad.

No price is referred to this time around, but a leak from Sam's Club last week floated a $539 mark for the wholesale retailers' stores.

While it's still all unconfirmed, a series of separate rumors are shaping up to paint a picture that perhaps those itching for a Wi-Fi model of the XOOM may not have as long of a wait as we had feared. If these rumors of an early April release hold true, will you be among those lining up? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.


Source: Droid Life [1] [2]

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  • Hands0n

    Having read the Xoom manual, published in PDF by Motorola. Then read the various reviews by your peer reviewers. I am left with a very strong notion not to bother with the Xoom. Or at the very least, not get suckered in to being an early adopter of what seems to be a rather mediocre device with several weaknesses (no working SD slot, no apparent GPS/AGPS, can't use USB sources to charge it). It all leaves me very disappointed because I really want an Android tablet. Then there is the near-extortionate pricing that does not represent quite the true value proposition. But the more I read about the Xoom the less I want one.

    Fortunately, there will be plenty of alternatives lined up for later in 2011. So I won't be having to wait too long.

    Sorry Motorola, I think you've overcooked this one a bit much.

    • AppleFUD

      Maybe you should actually try one before concluding based on what you have read. I've seen some very glowing review of the Xoom and some very poor reviews. The bad reviews generally have a "pro apple" overtone to them and come from sites that generally have a pro apple bent.

      I've used it and think it's a excellent product, though I'm waiting for something more like the Asus Eee Pad Transformer.

      However, the Xoom is a "first generation."

      By April Flash and the SD expansion should be enabled. You get a free 4G upgrade--the iPad will never have 4G, Flash, standard ports, or a SD expansion slot. Not saying you are looking for an iPad, just that these are the main issues reviewers have complained about, which is hypocritical since those same reviewers don't downgrade the iPad for not having them at all.

      Here's a link for several good video reviews

      And the Android Community review

      Never let reviews decide for you especially in this day and age where far too many tech sites think apple is perfect.

      • Hands0n

        Errr, well, what is the point of any review or written discussion if they are all completely moot? I've read Motorola's own manual on the Xoom plus reviews that are not biased or partisan to Motorola. Happy with what I've read is honest feedback on the reviewer's experience and perception.

        How will trying one resolve the issues such as no GPS or inability to charge from the USB port, for example?

        I'm not comparing to an iPad (got one, not getting the #2). I am taking a completely objective look at the Xoom and finding it wanting. Some of the issues will not be fixed in the Xoom by software. Maybe in Xoom 2 if Motorola feel they want to.

        4G (WiMAX) is utterly worthless to me in the UK, so they may as well include a bag of Unicorn poop, it still would not persuade.

        Flash? Meh. I tend to turn it off on my portable devices. Subjectively, I rarely have use of Flash-based websites, or at least the content is of no use/interest to me.

        Xoom first generation? Yes, indeed. But does it have to be built like nothing ever preceded it? Those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it :) Seriously, the Xoom had an opportunity to surpass its only real competitor (at this time) and it struggles to do so right now. Like the iPad 2, the Xoom looks like a point update of the original.

        I remain unconvinced.

        • Bob

          No GPS? It does have GPS.
          It has basically the same GPS that the iPhone iPad/iPad2 has with Google.

          So basically your only complaint is down to "i can't charge it on my computer via USB".

        • JSGasse

          From Motorola website:
          LOCATION SERVICES E-Compass, Simultaneous GPS

          So GPS is available, as for the ability to charge from USB, I don't know about that, but it's not much of a problem AFAMK. USB is not made to recharge device, while it can, it takes a long time to recharge a battery from a cell (mobile) due to the lack of power (amps) coming from a PC USB port, can you imagine the time it would take to recharge a battery the size that can be found in a devise like the XOOM.

          But like you a am also looking forward to the eee Transformer pad, but until I see more info on it I am unsure if it is the one I would want. I want a tablet that has Android 3 and is as close as possible to stock Android 3. I usually don't like all the extra stuff that the manufacturer put on Android devise, one can only look at the Viewsonic gTablet debacle.

        • Hands0n

          I stand corrected re the GPS/AGPS, thank you.

          However, I am not "complaining", just making observations from my own perspective and taking into account my own requirements in a device.

