Last Updated: September 3rd, 2011

This is the newest in our Weekend Poll series. For last week's, see Can The Amazon Appstore Succeed Against The Android Market?

I'm taking a deceptive turn with this weekend's poll, and... well, not polling. Not in the traditional sense, anyway. Rather than have the usual pick-an-option-and-hit-vote poll, I'm doing a vocal poll via the comments.

Here's the deal: We'd like to know what your three favorite non-Google apps are. If it's relevant, be sure to include details (as needed) such as your device, whether you're rooted, or why the app is your favorite. What you don't need to do is include market links, QR codes, and the like. The more responses we get here, the better.

I'll start the list off:

  • DoubleTwist + AirSync (music player)
  • Wireless Tether
  • Chrome2Phone

There are a number of apps I can't live without any given moment, but most of the time that's temporary (for example, games - once I beat them a few times, I stop playing). The ones listed above I use on a regular, permanent basis.

Assuming we get enough responses, I'll go through and compile a list of every app mentioned, then do a rundown next weekend of the top 10 and highlight any relevant details people point out.

So what are you waiting for? Take a minute to head down to the comments and drop us a line, then spread the word; as I said above, more responses will yield a better result.

Update: Loving the responses everyone, keep 'em coming!

Aaron Gingrich
Aaron is a geek who has always had a passion for technology. When not working or writing, he can be found spending time with his family, playing a game, or watching a movie.

  • http://colinwalker.me.uk Colin Walker

    Three I use all the time are:

    Wifi File Explorer Pro
    Launcher Pro Plus (if that counts)
    Root Explorer (if LP doesn't)

  • rick

    Msn talk pro
    alarmdroid (thanks to flip-snooze function)

  • http://twitter.com/AJdigitalFocus AJ

    Evernote for capturing all the craziness going on in my head while I'm on the go and allowing me to reflect upon earlier bouts of craziness

    HootSuite without which my phone would not be the mobile data hub that it has become for me

    RockPlayer for entertaining me with downloaded standup comedy wherever I go in all its XViD goodness without having to re-encode my collection

  • Amir

    Device : Motorola Milestone A853
    Rooted with Cyanogen Mod 7 RC2 0.07

    Three I use most of the time:

    SlideIT Keyboard : A master piece for one hand typing .

    My backup pro : An amazing piece of tool if you change your rom every now and then , the hassel which u face of installing each and every app after you do a fresh install is no more .

    Whats app : Messaing with your is pretty easy and quick with this software.

  • Bek

    Launcher Pro
    K9 Mail

  • http://twitter.com/tylerrobb Tyler Robb

    Google Reader

    Bonus (UI Tweaks):
    Widget Locker
    ADW EX
    Cowon D3 Clock

  • Pierre

    LauncherPro Plus
    Executive assistant (widget : Calendar, Task, sms, mail, facebook, rss & twitter unread preview)

  • Brendan K.

    Astro File Manager: Easy program that made my phone a mini-PC.

    Dropbox: The overwhelming number of potential uses is staggering.

    Twidroyd: My preferred social media client. The free version is better than most paid apps for heavy Twitter users.

  • Abby

    Alarmdroid--because I can do a vibrate-only option. Useful for naps in the college library.
    PlayerPro--(music player) attentive dev. Nifty updates. Ability to rate songs, themes.
    TouchCalendar Free--easier to use than the stock calendar, in my opinion.

    Device: stock Evo.

  • Jim


  • Affamlg

    File Expert
    Unified Remote
    Titanium Backup

  • Eric

    ADW EX
    SwipePad (free, little known, insanely useful app)

  • cym0n

    ADW EX

  • cj

    1. Alarm Clock Plus
    2. Extended Controls
    3. gReader Pro

  • http://wave-france.blogspot.com supercopter

    Titanium Backup

  • ronthegentleman

    Copy Paste It - copy and paste text from anywhere

    Folder Organizer - to organize apps into categories to put in a widget

    Status note - for my little notes and reminders

    (also: launcher pro plus and its friends widget and executive assistant lockscreen)

  • http://android.hubalek.net Tom

    Make Your Clock
    Gauge Battery Widget
    Launcher Pro

  • paraN01D

    Executive Assistant
    Rock Player
    Aldiko (the latest update is quite a departure from earlier versions, but it has also expanded format support.

