LG T-Mobile G Slate 4G Tablet at MobileCityOnline.com

More news has trickled out for the high-end tablet releases we are about to see. This time it appears that the upcoming Optimus Pad/G-Slate from LG will be priced at $699.99 on T-Mobile, according to a pre-order listing on Mobile City.

LG's 8.9" tablet will be the first to incorporate 3D technology, and, like most other new tablets we will be seeing soon, it will have Android 3.0 'Honeycomb' under the hood. No firm release date has been set.

The off-contract price for the 4G-ready tablet is in the same ballpark as the first generation iPad 3G (which obviously weighs heavily in determining costs), but if the same pattern holds as with the Motorola XOOM, we may not see a Wi-Fi-only model at release. One can't help but wonder if the manufacturers of Android tablets are shooting themselves in the foot by delaying the releases of their Wi-Fi models (presumably because of deals with carriers), but as details are still unknown with LG's debut slate, we will have to wait and see how this plays out.

LG T-Mobile G Slate 4G Tablet at MobileCityOnline.com

Source: mobile city via Android Central

Will Shanklin
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  • http://schpydurx.livejournal.com ProfessorTom

    The fact that Honeycomb tablets compare themselves to the iPad for validation whilst at the same time claim to be superior withe Apple about to deal a new blow to the tablet market, I'd say the game is up.

    Android fanboys need a new cause.

    • Brian

      We'll see. It wasn't *that* long ago that Apple was "the largest computer company in the world" and boasting that the Macintosh LC and Classic II would blow away that upstart Microsoft Windows platform.

      • http://schpydurx.livejournal.com ProfessorTom

        Let's not forget that Apple is now the second largest company in the world. Not just the largest computer company in the world, but second largest company overall.

        They must be doing something right to have earned all that cash.

        • Jon Garrett

          Second largest company in the world? I hope you got a Forbes link for that !?!?!

        • http://schpydurx.livejournal.com ProfessorTom

          Here's the requested Forbes link since Bloomberg apparently isn't good enough.

      • Jon Garrett


        that was a beautiful rebuttal !! you're awesome !!

    • Jon Garrett

      I don't know what universe you're in but the largest company in the world list doesn't even put apple in the top 100 !!

      1. Walmart
      2. Exxon Mobile
      3. Royal Dutch Shell
      4. BP
      5. Saudi Aramco

      12. Samsung
      25. AT&T
      35. Verizon
      47. IBM
      74. Sony

      110. Apple

      * typical apple fan boy, void of facts.

      • http://schpydurx.livejournal.com ProfessorTom

        So either both Bloomberg and Forbes got it wrong and you need to stop getting news from Forbes OR you need to go back and check the information that both published.

  • MeatRocket

    Another FAIL in price-point! I just bought 3 Nook Colors yesterday cheaper than 1 of these or a Xoom. 2 are already running Gingerbread and 1 is running Honeycomb. I'm a tech geek, but the pricing is why I didn't buy a Galaxy Tab, Xoom or other over-priced tablet. The Nook Color doesn't have all the bells & whistles, but it also doesn't have the over-inflated price. These companies really need to fire their marketing research departments.

    • http://schpydurx.livejournal.com ProfessorTom

      It it's any consolation, I'm sure Apple will send a thank you card.


      • riddle me this

        I'm curious Professor. Why is such an Apple fan trolling an Android specific site? Does the professor not have a life? Or are you just so worried about Android outdoing iOS at every turn that you feel the need to spew FUD?

        • http://schpydurx.livejournal.com ProfessorTom

          Because I came across the site because of a link elsewhere (Engadget, most likely.) Though I'm not an Android fan, I have found this site to be very informative. As such, I've stuck around.

          Of course, it's fun to stoke the flames and root for my team.

          I don't have much of a life working and going to school full time.

          Until reading about Unity, I wasn't worried about Android as a competitor. In fact, I thought that WebOS would be the competitor. If the Unity plan works, it is very likely that will be the straw that breaks the camel's back because Apple won't be able to keep developers on the platform.

          If Unity succeeds, the conclusion that Android has won the platform war in a meritocracy cannot be drawn. Instead of Android competing directly and defeating iOS in the marketplace, there will have been a third player draining the market from the bottom instead of fishing from the top.

          Should such a scenario occur, I wonder what will become of smart phones and tablets. Will they be less of the can't live without devices that they are now and be turned into commodities? How will this affect developers? The industry? The economy?

