You've seen it: a new Android tablet is featured on some mainstream media's program or website, and you know it's coming, but you still can't help but clench your sphincter muscles just a little when you hear it...

Will it be an iPad killer?

Samsung's attempt to compete with the iPad...

The latest inferior and insignificant non-Apple offering that we're forced to cover...

Can't they see that this is like describing Colin Firth as a wanna-be Tom Cruise? After a while, you begin to wonder if these journalists have actually used an Android tablet. Do they even know what it is they're missing?

I once owned an iPad, and it is not at all a bad tablet. It does what you would expect an Apple product to do. You get their massive collection of apps to choose from. It plays a mean Plants vs. Zombies and Netflix, neither of which have made their way to Android yet. Kudos to Jobs and company for creating another polished, market-changing device that appeals to the masses.

But after three months with the magical and revolutionary device, I started to realize that the screen looked kind of pixelated. Then I looked at the selection of apps and realized they were all slightly higher resolution iPhone apps, and at 5-10x the cost. Despite the massive biceps I was building from holding the heavy slab every day, I saw the light and switched to Android.


Once you are used to Android, picking up an iOS device is like looking back at an ex that you can't believe you ever dated. Among the "how did I ever live with that?" aspects are:

  • There is only one keyboard, and it's pretty lame
  • No voice search or native speech input
  • Quality GPS apps cost upwards of $50
  • You have to jailbreak it in order to enable rudimentary abilities like downloading from the web and accessing the file system
  • No widgets or live wallpaper, just a bunch of boring icons and folders, scattered across the homescreen like stickers on a child's “I used the potty today” board

Do I think the Galaxy Tab is a much-better tablet, despite being a smaller model? Yep. Do I believe that the Nook Color, an eReader that the development community has nurtured like a lost puppy, is a superior choice? I am probably in the minority with that one, but I actually do. Do I wholeheartedly believe that the Motorola XOOM, and the upcoming 10.1" Galaxy Tab and LG Optimus Pad will all wipe their tablet backsides with whatever Android features Steve Jobs "invents" for the 2nd iPad? Of course I do!

Now, I work for Android Police, not an Apple fanboy site, so if I weren't naturally biased towards Google's OS, I would be in the wrong place. But I'm not complaining that an Apple site treats the iPad as if it were Hulk Hogan wrestling that guy with the mask on Saturday afternoon WWF, I am talking about major news and tech outlets that don't specialize in any one product or platform. Unlike me, they are actually expected to be somewhat objective and fair.

So what is driving this mass delusion that, almost a year after its release, Apple still has the best tablet on the market? Let me think, what do we value more than just about anything? Oh, I know, money!

Yes, the iPad has been extremely successful in terms of sales. It started off better than expected, kept sales up, and made a killing during the holidays despite already being a relative dinosaur in tech product years. Granted, there were 6 months where it had practically zero competition, but, in fairness, it has outsold the Galaxy Tab and lesser Android contenders by a gargantuan margin since they hit the scene. The XOOM generated a lot of buzz this week, but even I have to admit that it hasn't rivaled anything like the iPad fever that we will surely see in the next month or so (Motorola's $800 price tag doesn't help in that department).

But at what point does the tail start wagging the dog? Your typical customer probably doesn't want to research specs and reviews for the 10 highest-rated tablets on the market. No, he is (consciously and unconsciously) influenced by what he hears the most about, and that would be the iPad. So you have this chicken/egg scenario that only ends in Steve Jobs' wallet.

Will the cycle ever be broken? Will there be a day when the common perception is that the iPad is merely one option among many for tablet buyers?

While the iPad is likely to remain the top-selling tablet for at least a couple more generations (if not much longer), I think the conversation will change, albeit slowly. This tablet door has just been opened. I predict that we will see some very early chinks in Apple's armor of invincibility within the next few months. You could even argue that the XOOM has already begun that process. If the rumors of the iPad 2's relatively ho-hum specs are correct (especially the one that says its display resolution will be the same as the first gen unit), it won't be able to help but draw some mehs from at least a few next to the stampede of dual-core, Honeycomb-running Android tabs that has already commenced.