  • http://www.rocketboymedia.com ewarren10

    Just 3? Now that the Marketplace has so much in it, its hard to pick (not in order):
    1. Words with Friends
    2. my6sense
    3. ESPN Scorecenter
    Device: Droid 2

  • Abhishek

    HTC Desire stock Froyo rooted.

    1. PowerAmp for all my thumping music
    2. Titanium Backup the name says it all
    3. ADW Ex for flicking around in the phone


  • Jason Hanford-Smith

    1. TweetDeck
    2. Titanium Backup
    3. Root Explorer

  • Nexuz-Uno

    For $20 a year, MacAfee Wavesecure is amazing and well worth the money. It's the best security app out there. For those of you who are worried, it started off as a separate company that MacAfee bought, so it is actually good and not MacAfee crap.

  • Matze

    1. WakeVoice
    2. Adw ex
    3. Google reader

  • http://twitter.com/EddieKrueger EddieKrueger

    LauncherPro Plus
    Twitter (official)
    RomManager and Titanium Backup (tied for 3rd)

  • Mike

    Just 3 is tough. I'm using a G2 with Cyanogen 7 RC1.

    1. Tweetdeck does a great job of combining my Twitter and Facebook feeds into an easily readable stream that remembers where I left off at all times.

    2. Steel Browser has been my go-to browser since it came out. I like it for the menus and sharing options but mainly because I know it closes itself out of memory when I'm. Done using it. Probably not as big a deal now, but it was a necessity on the G1.

    3. DirecTV app has saved my butt on numerous occasions, making sure I didn't miss anything when I was away from home. The ability to record the big game from anywhere is an awesome feature!

  • http://Twitter.com/iloveflynn Christian

    Springpad, it's and incredibly nice note/list/task keeping app.
    The official Twitter app.
    And Pulse News Reader.

  • bedwa

    No matter what device, my N1 or Captivate: (both rooted, N1 on 2.3.3 and Captivate on 2.2.1)

    Crunchyroll (love my anime, avoids possible flash issues)
    And third is a hard one, at the moment it's Firefox so that I can download mp3s and other files from multi redirect sites like Gendou.com (anime music)

  • http://www.diegoliveira.com.br Diego

    Folder Organizer
    Launcher Pro

  • http://www.jjsan.eu jjsan

    Google reader

  • Chuck

    Beautiful Widgets

  • AB

    Top 3:
    Timerrific - Changes phone profiles based on time. Lots of configurability.
    Our Groceries - For making and sharing notes across platforms, i.e., android, iphone, etc.
    Dropbox - Ease of sharing files across machines.

  • http://mobilechaos.blogspot.com/ Christopher

    Google Reader
    AK Notepad

  • Tk

    Cloud list, sweet dreams, redbox

  • droilfade

    World Newspapers- for my daily dose of news
    Power Amp- awesome is you are heavy music listener.
    Miren Browser- Love the UI, Simple, efficient and fast

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    BeyondPod, Wireless Tether for root users, Bluetooth File Transfer.

  • D.G.

    Astro File Manager
    Rom Manager
    Titanium Backup

  • chuck

    - tweetdeck
    - foursquare
    - evernote

  • Aaron Gingrich

    Absolutely beautiful guys, keep it coming!

  • http://royblumenthal.com/portfolio Roy Blumenthal

    Using a rooted HTC Desire running CyanogenMod 7 Gingerbread.

    I wish you'd said 'top five'.

    1. Dolphin HD web browser.
    Essential. Can't do without it.

    2. Titanium Backup, donation version.
    The only way to restore exactly what you want after a disaster or a reshuffle.

    3. Rom Manager.
    Where the hell would we be without this piece of wizardry??? What a generous piece of freeware!

    4. GO Launcher Ex.
    I've used a bunch of launchers. And this one cooks nicely. Even does the dishes! I use the sketch theme for it. Looks great.

    5. ShapeWriter Keyboard.
    This is like Swype, I believe. The comparison's a matter of faith because I can't purchase Swype. Cos Google, in its infinite wisdom, prevents South Africans from purchasing apps. I wish the ShapeWriter developers would keep working on this. It's brilliant. And now unavailable.