          In respect to charging via USB. I tend to want to charge devices in a vehicle. So unless I purchase a second mains adapter and an inverter I cannot charge on the go. Whereas with all my other devices, to date, I can charge from a suitable cigar lighter adapter. For the iPad I use a 1A output device which is quick enough to charge the device. Of course that charges any of the phones - plus I have no end of assorted USB-to-miniUSB/microUSB cables. What I do not really want to do, if avoidable, is have to purchase dedicated chargers (mains or in-car). So it is a factor in my purchasing decision.

          Significant enough to sway me away from the Xoom, still.

        • JSGasse

          I see your point about the charger, I know adapters exist (http://www.ecrater.co.uk/p/10322190/usb-bright-torch-7pc-adapter) but for that price it would be nice if it were included.

        • Bob

          You do not have to buy an inverter and another adapter. lol

          There is a Motorola Vehicle Car Charger for MOTOROLA XOOM for 24.99 from below or 30 bucks from the Motorola store.


        • HP

          IT will have 4G LTE same as being adopted in europe. sprint has 4g wimax.

        • level380

          You do know that the ipad doesn't charge of just 'any' USB port? It needs 2.1 amp USB port, which is way way way above the spec for USB power.

          A lot of PCs the ipad won't charge off, google for ipad won't charge and you will see.

          Moto wanted to not have this issue for users and went a power brick to charge it.

      • Matt99999

        To see how to get a Honeycomb tablet for less than $300:


    • njbianco96

      the xoom has both GPS and AGPS

  • mr bunny

    Oddly unrelated to article

  • Tony

    Hands0n comment i think is related to the article because for the point that a Wifi only tablet was presumably the better option for the Xoom. However, I too agree that the more I read the more I realize how better off I would be waiting until summer // fall for a more complete and ready device, including an updated XOOM.

  • Matt

    I am excited to see if any of these rumors are true. If this is the correct price then, yes, I will be lining up to get one. I know there are some initial problems and some hardware not yet usable. But all of these issues will be resolved in the near future. The screen glare issue is the only reason I may wait for a later android tablet released. I need to go and play with it first and see if that is a problem or not.

  • Edd

    I just today plumped for a £200 Archos 101 tablet, purely as I feel it will service me for a year until these things get better. Right now, with the market not quite geared up, my price max is around £250 for something that will do the basics well (video playing, web-surfing, basic text editing via bluetooth keyboard, games). The Xoom was so close to wining me, but that price-point in the current market was just too much over-budget in the end.
    £400? I would have bought. But just too over-priced currently. It looks fantastic though.

  • Canadian Droid Fan

    I love Android on my Moto Milestone, but I agree... too many mixed reviews on the Xoom for me. I am thinking that I am better off waiting until all the features are working, and also to see what the others will offer (things like USB, SD). I would be looking to actually replace my laptop, with my tablet being my main device, so I am really wondering if I'm expecting too much too soon from a tablet...

  • kerry

    I own the xoom. I love it. It has flaws but like any new os its gonna have em. Is it perfect? No. Neither is iOS. But. Its sloppy on motos part releasing early to try and compete with apple with an INCOMPLETE product. Im the biggest moto/droid fanboy you can meet but having me ship away my newly purchased product for something that should have been there at launch or waited to launch is stupid. Yes i bought it knowing that. I only have myself to blame. Still very sloppy.

    Icrap has everything working out the box but moto got it a lil backwards on this one. Cant blame adobe for delayed flash or apps on the devs when you release early and release the open code 2 days before launch. That was just fail.

    Its very nice for video and the browsing and switching at overclocked speeds is very smooth and nice. Camera stills come out grainy when you take em but nice in the gallery. Video recording blows. The look and feel of navigating and the widgets and notifications are a major plus. I dont care about non usb charging as i feel it takes longer and feels more effective plugging into an actual power source they give you with the product. A minor inconvenience to some. To me? Just plug the shit in. Its charging.

    I give it right now a 7/10 due to being incomplete and not having what was PROMISED by moto(not google guys. Lets blame the right people.) And basically a un

  • http://robert.aitchison.org Robert Aitchison

    It needs to be priced at $499 or less or the iPad 2 will beat it up and take it's lunch money.

    It doesn't matter how much better it may be, the iPad is the dominant player and anyone who wants to take away from that needs to beat it on price.

