Kapps - Android Market

After the recent arrival of Chomp for Android, yet another Market alternative has popped up. An intriguing new application called [K]apps!, which strives to make app discovery a little easier with the help of social networking, went live on the Market today. According to the developers, the app is "dedicated to the sharing and discovery of Android applications with your contacts." [K]apps! offers a new take on mobile app vending that hopes to make it easier (and possibly more fun) to discover new programs.

[K]apps! users can share with their contacts in addition to following (much like on Twitter) 'Gurus,' pre-assigned experts who can post full reviews to their followers. Once you've gathered a collection of contacts, you will see the apps they recommend and their ratings of apps will be displayed as you are searching and browsing.

Kapps - Android Market

I ran into a crash and the interface has a somewhat confusing layout that could use some fine-tuning, but that's understandable since this is an early release of the app. Depending on how many users climb aboard, this could be a very interesting Market alternative  to keep an eye on. [K]apps! is available for free in the Market right now.

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  • http://lavadip.com HRJ

    I discovered AppAware yesterday, and seems like a great social app discovery tool.

    Their website has a lot of features too (though the design could be improved upon).

  • Édouard Mercier

    Thank you for this review.

    With [K]apps!, you can even post on your Facebook wall the applications that you want to share.

    Compared to AppAware, it does not log automatically the applications that you install, but only the applications you wish to share once you have taken the time to rate and optionally comment it.