Last Updated: February 4th, 2012

In an investor call today, Motorola's CEO Sanjay Jha revealed two interesting tidbits: first, that the ATRIX 4G's Webtop app and accessory are going to be made available for more Motorola devices in the future, and second, that Gingerbread updates for all of Motorola's high-end Android devices are in the works.

On the former, it may be hard for some to get excited about more Webtop action, as the ATRIX 4G's has been dubbed overpriced and "gimmicky." However, it's important to realize that if Moto plans on continuing to offer Webtop accessories and software, they will also continue improving them. Rather than letting the idea die with the ATRIX 4G, it seems likely that Motorola will work to make Webtop a viable and attractive choice for smartphone users, and that means the technology will have to evolve as time goes on. This may lead to lower Webtop dock prices, and more practical software that actually gets updated.

As for the Gingerbread update, everyone saw this coming. Motorola has confirmed its commitment to software upgrades on its flagship 2010-11 devices previously, though a timeline for said upgrades has yet to be revealed. Jha was quoted as saying Motorola's lineup "will be one of the first to get to Gingerbread" - a statement that doesn't mean much, given that Motorola really only has one major Android competitor in the US to beat for upgrade-timeliness: HTC.


David Ruddock
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  • Chris

    Let's hope they drop the prices on this laptop dock a bit... way too expensive right now...

  • J

    2 questions...

    1.) The Droid X (even though I believe its now in its End of Life month) is still considered a high-end device right? Meaning I'll be hopefully soon getting Gingerbread???

    2.) The Gingerbread that'll be coming out... Is it the plain old gingerbread that Google released back December-ish (2.3)... Or is it the Honeycomb drizzled Gingerbread update (2.3.3)... Hopefully when they push the update it'll be the most advanced version with all the new & improved goodies....