  • Andyzz

    I just place an order for the xoom in the uk. Paid just under 440 pounds so on par with the ipad 2. For the first android honeycomb tablet I expect it to have niggles. no other android tablet currently has a firm release date plus I expect they will have greater problems with honeycomb compared to motorola. I was going to hang fire and buy the asus transformer but I dont expect this to be released until the end of may.. The samsung tab 10.1 looks nice but no hdmi out which is one of the main selling points of these tablets plus I bet it will be more expensive compared to the motorola.... Counting down to the first week in april.....

  • Peregrine

    I have tried the Xoom at a Verizon store and was very impressed with the speed and OS functionality. There is NO WAY I will become a hostage to the iTunes world!
    I have CLEAR 4G hub, so I don't need, or want, a data plan, so I DEFINITELY will be buying a WiFi Xoom as soon as it releases.
    Since technology is obsolete nearly as fast as you can unpack it, if I get 9 months from this unit it is as good as paid for itself in my job.
    Price point. . . They are ALL over priced for what is in them, but in comparison, personally, I think the $535 price point compared to iPad at $499 is well worth the few extra dollars to get Android!!

    Help free the iCaptives!!

  • J

    Hard to believe Moto would charge an additional $260 for 3G/4G antenna. $539 is an attractive price point & it would seem a majority of the buyers would go with this one. I would and just use my phone as a hotspot when the need arises.

  • Barndoor

    I'm surprised in the fact that anyone teckie enough to read and post in this site would consider buying a Android tablet that is so locked down. Motorola just reniged on their promise to allow unlocking of the bootloader, so why would the savy buyer buy a locked device? In a few months time there will be far better choices available than the XOOM.

    • Canadian Droid Fan

      That's exactly what I'm starting to think... with LG, HTC, Toshiba, Samsung and others introducing "full size" tablets very soon, there is likely to be better available, without the few glitches that Xoom presents at this point.

  • spyder

    I'm a Macintosh man, and I'm an android geek. I also own a touch ipod and had an iphone for 3 weeks. The first thing I did with the iphone is start making a list of all the things it didn't do... then I found out Android could do them. I didn't buy the first ipod, although they were cool and I wanted one. I actually anticipated an Android tablet would blow it out of the water. I'm still waiting. Like one guy on here said, Android is already proven and making a tablet that's similar to our phones in functionality and price is the only way Android tabs are going to compete with ipad. After examining the current and the soon-to-be-released Android tabs, there's nothing out there for us probably this year. Yes, there are going to be a lot of them released this year if you believe all the rumors, but they will all be first-gen and nothing is going to work the way we are used to on our phones for quite awhile. Also, there's like what? 100 tablet apps? compared to ipad at 65,000? Yep, ipad lacks some things I want, (I'd love to have the ability to run a portable DVD player on a USB port, but nobody, including Android is going to have that capability for a long time. And I'd love iOS to give us an app menu like the android instead of putting all our apps on the home screens) but 4G isn't one of them. I want a wifi-only model.. After all, I have an Evo phone (rooted) with free tethering! Why would I want a phone radio in a tablet? And I don't live near any 4G. OK, I've already made up my mind to get the ipad 2 this Friday, but only because Android tablets might actually be a long ways off from being as functional as my Evo, and having enough apps to make it worthwhile. Flash? I can live without it (although it might be nice). But it's the apps, cameras, apps, price, apps, accessories, apps, proven functionality, and apps that is driving me to the ipad. I'm not good at waiting and the ipad is already useable and it's HERE NOW! Maybe in a year or two I'll sell it and get the latest/hottest android tab out there that does everything the ipad doesn't (and at least everything my phone does). Let's face it, the ipad does everything your iphone (and more) does except call out. Android tabs have to match that. BUT THE BIGGEST REASON I'M GETTING AN IPAD... I CAN WATCH MY NETFLIX MOVIES ON IT! Come on Netflix... get it working on the Android, TOO!

  • hmax17

    So excited!!!! I love the Xoom! Played on one at Verizon the other day and talked to the manager of the store. He said all the employees loved it and had nearly all bought one already! I don't need a contract with it/can't afford it so I'm extra excited about the wi-fi! Keep us as updated as you can manage!!!!