Well, the title explains it pretty well, but I'll provide you some documented evidence:


That's right, folks. Sending in your XOOM to Motorola while it's rooted will get it sent right back. Motorola will not provide 4G LTE upgrades to XOOM devices that have been rooted, plain and simple.

A forum moderator in the same Motorola support thread indicates that it's not quite as hard-line as the first responder indicated, and that your XOOM simply must be stock in terms of software functionality when Motorola receives it. Presumably, this means a flash back to factory settings and software will allow your previously booted 'n rooted XOOM to be upgraded.

I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens when the time for the upgrade comes.

Motorola Support via XDA

David Ruddock
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  • jcase

    This makes perfect sense. They will likely have to apply firmware patches, which maybe incompatible with custom firmware.

  • http://www.anivision.org Xcom923

    Makes sense to me too. Besides you could always just re-root the device afterwards

  • apollostees

    Agreed. But, hopefully they don't try to input something to prevent root later

  • Fone_Fanatic

    I have a feeling when you send it in they will flash it with a new rom/firmware rather than simply just installing a patch which will wipe your xoom.
    Also what's stopping 3rd party resellers from selling the 4g card and people installing it themselves?

  • http://blog.wirelesszone.com Cellular Chloe

    Will the REAL forum moderator please stand up.
    You may all want to take a jump over to that forum because Dan, (who is an expert by virtue of how many times he has posted in that forum) doesn't work for or represent Motorola. And, he was answering assuming that it was a software update.

    Matt, the real forum moderator is looking into whether the refusal to upgrade rooted devices applies to hardware or software and whether the LTE upgrade is in fact a hardware update.

    I have learned in this industry not to take anyone's word as law. Especially someone who is simply a volunteer.