sad about tbolt

You can chalk up another false rumor on the list of "impending releases" for the HTC Thunderbolt. The latest speculation to be debunked is that the March 10 date that had been teased is a no-go, according to a leaked Verizon chart picked up by Droid Life. The internal memo shows the much-delayed Verizon phone falling sometime after the iPad 2 launch (which is March 11).

This news makes sense, as, despite the anticipation for the first 4G phone on Verizon's LTE network, the iPad 2 launch would likely take priority with Big Red. The chart below, highlighting the launch of Apple's latest tablet, clearly shows the order of launches Verizon has planned:


To add another rumor to the list, our sources are telling us the end of March will be the real release date (possibly landing on the 24th).

After numerous setbacks in the launch of the Thunderbolt (reportedly due to extremely short battery life), we have also just learned that the phone is to be renamed the HTC Delay, Postpone 4G, or the Verizon Rumor (okay, not really).

sad about tbolt

Source: Droid Life

Will Shanklin
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  • gman

    with all the delays...i dont consider thunderbolt a "big thing"

  • Mikedh311

    Forget it Verizon ...4g is something your competitors already have, i plan to switch i am tired of these last generation phones available on your network.

    • Ahem. Chill.

      It because Verizon has to perfect it's equipment before jumping the gun and releasing crap phones like other companies. Hence the reason Verizon doesn't have 4G phones yet. Thery're making it the best. Would you rather have crappy service with an even crappier phone? Yeah, probably not. Don't get ahead of yourself. You get what you pay for in this world. Phones and phone services abide by that rule also.

    • gus

      I am no fan of Verizon, but your information is wrong. Att does not have a real 4 g network, yes Sprint with Clear Wire does. As for last generation phones, yes I agree on the old network but 4g is new to everyone

  • djf

    Well I for one am sick of this **** with the thunderbolt! Been with verizon for 19 yrs, and am about to jump ship! Two providers offered to buy out my contracts on 5 phones if I leave to join them!! I wanted this phone badly!!! Oh Well! Don't care about anymore!! I believe apple has their hands in on it! They are controlling verizon. They want more sales on iphones & ipads before big red lets loose the bad boy of all phones!! APPLE SUCKS so does STEVE JOBS!!!

    • wp7isthebest

      lmao I love how even in an article about an Android phone delay, someone can sneak in a jab at Apple. Delaying the Thunderbolt wouldn't even increase iPhone sales because if you want a Thunderbolt, you're shopping for 4G phones. The iPhone and iPad do not support 4G so any potential 4G shoppers wouldn't even consider them. But feel free to keep spouting wild conspiracy theories and Apple hate!

  • Tired Of This BS

    I just feel like buying this phone and smashing it into tiny pieces. Whis is Verizon bending over backwards for Apple? Seriously, this is rediculous!

  • Yo Momma

    Shut up you whiney faggots.

    • http://brokestraightguys.com suckibg the juice off your popsicle

      On behalf of my people and those of us who lack the douchiness to say that, maybe you should consider that the only reason you would behave likke aa biggot is so that you can sooth your. Conscious and pretend that making an ass of yourself like this will convince people that you are straight as evidenced by your attenpt to symbolically push gay people away from your online persona.

  • Huh

    djf Really??

    Its a just a phone, most likely delayed because their are problems that need to be ironed out. Would it be better to release the phone with known issues and then spend all your day playing with support to get something fixed, that wait another week or two?

    And those two other providers are going to have better service? better network? not likely.

    The GOT TO HAVE IT NOW Generation... just can't wait.

    • djf

      Just venting!!! I have been pissed off before and haven't left!! YET!! :)

  • Ricky Gonzalez

    I can wait for the phone because it sounds like a very good phone.Also I am not up for renewal til July so I have to wait anyway or pay full price.

  • Not so sure

    I must say, I thought I wanted this phone. I preordered, I got excited!! But if there is really so many problems with it that everytime Verizon "thinks" they are going to release it, they don't. Motorola Bionic, I am waiting on you. Canceled my preorder, this phone must be a real PILE. Too many redflags for the price tag. Hopefully I can wait, may have to go to another carrier and get the EVO soon.

    • djf

      Sorry, I believe it is apple screwing this up!! And best buy!!

  • JillyPups

    @WillShanklin You have NO idea what was SHOT DOWN! All you know is rumors, so quit writing stupid blogs about stuff you know nothing about.

  • ap

    This is getting insane. I realize that this is just a phone but to delay because of an apple product? Not everybody is is on the apple train. I personally know a Verizon rep in SF that has a WORKING tbolt right now and he tells me the battery angle is straight BS. All most people are asking for is some concrete info from Verizon, which is what we are NOT getting. Verizon definately has the better network so what choice are we left with? Just sayn .....

  • annoynamous

    I hope this doesn't effect the update to froyo (android 2.2) for the samsung fascinate... I hate verizon so much, there douche bags

    • JBC

      ahh, but they're a company that can spell...

      • ME

        Haha! Priceless...

