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It appears that Sprint will be unveiling something for us in Orlando, FL on March 22, as they have issued media invitations for an event that will be "showcasing the latest innovations from Sprint."

What exactly will be showcased is a mystery at this point, but the last time we were invited to an exciting event from Sprint, it was to preview the dual-screen Kyocera Echo phone (which some viewed as a dud of an announcement). Perhaps the wireless carrier is poised to deliver the knockout punch that many were hoping for last month with this one, but that is all speculation at this point. Whatever they have in store for us, we will have it for you.

Could you please make it an EVO 2, Sprint?


Will Shanklin
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  • MedioGringo

    The idea of an EVO2 gives me a chubby, but we haven't heard any rumors about this phone so I'm not holing my breath. It's about time for HTC to give us a dual core flagship phone tho.

  • Jaymoon

    Sprint, please, please, please, do NOT announce a phone with 3 screens...

    • bobomb

      Similar to my first thought...

      "Oh, another shitty phone?"

    • emilio schadt

      I was actually about to say the same thing haha

  • zehner

    And plz plz plz do not announce anything made by Kyocera

  • David

    Oh please, let it be common sense....please please please let them finally get some common sense....they need it oh so badly!

  • snakeye

    Where the love for dual-core Android tablets or phone Sprint?

  • boriqua2000

    screw the phone.the really important question is,will David Blaine be there?

  • David

    A dual core phone with Amazing battery life would be excellent sprint...we deserve it.

  • http://www.sprint.com Dan Hesse

    We will be releasing an Evo 2!! YAY!

  • Richard Yarrell

    Yes folks this event will be the introduction of the new HTC EVO 2 or HTC EVO 3D.. Htc is coming strong 1year to the day there best device was born. As a current Evo 4g owner I am proud of my evo 4g and proud to be welcoming another addition to the Evo family on Sprint.. This surely will be the best in the summer of 2011

  • Stan

    I don't understand. Why would anyone currently using an EVO be a proud owner? The thing sucks down battery like nothing else. It doesn't even last through the day. While there's a fervent, passionate group enthused by it's feature set how can anyone justify buying it, a phone that will die on you before you leave the office at the end of the work day? I chomped at the bit when I read about it but in the end I had to pass because I wasn't willing to carry an extra battery around with me or have it tethered to a charger for a portion of the day.

    • http://verb0ze.net verboze

      Evo with Sense sucks. Evo with MIUI or Cyanogen is a different story. I would call myself a proud owner as well, but understandably, only after ditching Sense. And oh yeah, props to that phone for introducing the kickstand, which most ppl do not care about, but for me, is a must have. So much so that I will need a case with a stand on my next phone :/ (I don't normally use cases with my phone)

  • Joe

    I'm hoping they will give the release date of the Galaxy Nexus! My upgrade is up at the beginning of April, so I'm really just hoping for the announcement of ANY phone better than those in the current line up...