  • Mr. Perfect

    1. Tweetdeck
    2. Poweramp (the best music player out there)
    3. Soundhound ∞ (I've discovered some great music thanks to this app)

    Device: Nexus One running Android 2.3.3 non-rooted

  • STiK

    Screebl Pro
    Adw Ex

  • Darius_bd

    1.- Launcher Pro
    2.- PowerAmp Music Player
    3.- Aldiko Book Reader.

    4.- Teamviewer app + Wake On Wan app.

    Bonus: Awesome Drop, Dropbox

  • VBM

    Too many good apps 3 of my faves are:
    ASTRO File Management- doesn't need an explanation!
    Quick App Clean Cache- faster way to clear caches of apps
    Cardio Trainer- if you do anything besides sit all day, get this!
    -myTouch4G (stock)

  • http://Wakevoice.adnfxmobile.com LegZ

    Launcher Pro

  • cerio

    OurGroceries-to share lists with wife's iPhone

    Folder Organizer- to keep track of all my apps

    Listen- to keep track of podcasts

    Device - Captivate w/ LauncherPro Plus

  • doitall

    Too many good apps.
    3 faves are
    Mighty Grocery

    Honorable mention to
    Alarm Clock Plus
    Silent Time Lite

    Device: Droid w/ LP

  • Androidable-Me

    Thats simple....
    1- Miren Browser (Faster than firefox dolphin and has more functionality than all of them including stock)
    2- Catch Notes (way better than evernote; especially since it works with or without internet conectivity plus you can save for FREE notes to sd)
    3- Pulse Reader (honestly if you use greader you've got to try this one its 100% better in everyway)

  • BobbyPhoenix

    Mini Info
    Audio Manager Pro

  • http://www.christiantechsaz.com Aaron

    1. anMoney
    2. Connectbot
    3. Google Voice
    4. Remote Desktop
    5. Superuser
    6. Root Explorer
    7. adbWireless

    Too many to list..., I don't use any one app all the time, but these are some of my more used apps.

  • EDD

    Cif-Manager: Access your computer files on your phone vis WLAN - This way you can stream media to your phone from your own from e.g. your living room media server to, say, your bedroom.

    Cool-Reader: Does all my e-book needs simply and perfectly.

    QQPlayer: For all your video needs, perfect when coupled up with Cif-manager up there

  • http://twitter.com/KarlPoe Karl Poe


  • koolkat

    Go SMS- customizable, batch mode. No crashes or erasing of all my messages like occasionally happened with handcent.

    Pulse- keeps me up with news. I choose which feeds I follow.

    CalWidget- much better than stock app. Synced with my Google calendaer and shows my upcoming events.

    • EDD

      +1 Go SMS

  • slighter

    ADW Launcher EX
    Widget Locker
    Honorable mentions

    stock og droid soon to be X

  • yuku

    Hi-Q MP3 Recorder
    SMS Backup & Restore (or SMS Backup+)

  • roguefan99

    1. Tasker, so I dont forget to do things like turn my wifi on at home, and the volume of my ringer down at work.

    2. DoubleTwist. Need my hit of media on the bus each day

    3. Pluse Newsreader. Love the layout with this, great for catching up on websites first thing in the morning. Have it on manual update (the automatic seems to run the battery down a bit).

  • Jaymoon

    1. Launcher Pro
    2. GoSMS
    3. K-9 Mail

  • marshall

    device: Mytouch 3g rooted brewedfroyo
    fancy widget
    launcher pro
    barnicle wifi tethering

  • Dave

    My Work Clock (keeps track of my work hours and pay so I can compare to my stub)

    Viper Smart Start (really nice on freezing cold morings)

    I.P. Cam Viewer (great way to keep an eye on things around the house while I'm at work)

  • Pradeep


  • John J

    HTC Aria CM7

    - XDA App
    - Springpad
    - Audiogalaxy
    - Rev3's GeekBeat.tv

    Yeah I put 4, what of it?