  • Mark

    Tired of this garbage from Verizon so I'm going to get the AT&T HTC Inspire. Maybe the next time I'm up for renewal, Verizon will have its act together and stop bending over to take up the a** from Apple.

  • jay

    The way i see it. It is Vzw and Apple both being fucktards. Vzw is playing the hype game and from what i get. They have an agreement to launch Apple' s 2 new shit devices.
    If Htc is getting pissed then I am sure someone from someplace would have actually spoke up about it all.
    The Tbolt is not that great of a " New Gen " device.. Sure its a nice phone but for what...3 months ?
    Hype!! Hype!! Hype!!!!!!!!!!!

    • djf

      Your right man!!! I know if I were HTC, I would be calling big red and stating the facts!! Who's company is this? Yours or Apples? you better damn well say yours and tell apple to kiss your ass!! :)

  • Bill

    Since the unveil of the T-Bolt I have waited, and waited, and waited, and waited. I am really sick of all the delays. Why Verizon can't come out and explain to everyone what is going on is beyond me. We have to find out everything from "leaked" information. By the time the T-Bolt is released it will be old news. I'm beyond the hype now and I'm going to wait now for the new Droid Bionic release. It's supposed to be out in the 2nd quarter. We'll see if this one is delay after delay like the HTC.

  • Jeff

    Maybe that Best Buy store in Roseville had it right afterall.

    "Thursday, Mach 24th" can easily become "Thursday, March 4th", especially on a Twitter account.

  • Huh

    Hello, Droid-Life just copied PopHerald.com's article, the cache doesn't lie, and next time, quote the first one to report the article, and not the copycat.

    Good think Examiner and Phones Review knew who posted first.


  • yo

    Verizon sucks....... Verizon sucks.......... Verizon sucks....... I am having problems with my droid _internet so I called them. They stated "after looking at your work order it states that there is a problem with the network towers in the area and they are going to be worked on" then I asked how long it was going to take and the Verizon tech support stated " it states that it will take up to ONE YEAR to be fixed". What a joke. Again Verizon SUCKS..

  • Disciple

    Really... With all the insults towards people? Come on; isn't this what blogging is all about? Saying whats on ones mind. The insults and name calling is crazy. I was waiting too. My wife wanted the iPhone but she now wants me to get the thunderbolt cuz she knows im more of an android person. And HTC makes a great product, But after the all the delays. I may just stick with this iPhone4 and wait to use my buy back on something else. Cuz by the time they do release it; it will be old technology

  • http://androidandme.com/2011/02/tablet/lg-optimus-pad-transformers-edition/ Paul

    Yeah at this point, the bionic looks to be the way to go. The Thunderbolt was nice, good specs (Bionic was better) especially for those itching to upgrade now. My friend didn't want to wait for the Bionic and decided to go with the Thunderbolt, but by the time this is released he minus well wait a few more weeks for the Bionic.

  • Andrew

    This is ridiculous. It's true that Verizon didn't officially announce a release date but then why would Best Buy be taking pre-orders since the beginning of February? This phone has been ready, being sent to many Verizon stores and HTC was trying to get Verizon to finally release it but first the iphone got in the way and now the ipad? What about all the loyal Verizon customers who were promised this phone would be coming soon?

    Another thing is, even though everybody is angry about the phone being delayed several times you should't buy into all these rumors online. Look how many times "trusted sources" had information about this phone and were 100% inaccurate. I guess waiting until Verizon announces a release date then we can all be sure.

  • Mike

    The latest fresh off the press from Big Red.
    July 5, 2011 Release Date for HTC Thunderbolt.

    • Maxxy1

      Wow...Must be true. Just got off the phone with VZW and the Floor Supervisor. He told me the same thing. Several issues have delayed the launch of the HTC Thunderbolt until July 5th. Battery life is the main problem and he was told that until there is 80% 4G LTE coverage in the U.S. they are not going to launch it. So I guess we all wait.

      • Jaden

        @Mike @ Maxxy1 and all the whimpy poo boy sissy lala's, you're acting like typical children having their temper tantrums. Perhaps you should go back to a cup and string as it looks like you’re not mature enough to figure out how to use the Thunderbolt when it is released!!! If u have been with VZW that long than u should know that they will come thru for its customers. If U wanna go to a third rate company at best than be my guest and good Luck with that! My advice is grow up and learn a little patience!

        • Cindym

          Chill my friend.

  • Cindym

    Gotta be something here folks. I was talking to a woman who works for Verizon this afternoon. I have known her for years. She is way up the company ladder. Anyway, to the point, she told me the T_Bolt will be released on July 5th. She said it's really hurting company morale and people are really frustrated. She said the Motorla 4G phone will be out before the HTC. Bummer.

  • Steve

    Is it really that important? It's just a phone.

  • L G

    Now there talking about July 20. Verizon can bite me!!!

  • Andrew

    Lmfao you guys are idiots. Explain how the release date goes from february to march to july? HTC said the phone was ready and they were sending them to Verizon stores AND HTC is trying to push Verizon to sell them sooner because the Thunderbolt is finally ready.