    • Blah on Moto

      Well, if their marketing research dept is anything like mine, it's just a group of clueless guys asking each other what the market it like.

      So yea, fire them all.

  • Blah on Moto

    I consider myself a member of the Android army but the only tab I'll be buying at that price point is the iPad.

    • Jon Garrett

      Blah on Moto,

      Price? lets talk about price.

      ipad bare-bones starts at $500, 6 months later its announced that it is now obsolete because the ipad 2 is coming out (which will include all the features intentionally left out of the ipad) it will most likely cost more than $500 so lets say $600.

      Now you've spent $1,100 for a device that still lacks many features the current Android tablets have.

      6 months from now, the ipad 3 rumors will begin, everyone who sold their ipad to go buy and ipad 2 will now sell their ipad 2 so they can have the latest and the greatest ipad 3, add $700.

      now you've spent $1,800 to have a tablet comparable to entry level Android tablets.

      *if you think Im wrong on this, just take ask all the people who have gone through ALL 4 iphone models or all 6 ipod touch models.

      ** please understand what you're getting for that extra $100-200 for an Android device. tons of features a comparable priced ipad doesn't have.

      • T72018

        Good reply bro and it is the truth. Apple leaves features out to milk people on the next model. You can buy a Android device with all the features already on it.

        People need to know this and they spend way more on apple's minor revisions!!!

      • milk the customer


        Now add to that. . .

        In order to get the precious iPad even slightly useful you will have to pay for tons of apps. . .

        The Xoom out of the box can take advantage of the great free web apps that make it very productive asap. . . someday iOS will get a decent browser lol

        I'm happy to pay a little extra for a great Android device because I know I can use it not only as a consumption device but also as a production device--yeah, I can dock a keyboard and MOUSE to it and use it like a real computer.

        But hey, keep on telling yourself Apple is cheaper and does things "better". . . and ignore those extra charges that show up on your bill from iTunes.

        • http://schpydurx.livejournal.com ProfessorTom

          Why would you want to connect a mouse to a tablet? That breaks the UI paradigm, thus defeating the purpose.

        • milk the customer


          Why would you want to attach a mouse?

          Well, since you are a professor you ought to understand that certain applications are much easier to work with with a mouse. Take apps like spreadsheets, vector graphic illustrators, and even word processors.

          In other words, by being able to attach a mouse the device can behave more like a traditional computer with traditional apps.

          Yes, it does go against the touch paradigm however, the touch paradigm just may not be perfect in every instance regardless of what Lord Jobs says. Funny only Apple fans ever wonder why. . . step away from the Kool aid bowl.

        • Jon Garrett

          @professor Tom

          for the same reason I like to use a mouse with my laptop.

          but let me ask you, why would you want to use USB, HDMI, SD with an ipad? ipad 2, ipad 3, ipad 4, ipad x? oh, wait. you cant !!

        • http://schpydurx.livejournal.com ProfessorTom

          @Jon You can use USB with the iPad. Apple has made an adapter for it and has been shipping since the iPad's launch, but I don't miss it.

          What would you use USB for? To attach hardware? Then you need drivers. The iPad is a mobile OS, not a desktop OS. You don't want to support every device under the sun; you want to support the apps that make life on the go less miserable.

          Want to use USB for storage? That doesn't make any sense either. USB flash drives are still fairly expensive for real storage space and even at that, thumb drive capacity tops out at around 128GB, not because we can't make the devices more capacious but because USB 2.0 is too slow and it's too expensive to go higher than 128. So given that the iPad in its most capacious version will store half of 128 and will be faster, it doesn't make sense to use USB as a storage medium.

          To me, the only interface that makes sense to add to the iPad is flash memory aka card readers. This makes sense because if you're mobile but want to take the pictures you just shot and display them on something that more than one person can look at or if you just want to do some light editing, you can do so via iPhoto on the iPad and have the pictures sync to your computer the next time you connect your mobile device.

          To me, there are only and will always only ever be two ways to interface devices to the iPad: via the 40 pin connector at the bottom and bluetooth/wireless. This makes sense too. Either the iPad is going to be stationary but used to display and make minor additions to data, say, by a physician in a hospital or you're going to use bluetooth headphones to listen to music that you're streaming from the iPad across the room or in your bag. Adding USB 2.0 to the iPad right now make the product immediately dated given that USB 3.0 has started shipping. Adding USB 3.0 means that customers have to buy the latest and greatest hardware that hasn't reached a saturation point yet which will drive away the customers that Apple desperately want to attract: customers that currently are not part of the Apple ecosystem who want the cool new mobile device which is a gateway device to a Mac.

