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Maybe you can think twice about picking up that new Nintendo 3DS: over a year since development began, the first official release of N64oid, which lets you play classic Nintendo 64 titles on your Android device, is now available in the Market. This is the latest offering from yongzh, the developer behind NESoid, SNESoid, and several other highly-rated emulators for Android.

While emulators for pre-mid-1990s' consoles are commonplace on a variety of mobile devices, the generation that featured N64 and the first Sony Playstation took a huge leap in terms of performance, so developing working emulators for titles from those machines takes considerably more time and commitment from talented developers. N64oid was available previously in beta status, but many games were not yet fully working and the sound was often off. We fully expect N64 to improve in time, but it looks like most games work now with a very solid framerate.

If you want to play oldies like Super Mario 64, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, or Goldeneye, you will need to have corresponding ROMs (you must own a copy of the game to play legally).

mario likes nexus s

N64oid is $5.99 and can be found at the links below.

Download N64oid

Thanks, Trevor, for the tip!

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  • Snail

    YES! My 64 is somewhat still running, but it will be awesome to meet Link & Mario on my N1.

  • Jesse

    Even if you own a physical cart of a rom you've downloaded, it's still illegal.

    ... And why the hell does that N64oid emulator cost money? That's a HUGE etiquette faux-pas on the emulation scene.

    • Edd

      Not really a faux-pas... Every advanced emulator costs money, such as FPSECE / PSX4Droid... it's to acknowledge the development time, which for (what is usually) a one-man-band is a lot of work, to transcode an entire console BIOS/OS to a completely new OS. It's worth the bucks and I'm just surprised the big console makers don't do this themselves for all their pre-2000 consoles (although now Sony are getting in on the act with the ugly and toy-like PSX Android Phone)

      • rickson

        chances are this person didn't develop the app, they just worked on porting it, therefore is earning money off someone elses base code.

        on the emulation scene (done on a PC) you'd never see a project asking for money last long, hence the faux-pas of taking money for it (especially since a large sector of emulator users, use it for piracy, some (like myself) use it because our consoles have broken over the years and it's not cheap to replace them (such as my poor dreamcast.. I miss that fellah))

        Also most emulators don't come with the bios (as that's copyrighted code of the console owner), and is meant to be supplied by the person downloading the program.

  • Bryan

    How well does this play for everyone?

  • Joshua


    It costs money because work went into porting the N64 to Android. I'm guessing it took some time, as his other emulators have been on the market for a while and the N64 one is just coming out.

  • Andreas

    I don't care if it costs, it's plays well, it's awesome, it's mine.

  • reddragon72

    Now is Samsung would get there sh1t straight I could play this with the Wiimote while on vacations!!!!!!

  • Victor Morales

    does nintendo get some sort of royalties off of this.. sort of scandalous that supposed developers get the "mula" for essentially transferring / formatting data.. when they had nothing to do with actually creating the game or producing it.


      No they don't. The publisher did not transfer or format any copywritten data to produce an EMULATOR, it have absolutely nothing to do with producing the games.

  • http://www.brazzers.com ryan

    kinda buggy playing mario kart 64 but it haz potentialz

  • http://wave-france.blogspot.com supercopter

    I've tried N64 emulators on PC some time ago and most games were hardly playable because of the so-particular N64 gamepad that can't be fully reproduced by other input methods...

    How is this managed on touch screens ?

    • Javier

      Unfortunately, not all of the buttons are included on the on-screen gamepad. The only reason I don't have a problem with that is because I am playing with a game gripper. I gotta say, the game gripper really makes the n64 games playable.

  • JT

    why will this not download on my LG Ally? It's not recognizing it in the market??

  • Victor Morales

    Still doesnt make sense to me .. i mean its FREAKIN Mario! How is that "not transfer or format any copywritten data"? maight not be literally copying DATA .. but its FREAKIN Mario! Its like Burning a "copy" of a album and then selling that copy to people. Its not the original copy and might have lost some of its quality (ahem!) ... but your still STEALING an idea! i mean c'mon ITS MARIO!

    • per

      So every CD manufacter is also responsible for the people that uses their CD players to play burned CD's ?