  • Verizon Is By Far The Perfection of Services

    Everyone just needs to wait on the Thunderbolt..U have to realize that, yes this is the 1st 4G phone and ya it's gonna be awesome. But, have u all looked at what the future holds for Verizon phones.. (www.phonearena.com). Verizon is simply trying to perfect their product they want perfection. Why do u think that Verizon is Truly the largest 3G network. U pay for what you get for and thats an amazing provider. I personally will never go with another provider. "Thank you Verizon" for being the best.!

  • Verizon Is By Far The Perfection of Services

    I am currently a manager for a Verizon here in my town, just thought I'd put that out there.

    • bill

      They just don't have 4G PHONE service and treat customers like _rap. I have Sprint and VZ and find Sprint service excellent.

  • L G

    I contacted HTC via email a few days ago. They said they have no control over the release of their own product. It all falls on Verizon. What kind of company would make product and relinquish all control of it. ...... Bull S---

  • jimbo

    Jaden.... they're is a nue wurd in the dicshunary.....then.

    • jimbo

      Jaden.... sorry, that was not nice. This is Android Police not grammar police.

  • nesska

    Honestly, I'm over the wait. It's gone to the point that I'd rather just wait until its launched at Radio Shack/Costco where I can buy it at a lower cost. The anticipation and the feeling to make this an impulsive buy has come and gone. What's worst is that it's priced at $299.99 when the Inspire (AT&T) and the EVO (Sprint) are almost identical to the Thunderbolt at a fraction of the cost. This better be one hell of a phone for Verizon to keep delaying its release. Big Red tends to forget that the competition has already come and gone with a similar device...

    As a former Verizon representative and a current AT&T representative, I know that a lot of people are going to hold out on this device when they can wait for the iPhone 5, which they will because 9 times out of 10 they'll go with an iPhone 4 than an actual 4G phone.

    • bill

      You must also know Best Buy sells the Inspire and the EVO, suggest you talk to them to learn which would be best for you in your neighborhood. where you will use it makes a big difference since coverage for 4G is very limited at this time. Since HTC has experience in the EVO and INSPIRE, I dare say the problem with the Thunderbolt is not the phone, but the VZ network, very concerning...

      • Disciple

        Agree with this 100% and the only prob. I had with the EVO; was battery life.

  • bill

    As many, I am concerned with what I will get when I get the Thunderbolt. Battery life is very important and if VZ designed a platform that kills batteries that would be horrible. Perhaps that is what VZ is dealing with causing the delay. HTC points clearly at VZ for the problem in the release.
    I speculate VZ may be far from having a 4G Phone service and is just trying to save face with its stockholders because it is so far behind the competition with 4G. Two 4G modems in computers are not the same as hundreds of thousands of 4G phones and modems don't have batteries.
    I have spoken with Sprint who say they are getting more customers for their EVO and when the customer numbers are in, VZ stock may take a dive. Note yesterday VZ stock was down while Sprint was up, expect the same today.

  • Oz

    Must be nice for Best Buy.... how often does anyone take peoples money without giving them a release date. They surely are enjoying the working capital; it's NOT working for us.
    Must also be nice for Verizon, since we already have deposits on the Thunderbolt (pretty much already a "sale" for them), why not push the iPhone and iPad.

  • Bill

    If I were HTC, I would be mad as hell! MOST Verizon customers would wait for iPhone 5 com Verizon. When will Verizon and get it - we wait for
    the best and that may be Thunderbolt or iPhone 5 with Verizon!!!

  • tb38

    I talked to a Best Buy mobile employee a couple days ago. He told me their HTC rep had just said forget about the Thunderbolt for a while. Apparently the 4g card was heating up so much it was burning through the battery cover and there is also some problem with the name of the phone itself. He said mass production of the phone had completely stopped. Looks like that July 5th date may be right.

  • NoMorRumorsPlease

    Navigate to the Best Buy Web Site. Set you locale as 75070. Then navigate to products--> Verizon Wireless. Next look for the weekly ad and the Buyers Guide. Next click any image of the thunderbolt. Note the date for pricing is set to be effective between the following dates. 02/20/2011 - 03/26/2011.

    Please stop the rumors and verify the phone is now available between the following dates 02/20/2011 - 03/26/2011..

  • Aj

    Well the evo has a short battery life too... They probably are trying to make the life longer.

  • Stewart

    This was e-mail to me from HTC "Dear Stewart Young,

    Good question, Stewart! We understand how important it is to have the latest updates for your device.

    I'm happy to inform you that your phone, the HTC Thunderbolt is definately on our list to recieve the 2.3 Android OS update.
    At this time, we don't have an exact launch date. However, we estimate that it will be available in the second quarter of 2011 (anywhere from the beginning of April, to the end of June), assuming that there are no major setbacks. Once we have a better idea of when this update will be availble for your phone, we'll be sure to announce it through Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/htc) and Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/htc), and of course, HTC.com.

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us, Stewart.