Auto manufacturer Saab today announced the arrival of their IQon "Infotainment system," which will use Android to power a variety of functions in vehicles.

While used largely for entertainment (music, video), it will also incorporate Navigation and will even monitor the car's on-board computer (external devices are generally used for this purpose now). They boast that it will allow upgrading, personalizing, and even "downloading apps like a smartphone" (I can see the 'don't play Angry Birds and drive' PSAs now). The promo video below shows this taking place in an on-board panel, much like a mounted tablet.

No word as of yet to whether the Saab will be rootable or if Cyanogen will be developing it.


Source: PRnewswire

Will Shanklin
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  • J

    lol rooting a car

    • Ruben

      Agree that the idea of rooting a car is silly, but 3D video chat that is coming with omap, dual and quad cores, controlling robots, medical and science advances all made possible by Android, was funny 2 years ago. Rooting your car to run custom versions of the OS is probably not that far off. Exciting times for geeks like me for sure.

  • http://www.toysdiva.com PixelSlave

    1) Long press the search button to bring up voice search

    2) Say your destination like this, "Navigate to the nearest Italian restaurant with a 5 star rating."

    3) Rest in your car and let it take you to the destination safely

    Bring to you by Android and Google self-driving vehicle technology.

  • Zargron

    The prosecution alleges that the defendant rooted the Android based engine management system of his mother-in-law's car causing it to career off a cliff.

  • Snaxums

    Not to be a snickerpuss...but I thought SAAB went out of business in the recent automotive holocaust?