History can also lend some perspective: while Apple is often quick to the punch in marketing new computing products to the masses (personal computers, laptops, touch-screen smartphones), they don't usually remain the undisputed king for long (mp3 players being an obvious exception). I expect that pattern to hold with tablets as well.

So you can grab a cup of coffee, sit down, and relax your sphincters: the iPad Killer label will likely soon be killed. As more and more Android tablets outperform the iPad in nearly every category but sales, it would be nothing short of a crime to pretend that they are mere supporting characters to this diva whose clock is ticking.

Will Shanklin
Will's typical, run-of-the-mill story is that of 'classically-trained actor turned Android smartphone and tablet writer.' If you catch him quoting Shakespeare, it's not because he misses it, but because he desperately wants his Masters in drama to count towards something.

Sir William dwelleth in the fair haven
Chicago; with his fair maid'n Jess and his
trusty cur, Ziggy.
  • ppusha

    The "media" doesn't care about the technical superiority... it only cares about whats cool.

    And the iPad is one friggin "cool" device according to the media. It may be outdated like hell, but its an Apple device.
    And the media loves everything thats apple.

  • Adrian

    Colin Firth is a god.
    The iPad is good because it's popular, that's the only reason

  • ejf9

    how does something that is not "good" get popular?

    • Astria

      cuz it's Apple, nuff said...

      even iCrap will sell as long as it's from Apple...

    • SarcasticOne

      how did (insert least favourite leader/president) come to power??? marketing... and you can be certain that everyone will love the ipad 2, despite it pretty much being an ipad 1, that's a bit lighter, and has a front facing camera

      and if the screen stays the same resolution, you will be told it's good enough, even though the iphone4's resolution is often bragged about over android phones

      P.S. fantastically well written article :)

      • that one guy…

        Your comment probably doesn't make the writer feel better, seeing that your name is "SarcasticOne"

        Its a clever name though

        • SarcasticOne

          thanks :D
          that post was actually without sarcasm :)

    • http://www.toysdiva.com PixelSlave

      Look, you need to define what "popular" means. If popular only means the volume of sales, you don't need to look any further than Windows. In fact, if we go a bit more extreme, IE (excluding IE9, I guess) -- it sucks at every single level, but it's still the most popular browser.

      If the definition of "popular" only means popular among a niche group. I am sure that the Apple fan boys would say that Android isn't good, but it's still popular.

      So, just being not "good" doesn't meant something cannot be popular.

  • Ron H in Schenectady

    This is the second article I've read of yours and, I must say, you've got one of the best writing styles on any Android blog I've seen. You're witty and you capture the reader with various tags and questions. Keep up the good work!

  • evanwins

    Man, are you bitter. You want sooo bad for your android tablets to succeed and they just don't. Sorry, They. Just. Don't. They are failures in the eyes of everyone whom isn't trumpeting them You guys are this small sovereign group standing on the corner with your signs and sandwich boards screaming "ours is better, try it, it's better." But no one does. And you come off as desperate and pathetic. I'm not gonna lie to you - it's hard to watch. I feel sorry for you guys. so very sad.

    • ari-free

      ummmm I bet you probably also sniffed at Android when the G1 came out. Honeycomb, the first version of Android designed for tablets, just came out. Android will probably take over tablets just as it has done with phones.

    • subyfan

      Lol @ this guy...people like THIS are the reason Apple's outdated and overpriced products succeed. Blind loyalty to Jobs.

      • TH

        +1 subyfan..... I hate iJob followers....

    • Ricky Siebold

      I'm responding to you on my Xoom. Went to Best Buy today and played with an ipad, it felt like a kids toy. I guess when in doubt... troll.

      • Love Honeycomb

        dito. . .
        Just got back form best buy & costco--shopping day :)

        The Xoom is one solid peace of gear and the iPad feels & looks wonky and cheap next to it. I guess it's a good thing Apple gets a display area to themselves in Best Buy ;)

        Anyone saying the Xoom sucks clearly hasn't spent 5 minutes with the device. Hardware wise it's as solid as can be, and Honeycomb is very easy to use and easily customizable to fit your personal tastes and significantly more functional--only and idiot would say it's too complex or difficult. Hell, if you really just want a grid of icons you can even bastardize it that way ;)

        Little doubt in my mind Android tablets will be outselling iPads by the end of 2011.