          I can see Apple adding an SD reader, but I don't believe you will have file system access to it. Instead, I think that the iPad will detect the files on the card and will ask if you want to import them to the appropriate application.

          For instance, if you have photos, you could load the photos to the photo app that will then sync with iPhoto when you next sync you iPad. While they could do the same with music, I doubt that would happen because the paradigm is that iTunes is the hub and the device is the spoke. The spoke doesn't send packages back to the hub, the hub distributes to the spoke.

          I imagine that you might be able to do the same with documents, but eBooks pose a problem. Though you can run Nook and Kindle on the iPad, the paradigm is to buy through Apple. Because books bought through iBooks are DRMed (as are Kindle and Nook books), what would the point be of using external storage to a mobile device to add DRMed content via Apple's store.

          Furthermore, there is an added benefit from Apple's point of view to this paradigm. In theory, content that is added to iTunes comes from the iTunes Music Store. Now, of course, you can rip CDs or download MP3s from the internet that don't come from Apple or, more to the point, have been pirated. However, Apple can turn to leeches like the RIAA and say, "Hey, we've made a system that gives users flexibility with their media while at the same time helps lock down rampant pirating because those mobile devices can't be use to troll the earth collecting media that wasn't paid for and then sync back to the database."

          Is this an ideal situation? No. But I think that this is the reason that we have the mobile devices that we have. Sure, there were other portable music players in the market before Apple introduced the iPod, but everyone has iPods. iPod has become the generic term for portable MP3 player. Was Apple the first to make a smartphone? Of course not. But the iPhone changed the industry. Android had to first catch up to the iPhone before it could surpass it.

          Whether you like it nor not, Apple has and continues to innovate. Yes, the hardware and software are provided by the same company and it is locked down pretty tight. But this frees the user to focus on the task at hand and provides a unified and simple UI.

          If your need to tinker is at an addictive level, Apple isn't the company for you. That having been said, I can tell you that public libraries are starting to use Macs more in their labs as are K-12 schools. Macbooks/MacBook Pros are the most prevalent laptops on college campuses. Last year, (I believe it was Q3) Apple was the third largest shipper of PCs in the United States.

          Microsoft has stagnated Windows. Consumers want machines that work. They don't want to tinker because they don't know what they are doing. This is why Linux has never taken over the desktop space and never will. Sure, you can do whatever you imagine...if you have the coding skills. But consumers don't want to program, they want to use their computers as tools to get some task done.

          I think that Apple will continue to gain market share on the desktop and will always be a major player in the mobile space, even if they loose the market share. How can that be? Because Apple innovates and their bottom line is affected by their innovation. If they aren't delivering products that consumers want to buy, they make no money. Because of this, Apple continues to produce magic (ala Arthur C. Clark). Even if they don't sell the largest share of that "magic", competitors will strive to implement that magic in their products.

          The only way that Apple will ever leave the industry is if they decide to pull out of the business.

  • Blah on Moto

    This isn't suppose to be a Apple vs Android discussion. But guess its to be expected. No one said that the Xoom or this LG tab is not good. But is it $800 good? Like one of the previous poster said...the Nook Color can be had for $200 so its a better value. Is it better hardware wise, heck no. And also, you guys are looking at only the hardware aspect from a geek's point of view. Out of the box, I would still recommend the iPad for my non-tech friends/family. It's a 'better' overall experience.

    Oh...and honestly, who would spend $$$ on a dock to pretend its a real PC. You're lying to yourself if you honestly believe that.

    • milk the customer

      @Blah on Moto

      Another Apple fan masquerading as a Android fan to spew FUD, I see ;)

      I wouldn't recommend an iPad to anyone due to its overall lack of functionality. Now with a Honeycomb tablet I actually have a product that can be more than a consumption device.

      "Oh…and honestly, who would spend $$$ on a dock to pretend its a real PC. You’re lying to yourself if you honestly believe that."

      Oh. . . I don't know, maybe there are those times when I need to work on a long document in a word processor or a big spreadsheet. . . or use a vector drawing program. . . all of which need very fine detailed work that my big muggy fingers just can simulate and why should I buy another device when my Android Honeycomb tablet can do the job just fine--once again we see how an Android Honeycomb tablet saves us much money over buying multiple Apple devices.

