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In a very interesting find, Google's yet-to-be-announced cloud music streaming service actually seems to be active and working on certain users' Android phones. Only rooted phones that have a hacked version of the Honeycomb music player installed are able to access the service.

Xda member WhiteWidows stumbled upon this after installing the hacked app, accepting permissions, and letting his EVO sync overnight. He removed his SD card and - lo and behold - his music still played without having the necessary files present on his phone. If there were any doubt in anyone's mind that the search giant is set to launch a cloud streaming service sometime this year, this should be the final nail in the coffin.

Of course there is no guarantee that this will remain active now that word is spreading, but feel free to hit up the source link to find out more (also, an xda member put up this tutorial for getting "Google Music" playing for you).

music sync

Source: xda via ReadWriteWeb and IntoMobile

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  • Oliver

    I sincerely doubt they'll allow me to put all 130GB of my music on their cloud... :(

    • Tyler

      You have 130 gb on your phone?

    • DavM

      Music hoarder... hah i'm just kidding, but seriously? 130 gb?

  • Johan

    Should I be ashamed with my 440 GB? xD

  • Jesse

    Lol that's a lot. I thought having like 30 GB was too much.

  • Puffin

    my dad has ~2tb of music on his extrenal drive (all uncompressed though)

    i only have 15gb myself tho

  • Ioannes

    alright men, put them back in your pants, they're all impressive enough

  • http://facebook.com/whitefox009 andre

    im only 3gb and i think it's a lot of music
    but seriously 2 tb

  • http://smackdev.info Dwaune

    It works great with my HTC Desire CDMA CM7, syncs music perfectly as well. 20,000 songs I believe was the limit it imposed on me for uploading.