  • Praveen

    1.adb Wireless (free, requires root)- I transfer files via Wifi to Phone without ever the need for a cable
    2. Extended controls (Paid, root additional plus) - Nice widget interface to do all I want right from the homescreen
    3. GPS status (free, no root required) - Gives me the visual status of satellites available and I found it locks to satellite consistently quicker than the Google maps app. Once locked with GPS status, maps is able to identify the location immediately after opening.

    Honourable mention
    1. Configure lockscreen widget (free) - An icon interface to lock screen instead of pressing power button - Very very useful for me.

    2. Desktop visualizer (free) - Change the display text and icon in homescreen if I dont like the default icon of the original app. Provides variety to my homescreen but retains the functionality.

  • L boogie

    HTC Incredible CM7
    Handcent SMS

    Bonus: Tunewiki, Honeycomb music player, adw ex, xda

  • http://www.aaandroid.com/ Avi

    LauncherPro Plus
    NewsRob Paid
    Titanium Backup Paid
    Honorable mention: CacheMate for Root Users (since I made it)

    In reality, there are more I can't live without like Handcent but technically, they are not necessities like my top three. I have 400 apps installed so my top three is really impossible. These are just so vital to my everyday usage.

    • Jon Knight

      Was going to put those 3 myself!

      Goodjob with cachemate, great app. Only discovered it a couple of weeks ago. Would have put it on my top 3 if I used it more often :)

  • vernon


  • Michael

    1. NewsRob Pro (easily the one most used app for me)
    2. Andlytics (only interesting if you are a developer)
    3. WebLiveWallpaper BETA (still has some problems but it is always there to distract me or keep me informed)

    Counting Facebook and Twitter as google apps which they are not really (but they got help from google) ...

  • Jeff


  • helikopter


  • Tomcat

    Gmote (PC remote control, use phone as touchpad and keyboard)
    UniWar (online multiplayer turn-based strategy, never gets boring)
    SwipePad (just try it, its extremely useful)

    all on my HTC Desire w/ Desire HD ROM.

  • theboss

    adw luncher

  • portnoyd

    These are the ones I use the most and I guess can be said to be my favorite. 150+ apps on my phone and my favorites are pretty bland, lol. :P


    Also use heavily but not crazy about:

    Yahoo Mail (awful interface, expect no less from Y!)
    Weather Channel (v3.0 sucks bad)

  • Louis

    Nexus One (Stock OS Froyo)

    1. Spotify (has changed how I discover and consume music. I hope it launches for you in the US soon).

    2. Bar Control (a little known, yet very useful app - lets me put some apps permanently in the pull-down notifications list for the easiest access ever).

    3. My6Sense/Tweetdeck (they tie as the apps I probably use the most).

    • Tucker

      I used to use bar control till I found widgetsoid, it allows for up to 10 apps in one row on the notification bar & they are under ongoing instead of notifications, so it didn't get in the way of my notifications

      • Louis

        I'll check Widgetsoid out but in general I do not like having a permanent icon in the Notification bar, which is what apps with ongoing notifications tend to do. Hopefully Widgetsoid doesn't do that, as I quite like the sound of 10 apps in a single row (presumably still accessible in one click and perhaps horizontally scrollable?).

    • Louis

      How could I forget Swype. I recently had to live without it for a week and I would actually call people instead of typing a message - imagine that! As they say, why type when you can swype.

  • Mak

    1 - Tasker
    2 - bytNotes
    3 - Google Maps

  • Matt

    1. Go SMS - Normally I'd put Handcent in this space, but I recently made the switch to GoSMS and it is definitely better than Handcent. Much better than the stock client.

    2. SwiftKey - I have tried every keyboard for Android at least 5 times and this is the one I keep coming back to. It doesn't lag and even tho the prediction isn't always right, I find that the touch-keyboard is better than stock/HTC's IME.

    3. LauncherPro/Go Launcher EX - I have been using LauncherPro for a long time, but I am interested in this new Go Launcher. From what I've seen of it, it offers a lot of great features, but as I stand now launcherpro is still the way to go.

  • Jon Knight

    GSM HTC Hero,rooted, Elelinux's CM7-based ROM (v0.10)

    Three? Very, very tough call. Basing this on frequency of usage more than anything else..

