Bob Likes Paypal

In an attempt to generate extra buzz for using their payment system in Android apps, Paypal has started a contest for developers with a grand prize of $25,000.

Remaining vague in the competition's criteria, the eBay-owned company simply asks devs to integrate secure payments into their Android apps, adding that they would like "something new, something surprising, something with business potential." In addition to the $25K grand prize, the runner up will receive $15,000, followed by $10,000 for third place (much more generous than the kitchen appliances they give you on Wheel of Fortune).

Paypal lists some "important deadlines" for anyone interested in entering:

  • May 14 – Deadline to submit your application for approval
  • June 3rd – Deadline for making changes
  • June 7th – Application live in an Android Marketplace
  • June 29th – Winners announced


Bob Likes Paypal

May the best secure payment system in a mobile application win.

Source: Paypal X Developer Network

Will Shanklin
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  • Billy

    Paypal can go fuck themselves.

    More places need to accept Google Checkout.

    • abeee

      The list of countries that PayPal accepts payments in dwarfs Google's list.

      Also, PayPal has provided a library. Implementing a library into an App is much easier than implementing a service, which Google requires, especially if a developer has never done it before.

      • Me again

        Paypal can go fuck themselves.

      • Heinz Kiosk

        Indeed, trying to implement a software interface with Google Checkout is like fighting a cornered rat. "More places need to accept Google Checkout" will happen when Google fixes that problem, and not before.

  • abeee

    I'm just about to release my app with PayPal integrated; it took about a week (part-time) to fine-tune the workflow - which took longer than I expected.

    There's still two issues that I'd like them to improve though.

    pro tip: it's not well publicized, but there's TWO libraries: the MPL and MECL.

    The MPL is pure in-app, the MECL uses a webview

  • http://androidjet.com Zack

    Consider as a bonus for e-commercial Android App developers.

  • Adrian

    my card type isn't accepted by Google Checkout :( go for it PayPal!