Who needs to visit Disneyland to feel like a kid again? Google's collection of dessert statues that correspond to their Android releases has a new addition today, in the Honeycomb statue.

Last week, we were wondering when we could expect a shrine in the Googleplex, and had the following exchange with the search giant:



Less than a week later, we give you (drumroll, please): THE HONEYCOMB.


What's that? You aren't satisified with a still shot? Check out: VIDEO OF THE HONEYCOMB.

Families, you can proceed to change your vacation itinerary from Anaheim to Mountain View, as Google's kingdom just got a little bit more magical.

Source: twitpic via @cyngus

Will Shanklin
Will's typical, run-of-the-mill story is that of 'classically-trained actor turned Android smartphone and tablet writer.' If you catch him quoting Shakespeare, it's not because he misses it, but because he desperately wants his Masters in drama to count towards something.

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  • Commenter

    Awesome. Now I just hope they release the source code soon ...

  • http://www.hughbriss.com Hugh Briss

    Strange looking bee. Looks like some kind of hornet/scorpion hybrid thing.

  • http://www.slipshft.com Slipshft

    They should auction off the statues after they are replaced with new ones. Or do they keep them all in the Googleplex?

    • http://reddit.com Jake

      In the video of the gingerbread statue going up it shows that they still keep all the older ones on the lawn as well.

  • _Tetragrammaton

    I'm sure Google will sell the statues when they go out of business.

    • Tyler Sebastian

      | When they go out of business.

      You know the world is in a weird place when that happens.