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The VoIP company Gizmo5, which was purchased by Google in 2009, is going to be officially ending its service next month (April 3 to be exact). Many Android users who have a setup which utilizes Gizmo5's compatibility with Google Voice to make cheap or free internet calls will need to look elsewhere for cheap VoIP calling.

An email (submitted by Reddit user Bizurke) from Gizmo5 cites the Gmail calling service as a viable replacement after notifying users of the termination. Alternate VoIP services such as Sipgate, pbxes, and VoIPUser appear to be alive and kicking if GV users are looking for an alternative.

As Gizmo was purchased by Google, could this be a sign that true Google Voice VoIP is around the corner?

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Will Shanklin
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  • ben

    I wish google would allow calls to be made from ata devices instead of just from a computer.

    They could still charge for outgoing calls to non-u.s. POTS, while allowing you to use their service without having a pc running all the time!!


  • trevmar

    I just solved my International roaming cost problems -- Gizmo5 worked great with my google voice number when I was in China last month - and now I am going to have to set everything up again. Grrrr... why couldn't they just leave the current servers switched on and continuing to run...

    • http://theinfamousj.livejournal.com TheInfamousJ

      I agree with you. I purchased my latest cell phone, specifically for its integration with Gizmo5. :: sad ::

  • saran

    Alternative to Gizmo is localphone sip acct.. view @ http://goo.gl/WasF

  • http://Oxyblue.com Guy

    I forward now my Google Voice # to IPkall (free #), and IPkall to Callcentric. It works fine with my Android phone, and PAP2T ATA as well as Callcentric softphone.

  • http://carlos.dudas.com carlos dudas

    anyone else in Canada who's using gizmo5 with nimbuzz? i'm wondering which service provider i should port my soon to be defunct gizmo5 call-in number to? any recommendations ,or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  • Saran

    Alternative SIP methods...

    Method 1: GV --> IPkall 425 --> LP sip # --> Mobile Fring / Any sip client (X-lite)

    Method 2: GV --> SipGate US # --> SG sip # --> Mobile Fring / Any sip client (X-lite)

    Method 3: GV --> LP US DDI # --> LP sip # --> Mobile Fring / Any sip client (X-lite)

    Ref: http://goo.gl/WasF