Earlier this week, Sprint sent out an invitation to a special release event at the CTIA WIRELESS 2011 conference later this month. After a less than amazing showing at CES, and the "innovative" move they made with the Echo, Sprint is due for a highly anticipated device to come to their users. Thanks to an anonymous tip received by Engadget (though in no way confirmed or proved credible), you may now start anticipating.

Nexus S 4G

Last year, after flirting with the idea of carrying the first "Google phone", Sprint dumped the Nexus One and went with the EVO 4G. If Engadget's sources are to be believed, it looks like the second pure Android device may have better luck finding a home on Sprint. A WiMAX version of the Nexus S, dubbed the Nexus S 4G, is rumoured to be one of the devices that is about to be dropped at the event.

EVO 3D and EVO View Tablet

For all those begging for a taste of the EVO 2, there is a little appetizer on the horizon. The two other devices Sprint is rumoured to be bringing along to Orlando are the EVO 3D and the EVO View tablet. There isn't any real confirmation for these two devices, but they certainly aren't out of the realm of possibility. HTC has been talking about getting into the 3D market, so an EVO 3D sounds reasonable, and I wouldn't be surprised if the EVO View is a Sprint version of the recently revealed HTC Flyer.

While the details are still fuzzy as to what exactly is coming out of Sprint's reveal, there is no doubt it is going must be major. With a weak presence in the sea of hype that has been these last two months, another EVO may just help Sprint sail into the lead. And if it comes with a dual-core processor and a juicier battery, we'll consider it a real winner (no, I'm not going to include a Charlie Sheen reference here).

Source: Engadget

Zak Stinson
Zak is a neuroscience student residing in the bread basket of Canada. When not reading or writing Android news, he has been known to partake in dangerous backyard science experiments he is nowhere near qualified to perform. He also loves Thai food.

  • luis

    Can't wait! #1

  • Matt

    I wonder if Charlie Sheen will buy one?

  • liams

    I'm loving both of those options!

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  • jdub

    Rumor is that the evo 3D runs on a tiger blood processor..

  • kj

    I hope they do the nexus s right this time meaning no plastic and bring the trackball back please!!! I bought the nexus s and returned it back the next day cuz of this,the nexus 1 is just perfect 4 me yet out of date:-\

  • Dan

    Well, an HTC phone, Zak, wouldn't have a Tegra 2 or TI processor, they're a Qualcomm brand. Which is fine by me. The new 1.2 ghz dual core Snapdragon looks to be a beast and it will be.....wait for it.........Netflix compatible!

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Whoops, you're right - fixed by removing the reference to either of them.

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