xoom 100 less

If you are frustrated that you missed the (accidental) $200 off coupon that Motorola temporarily honored for XOOMs last week, we now have something half as good. A coupon code for $100 off ($700 total) is now available to be used at the Motorola online store.

What's that? Stop yakking and tell you how to use it? Okay:

  1. Head over to the Motorola store at this link
  2. Add the XOOM to your cart and begin checkout
  3. When prompted, enter coupon code motoxoom
  4. Wait for your shiny new XOOM to show up in the mail

There's no indication how long this deal will last, so if you're interested, you might want to scoop it up quickly.

xoom 100 less

Source: Droid Life

Will Shanklin
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  • Mike

    I am a big Android fan but is this a knee jerk reaction by Motorola since the new iPads retained there pricing?

  • http://blog.iangclifton.com Ian G. Clifton

    I get: We're sorry, but we didn't recognize the promotional claim code or gift certificate/card code you entered. Perhaps you typed it incorrectly or you are trying to use a code that's not valid for the items in your Shopping Cart?

    • Giuawppw

      Same here. It's gone :(