        • Rick A

          I'll come back here and say that I was wrong that the iPad didn't outsell ALL the Android tablets put together if I'm wrong. Will you, if you are wrong, which I think you will be. Maybe in two years, but not by the end of this year.

        • Rick A

          Continuing - I read a pretty great review of the Xoom and it does look to have MANY features better than the current iPad, but iPad 2 comes out in a couple of days AND the general ease of use and integration of an iPad to a Mac might take a bit longer for people to jump to Android tablets in such a short period of time. I'm not bashing anyone here, just looking at trends.

        • Dwight

          Ditto! I'm liking my Xoom more and more.

        • dano

          Did you play with it for 5 minutes and came to that conclusion???
          Well, I've had mine since last Friday and I can tell you, it's got alot of shortcomings right now...SD slot no workie...Too damn heavy...Browser has quit on me several times while browsing...no Flash! The damn thing was rushed out the door to compete with iPad!!! Don't get me wrong...honeycomb shows promise but it aint there yet!
          To say they will outsell iPads by the end of 2011 is just plain foolish... It might one day...but not by the end of this year!

          How about you actually buy a xoom and play with it for a couple of days before you go ahead and make comments....

    • that one guy…

      Well here's your Catch 22 evanwins- They may be failures to people who aren't trumpeting them, but everyone who's used one can't stop trumpeting about them! There are only 2 sides to this game now; Apple and Android, and the teams are leveling out

    • ajair

      He sounds bitter because Steve Jobs has most of America convinced that whatever he creates is the best and that their should be no substitutes. (ex. functionality wise my Streak destroys an iPhone whereas anyone that sees it finds some way to explain how an iPhone 4 is better) Really what is sad is everyone believing everything Jobs says is law and that all Apple devices should be immediately purchased because people will think that you aren't cool if you don't own an Apple product. Also what scares me more than anything is this same attitude has affected children to the point that I have been asked by little kids why I didn't buy an iPad instead of the Streak

      • Duskrider

        Or maybe, just maybe, people simply prefer the iPad because it's better?

        I like Android - a lot - but I'm not buying an Android tablet YET. It needs to grow up.

        I know I'll be called a troll, but I think this article is fantastic and pretty much nails it when it talks about the timing and such before Android starts to knock the iPad off it's perch.

        As of this moment, the iPad is still the better tablet. Hopefully, one day that won't be true and we'll have good, healthy competition in the tablet space as we now do in the phone arena. That's when consumers win.

        • http://schpydurx.livejournal.com ProfessorTom

          one day that won’t be true [the iPad is still the better tablet] and we’ll have good, healthy competition in the tablet space are not mutually exclusive statements.

          In competitive behavior, there will always be a best and worst. Just because the best is never knocked off of its perch doesn't mean that there isn't a healthy level of competition for all involved.

          Just wanted to point this out.

  • Karl

    I totally agree with this article and also view apple as an irritating over controlling ex. It's ipad was a huge disappointment; just an ipod touch that had been through the pasta machine. Honeycomb is finally delivering what a tablet should.

  • Carp crapulous

    I have to totally disagree with most of this rant because your buggy crap of software is the problem. You might get sd card readers and crap keyboards. But when I'm sitting on my couch and grab my iPad. I know for sure the jailbroken software will work line I want it to. I have windows 7 yea crap Microsoft software if I want to put my mp3 or flash drive onto. You guys are missing the point with a tab. If you want it to replace the comp it won't. But when u need to surf or you tube face book. Nothings better then apple iPhone and iPad. Just pull up your dress and buy one.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Heh, that's your opinion. Let me guess, you've never even seen the XOOM or any of the latest Android phones.

      • the other guy…

        He's probably the poor spawn/clone of Helen Keller...

    • that one guy…

      First of all my good brother, make understandable sentences. I can't understand half of what your saying... Unless your using the Ipads crappy keyboard, then its totally excusable (geesh!). Secondly, I got to ask you something; why would anybody want to pay over 500 dollars for a tablet?

      • Carp crapulous

        Sorry about my English I have people to write stuff for me. So when I go looking for a good working web device for my employees. I look at all the available devices. And I have to say money is not the object. I'm sorry jobs makes better hardware and software. Now if google had the control of all phones ect hardware we would see good product come from a search engine company. $500 is cheap for my relax time. I can touch an app and run to the movie with my family. I don't have to sit and wait. And let it crash.