    • cybik

      Because you don't pay for the cartridge. You pay to be able to use what's INSIDE. The Data. The Cartridge is just a medium of distribution, as is the internet. If you bought a legal access to the data inside the cartridge, shouldn't you be able to use that DATA anywhere you want?

    • Dammit2Hell

      No Stupid, it's not Mario. It's an emulator. The emulator does not come with anything Mario in it. If you so choose, you can break the law by downloading a Mario ROM to play on said emulator, but there is nothing illegal about having an emulator. It's the Mario ROM that is illegal. I really can not put enough emphasis on how freaking stupid you really are.

      • Victor Morales

        Umm.. i know what you mean... that its an emulator.. hence it emulates.. you TARD! and i get that the "Mario ROM would we illegal" .. and TECHNICALLY this isn’t.. BUT i was just saying IN GENERAL - not going by data specifics. My thing of it is ... if i showed that picture (above) to a 21 - 27 year old and asked "can you tell me who this is?" 99% chance they will say Mario.. and more than 50% chance they will even say "Mario from N64".. and THAT is my point. Its not that I don’t understand the specifics when it comes to "emulating" information on a different platform from where originated.. its the principle of the fact that is slightly "shady" anyway you break it down... if Mario 64 didn’t exist.. would this emulator exist? NOPE. Hence even though its NOT LITERALLY / TECHINALLY Mario.. it is. Emulators is like when Vanilla Ice said Ice Ice Baby's bass line was NOT samples of Queen .. because it was slightly different (we all know it was not).. and even if it was different .. WE ALL KNEW it was a blatant copy of Queens bass Line .. and that’s my point, it may not be technically illegal .. but we all know what Mario Looks like .. and sir a character with a stach, a red hat, blue overalls and red long sleeve shirt is in fact Mario

        • Jameson type 2

          emulators aren't illegal there's already been rulings on this in the US, all they do is emulate the console, no different than the PS3 emulating the PSOne (and yes, it DOES emulate it, thats why you can download PS1 Classics).

          Also having a rom is NOT illegal, provided that you made the rom copy yourself (as I have done with all my old classic NES, SNES cartridges, and all my PS1/PS2 and my limited Dreamcast library.

          The picture of mario has NOTHING to do with the emulator other than now we can play Mario64 on an android handset if we choose, or we could play Starfox 64, or Mario Party or... ANY other N64 game.

          Also yes, if Mario64 didn't exist, this emulator would, because there's HUNDREDS of other 64 games that people enjoy, not to mention homebrew games (games made from scratch using open source SDKs, or even ROMhacks, that being modified bits of code you insert into a rom to change the gameplay, I have several romhacks of my LEGAL Super Mario World for the SNES that makes the game harder, with original levels, and some that are puzzle mario games, all of them are legal)

          tl;dr: you don't know what you're talking about, and are just making yourself out to be an ignorant fool on the topic of emulators

  • Victor Morales


  • Victor Morales

    Oh and i also get that the "idea" of .. if you bought it once .. you bought the data. the info.. the experience.. not tha actual plastic cartridge.. yes i know blah blah blah.. what gives the people whom make the emulators the right to make money off the CREATIVITY of others. by th way the fact that games came in a Physical Cartridge is proof in itself that that game you purchased prior was meant to be played on ONE console not that you paid money for a pie of plastic. This type of reasoning is retarded it. If it was you games being copied your response would be different.

  • Mike

    I don't think you understand as much as you think you do. That is just a screen shot, and downloading the emulator will not supply you with everything you need to get that screen shot. It is up to you to transfer mario 64 to your phone. The emulator replaces the n64, but you need to supply the games.

    In short, you are an idiot, and your enraged defense of your obvious ignorance is troubling.

  • Boss

    Ahh Victor shut up...if you don't want the emulator don't download it. Take your holier than thou attitude somewhere else

  • Tyler

    Damn he really is an idiot, no knowledge of what an emulator is and what a rom is. The rom is the fucking game, which is not included with the emulator because it's illegal! Dumbass..

  • Brian

    what a douche bag, if ya dont want it, DONT DOWNLOAD IT! PLAIN AND SIMPLE!

  • Q

    to the guy harping about mario. a lot of people use emulators just fpr original homebrew games and apps. you really dont grasp the context and are mixing different things up

  • dxe22

    Does it work on the HTC wildfire or wildfire s