      As I stated above--only an Apple fans wonders why you would want to be able to use a dock that adds keyboard and mouse functionality.

    • Jon Garrett

      why do you keep quoting the $800 price when;

      A. its also available for $600 which is NO different that when you buy a subsidized iphone.

      B. a comparable ipad costs about the same AND its still wont have
      a. any cameras
      b. NO USB, HDMI or SD
      c. 1080p video
      d. only 256mb ram
      e. NO Flash Support
      f. NO 4G
      g. no dual core cpu

      C. the bare bones ipad costs $500 but the ipad 2 bare bones will probably cost $600 - $700.

      D. you already paid $500 for your ipad, now you have to pay $600 - $700 for your ipad 2 bringing the cost of your ipad 2 to $1,100 - $1,200 AND YOU STILL WONT HAVE.

      a. 2 cameras
      b. 1 gig of ram
      c. 1080p
      d. USB, HDMI, or USB
      e. flash support

      AND you'll still be stuck with using itunes to put content on your device. so PLEASE, dont buy a new computer and have to sync and loose all your photos and playlists !!

  • Franky

    Actually, pricing in the end is the most important factor for most people in making a purchase decision.
    This is especially true when you're trying to invade a market firmly held by a company like apple.

    Just for comparison, there are tablets like the notion-ink adam out there. It will run Honeycomb soon as well.

    I'm not saying it can compete with the Xoom, but in some areas (e.g. it has the same tegra-chipset working) it comes pretty close. Agreed as well, it's still in preorder-state, and whether we'll see the adam hitting the market on a larger scale may be questionable.

    But the pricing is on a totally different level: We're talking about $375 for WiFi and $425 for 3G-models (if you're lucky enough to get one, that is).

    That's about HALF the price of the Xoom.

    • iAndows7

      Agreed. But seems like the hardcore fanboys will justify the insane price tag and if you don't agree, you're Apply spy ;)

      Hopefully, with the amount of tabs hitting the market this year, the price will come down. $3-400 seems like where many are willing to take the plunge.

      • Jon Garrett

        $600 is NOT an insane price tag when for only $100 more than an entry-level ipad. I get tons of features that NEITHER the current ipad, ipad 2 and quite possibly the ipad 3 will NOT have, EVER !!

        you either forget or overlook the fact that $800 is for
        a. an unsubsidized device
        b. a device that's BETTER than apple's TOP SHELF tablet.
        c. people who already paid $500 for an ipad will now pay $600 - $700 for an ipad 2 (total cost $1,100 - $1,200) and STILL lack many features found on Android tablets.

        • Franky

          Comparing it to the equally overpriced iPad will not change the fact that the hardware and manufacturing cost apparently do not justify the price. There seems to be quite a greedy profit margin involved as well.

          By the way, recent events prove the point, that xoom & co just won't be able to compete at this price, no matter how justified it may be. So it's basicly irrelevant whether it is or not. It's basic economics.

          I do not own any apple-product, and would not buy one. But at this price I stop and think to myself "A tablet would be a cool gadget, BUT do I actually need one?"

          For a cool, yet unnecessary thing people won't pay as much, so pricing is even more important. That's basic economics as well.

  • Tom

    A flash for the Apple zombie. Still no flash! Oh sure there are over one million sites that use it and Apple can't run it. Who cares? I do, I like to surf the web and enjoy all the content. PS the iPad 2 is a slug. It's under powered and has weak cameras. But you go right ahead and for out $600 bucks for a tablet that has the specs of a $200 chinese knock off. Hey Apple Zombie don't go away mad, just go away.

  • Tom

    And now the real reason I came here. I am looking for a tablet I can use mostly for entertainment. And the LG looks good. I have tried almost all the Archos tablets and have had the Galaxy tab. But all are lacking something or another. I'm not really worried about the price as much as the features. The LG seems to have it all. I didn't think I cared musch about the camera until I needed it. So that made the Galaxy a pain.

    Here are the reasons I will get the LG at least until the Sony comes out.

    Processor and system memory is good.

    Runs Honeycomb.

    Great size 8.9" screen just small enough to hold in one hand. Something a 10.1" is not good for.

    Good resolution on the cameras and a flash. 3D will be fun to fool around with.