You'll find no Apple lovers around the Android Police offices, but even we have to admit that there's no excuse for Apple showing up the Android tablet scene's pricing. Unfortunately, that's exactly what's happened. With that in mind, it's perhaps not so surprising to hear that Samsung is re-evaluating their upcoming Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Aside from the likely price drop we'll see, they're also taking a critical eye to the physical characteristics of their tablet - specifically, they don't think it's thin enough to compete with the 8.8mm-thick iPad 2.

We've said it many, many times before: Apple products aren't for us, but that doesn't mean they don't manage to do some things right. Thanks to capitalism, that ultimately works in our favor when the competition is forced to keep up (or surpass).

[Source: Yonhap News via Engadget]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • http://technocrate.net nailerr

    I was saying this as soon as the Xoom pricing struck the UK/EU. If the Tab (which I am waiting for) is of similar pricing I WILL just get an iPad 2. Or nothing at all.

    Those prices were awful.

    • Jon Garrett

      Stop crying over the price.

      a wifi/3g 32gb ipad cost's nearly as much as the Xoom. add to that fact, the xoom with contract comes it at $600 and now there is news all across the web that the Xoom may cost as low as $539.

      also keep in mind why the Xoom costs more, it has more features. features the ipad will NEVER have.

      now that the ipad comes it at $500, we are sure to see even further price drops.

      too bad you're in Europe and will pay more for either device anyway.

      • http://technocrate.net nailerr

        Yep, not interested in dollars as you point out. And the contract method is a fools option where a lot of money is lost over the period signed for.

        The WiFi only version of whichever tablet will be my choice simply because an unbranded Android phone can share it's internet connection without restriction. And that will be the way to save money.

  • Rajesh

    I have always maintained & will keep the same way that there are 2 players in the market that leads. APPLE on hardware front and GOOGLE on software front. Nobody beats them at their own game. Apple's hardware is way way ahead of all its competitors and Google's software is way ahead from anybody's reach. Innovation at Google is mind boggling and engineering at apple is just amazing what they do with their products.

    Apple inspires all the hardware manufacturers at all time. If that inspiration is clubbed with Google's software and services (which is of course what has happened with Android phones) and it is going to repeat for tablet market as well.
    HoneyComb is true stroke of brilliance when we are shifting the whole desktop paradigm to tablet canvas and inspiration/creativity on hardware fronts would be icing on cake.

    • http://technocrate.net nailerr

      Conversely Software is something Samsung should be kept away from but evidence suggests they can slap together some wicked hardware too when whey actually try to. The insides of the Galaxy S i9000 showed some of that with micro-boards being layered for the shape and weight.

    • wandy

      Man, I couldn't say it better than you did, I support every word you just said!

  • scottishwildcat

    Personally I'd take Apple's software over Google's any day of the week ... Google's grasp of UX design is pretty shocking given the UI design talent they've employed over the years. If anything, it's Apple's hardware design that's falling behind, for me... some poor stuff in recent years, like the current MacBook Pros whose USB ports are so close together that you often can't use them both at the same time.

    • http://technocrate.net nailerr

      Sadly I support this view. We got 4 macs here and we would not swap them for any other computers (currently, Apple will ruin it eventually!).

      Despite agreeing Apple software is just tighter and more reliable I adore Android. And keep choosing it for my mobile devices every time I have an option. Lacking reliability but excelling at new functions.

      Android in a way, to me, represents the march of technology in that you can expect huge gains in function in short spaces of time but you have to accept the latest tech is usually unrefined.

      You just have to know what you want and need.

    • ari-free

      itunes vs drag and drop. I'd rather go with drag n' drop, wouldn't you?
      ios is app centric and android is more information/doc centric. An app centric, single tasking OS may be simpler but is that what we really want?

      • http://technocrate.net nailerr

        Really I would prefer iTunes. My music is organised and tagged to an absurd degree and I love being able to ask for a playlist along the lines of punk and hard rock from 1970 to 1999 if I have only heard each track less than 3 times and specifically 6 hours of it.

        Seriously I do that on a nearly daily basis.

        I would love, LOVE to have an alternative to do that with but right now I just cannot find anything that does it.

        What I do now is either use my iPod Touch or make a playlist in iTunes then import it into DoubleTwist and sync it to the Nexus S. The second option takes so much longer though.

        • Myria

          Different strokes, I suppose. Personally I despise iTunes with a white hot passion and view it as a poorly written psuedo-trojan (the amount of crapware it installs on your system is downright criminal) with shockingly poor functionality compared to its competitors.

          Frankly I regret having gotten an iPad if for no other reason that I have to use iTunes. The fact that you have to connect an iPad to a machine with iTunes to even use it is so mind bogglingly stupid I really couldn't believe it. If MS pulled something like that there'd be feds climbing up their rump with microscopes. It's long past time that happened with Apple. There is no excuse whatsoever for hardware to require totally unrelated software on another machine before it will even function.

          Mind you, the iPad itself is nice enough, if you ignore the virtually feature-free iOS and laughable "multi-tasking" (try web surfing whilst running your IM in the background, on my Galaxy S that works fine but on my iPad swapping between programs is too slow to bother with doing it more than very occasionally), lack of file system access, and laughably pathetic codec support.

          I knew all that going in, though, my only real complaint about the machine itself, and the reason I'll probably be dumping it for something else soon (and wiping my system to make sure I've gotten rid of every trace of iTunes), is that I find the form factor to be inconveniently big. I'd prefer something in the 7" range, big enough to be useful but no so big I can't toss it in my purse.

  • http://technocrate.net nailerr

    Well as I say it's the software capability I need and there is so far nothing else I can find that is as capable for those needs.

    Sounds like you use Windows though, last Windows PC I owned got punched off a desk partially because of iTunes (mostly because of XP). Apple really do not do a good job of windows software and I would not be surprised if ti turned out to be by design. On OS X it is quite reliable and un-intrusive. But since I buy nothing from their store and do not want an iOS device I would like a platform agnostic option with the same playlist management.

    So if anyone has any ideas for me?

  • iAndows7

    All I know is that if Samsung tab isn't a 'Google' tab, IE OS updates bypassing the idiots @ Samsung. I would NOT buy it. The track record for Samsung on any updates is just horrible.

    • http://technocrate.net nailerr

      This is why the Nexus S is a capable phone I'd say. I used the Galaxy S i9000 and Nexus S neck to each-other for a week or two. Despite the hardware similarities the NS just blew the GS away.