    1) Tapatalk Pro (paid)

    With more and more forums becoming tapatalk native there's no longer the requirement to bookmark each forum / username / password in your browser. This app is a godsend for us that visit mulitple forums on a regular basis. As far as I know it's unique in the sense that there's no alternatives to it (other than XDA's version of). Suprised that this hasn't had more suggestions on here!

    2) NewsRob RSS Reader (paid)

    There are various other news readers out there but this can't be beaten both in terms of simplicity and functionality. I can't stand OTT newsreaders where more emphasis has been put on GUI than efficency / functionality. Ideal for when you want to catch up on your latest news feeds when on the bus in the way to work... or on the throne!

    3) Plume (paid)

    In my opinion THE best twitter client. The new verion of plume (v2.12+) has a fantastic set of widgets, twitlonger integration, URL shortening and a host of other functions the official app is missing. It has a very nice GUI and well, is the best.

    [nearly made the top 3]

    ES File Explorer. A lesser known file manager, isn't as pretty as some of the others but does exactly what it says on the tin. Prefer this to others due to it's simple GUI; give it a try, IMO is better than Astro / Linda / all the others.

  • http://victorstuber.com Victor

    Mobisle Notes - For grocery list etc
    Reddit Pics - Boredom on the toilet
    Scanner Radio - Fun on a Saturday night

  • dentist jed

    Device: advent Vega modaco Rom
    1: tweetdeck
    2: dropbox
    3: launcher pro

  • foo123

    Captivate, rooted, 2.2.1

    K9 mail
    go sms
    keepassdroid (for all your passwords) on dropbox (so I have them everywhere)

  • Bill

    HTC (T-Mobile) G2 (The second one) (why did they come out with two phone with the same name?




  • Tucker

    Smart Taskbar: Used to be spring pad until I found smart taskbar, it puts springpad to shame. It brings you whole phone from recent apps, any apps you want to put in a folder, to contacts all in a single press from anywhere.
    Launcher Pro Plus: For obvious reasons...
    Handcent SMS: Able to theme texting to how I want is nice, but the widget is what makes this app a must have.
    Swype: Makes typing on a phone faster and easier.
    Widgetlocker: I have everything I need on my lockscreen, so I can get to it fast, or set it to lock and use it as a lock screen
    Widgetsoid: Put widgets on notification bar, and having a lock the screen button on my home screen makes locking phone fast and easy.

    I know that's more than 3 but they all go together and when used with each other makes any android phone awesome.

  • Bob C

    Wireless Tether

    Handcent SMS

    WordFeud (MUCH better than WWF)

  • http://zalzalaweb.com/jens anakin78z

    ADWLauncher EX
    PicSay Pro

    Now, are we going to tally up the votes and make some pretty graphs?

  • http://adamskinner.wordpress.com Adam


  • http://www.acollectorsguide.com Peel

    GoLauncher EX - BEST. LAUNCHER. EVER.
    WidgetLocker 2.0

  • Arkar

    Checkmark Pro
    System Panel

    Beautiful widget
    Mobile Signal widget
    Pure calendar

  • Jason

    T-Mobile G2 Stock

    GestureSearch (Just give it a shot) It's FREE and if you put it on your homescreen you will soon use it EVERYDAY to find ANYTHING from contacts to Apps! LOVE IT :o)

  • Soma

    Aldiko - best ebook reader i've used, I read alot

    Pulse - Beautiful RSS with google reader integration (free too), ocasional FC but worth it for those widgets

    Poweramp - it has an EQ

    desire hd revolution rom

  • twofish

    Just 3? darn....

    1. Gesture Search - I couldn't get through my contacts without it. Hit a button, draw a letter (like the old palm writing). really smart.

    2. Pulse news reader

    3. Talking Tomcat / Toddler Lock - for entertaining the 2.5 year old when we're grocery shopping and she doesn't want to be in the cart anymore.

  • Pilot AZ

    LogMeIn Ignition (subscriber)
    GPS Nav
    Barnicle (Wifi Tether - rooted only

    Pilot AZ

  • xploited

    1. LauncherPro
    2. Music Mod
    3. Agenda Widget

    ... and many others :D

  • stevemp1954

    1. Pulse news reader
    2. Vevo
    3. FBReader

    Nook Color rooted Froyo 1100 mHz

  • https://www.facebook.com/victor.augusto.sf Victor A. S. Freire