Last Updated: March 2nd, 2011

After last week's launch of the 3G (soon to be LTE) Motorola XOOM, many of us began to wonder about that cheaper Wi-Fi-only model that has been promised. We are still (agonizingly) without a confirmed release date, but those sitting on the edges of their seats in anticipation may want to know that the UK version has been priced at £449.99 ($732).

PC World's website announced the arrival and pricing of the much-anticipated slate, also advertising pre-orders (which were not active yet). After word spread of the £449.99 price, however, all references to the cost and pre-orders were pulled.



Motorola Xoom tablet PC - new Android internet tablet at PC World


Obviously, the converted rate of $732 is much higher than the $600 US price that was previously announced by CEO Sanjay Jha, but that is not likely reason for an American revolution. Non-US pricing converted to US dollars is rarely going to be an accurate indication of American pricing (largely due to taxes), so there is still a strong likelihood that the previously announced figure will be what we actually see (whenever this finally arrives).

Source: Cool Smartphone via Android Community

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  • GB

    Dont forgoet uk prices include 20% VAT on them & don't US items not have sales tax on them till you checkout? So should be cheaper in the US

    • Shinsen

      True, if my maths is correct...
      449.99 / 1.2 = 374.99 (-20~%)
      374.99 GBP => 610.22 USD
      (source: Google Calculator: http://www.google.com/#q=374.99+GBP+to+USD )
      So Americans will look to pay around $500-600 USD.

    • PJ

      How much would be the taxes?
      As a european consumer i'm sick of this unfair conversion 1 USD = 1 EUR. Europe it's not only UK or Germany, there's another countries like Greece, Portugal or Spain (which i come from) where this conversion leave the prices out of most people scope. Thank you again Moto

  • Hooman

    But the Xoom in the Ad is a 3g model????

  • Eric

    To give perspective here, the 16GB wifi only iPad is 439 pounds. The 32Gb wifi is 510. If we follow that pattern, the Wifi XOOM will cost ~$525. Not sure that we can follow that pattern, but moto if this price is true, moto is looking to really move it over there compared to the competition.

  • Adrian

    things here in the UK are always bloody expensive :'(

    • jeremee

      Hahahaaa! So true you poor buggers!
      17.5% up now to 20% that hurts.

      Australia is doing good lately.. our dollar is well juiced up.

      Our problem is that it takes so damn long for things to be released here. $800AUD for that XOOM is not so bad.