      • http://schpydurx.livejournal.com ProfessorTom

        Yeah, why would anyone want to by a Xoom when the iPad prices at $499?

    • Cliff

      ROTFL so wait, let me get this straight: your iPad works so well for you that you had to jailbreak and run jailbroken software on it for it to do what you want it to? wow… and by the way the “sd card readers and crap keyboards” are options that android provides over apple, and what do people want? You guessed it: options!

      • Carp crapulous

        Yes I love the software jailbroken. Because we can get apps and tweaks. That let us customize. Apple doesn't let all apps be approved like google if you remember hearing that. So we have to jailbreak it. But the problem with android is it's open so anyone can make crap apps. And system changes. The system is based on that. If google locked it and only let approved changes to it. And let people jailbreak them. Then we would have a better software for android. I haven't seen the zoom. But my iPhone iPad all sync together and you won't get that. Wait for the cloud from apple. Everyone will want that. Well android will copy. I'm sure.

        • The_Omega_Man

          Perhaps you should take a good hard look at the Xoom or other Android based products, before you decide to negatively comment on an Android centric web site. Google has taken a different road than apple or microsoft where it comes to mobile computing. They have put the power into the hands of the people and not just the one company. As stated above, this give the consumer choices. And because of the popularity of Android, even apple is forced to copy Android's lead in features and capability. An Android user does not need to Jailbreak their devices to get the level of customization and application freedom that you apparently desire. Oh and BTW, if you load apps from other places than iTunes then you are not getting ANY of the apple application protection that you blindly believe that apple brings to the table. You are now subject to crappy or mis-behaving applications (just like Android users) that could de-stabilize your iproduct. Plus you have now voided your warranty!

          Put down the kook-aid and truly try and Android product, then tell us all why one is better than the other based upon some real world imperial experience, not re-hashed apple rhetoric.

        • Duskrider

          @The_Omega_Man "And because of the popularity of Android, even apple is forced to copy Android’s lead in features and capability"

          Can you substantiate that? I'm not certain I can see your point when Apple was the first tablet and hasn't come out with an update for it yet, so how could they be copying anything from Android? Seems physically impossible to me for you to be accurate with that statement.

      • dano

        oh...so nobody's had to 'root' their Android device to get it to do things outside of the norm?????

  • Nick

    I sold my Droid X after about six month just so I can get the Apple IPhone on Verizon. I'm sorry but Android can kiss it. It's not all that. I don't know how many times I had to reboot the phone because it totally froze up.

    • the other guy…

      Tablets dude. This is about tablets.

      PS. The Droid X? Really? The Droid X's mother probably gave up on it too. Its the wrong android to critic

  • The future CEO of Apple Inc.

    Android tablets and phones look cheap and feel cheep. The iPad on the other hand is a masterpiece, that is why it is leading in sells. To me buying an Android device is like saying "I have money, but I don't know how to spend it."

    • Mister Nooky

      I have to disagree. You've probably never used a rooted Nook Color. Its original build is 2.1, but runs honeycomb close to flawlessly. Nothing cheap except the price.

      But your right about that last phrase. If its not a Nook, you're spending to much money on a tablet

      • Ron H in Schenectady

        Agreed! I just rooted my Nook Color and installed Android 2.3.2 (Phirenook's ROM) on it. I'm selling my Galaxy Tab on eBay for more than what I paid for the Nook. Just one more reason I love Android.

    • The_Omega_Man

      I did not read beyond your title!

  • F. Leghorn

    I stopped reading after you said that the screen was pixelated and all the apps were iPhone apps. There are 60,000 apps designed specifically for the iPad. How many Android apps are specifically designed for the larger screens of Android pads? The answer: 16. Right now, there is no competition for the iPad.

    • The_Omega_Man

      And how many were there on release day?

    • Duskrider

      @The_Omega_Man "And how many were there on release day?"

      Wow, twisting history, eh? On release day of the iPad, there was no such category of device but Android cannot claim such a thing.

  • Tomasso

    Hey, quick name the alternative to the iPod! Yeah, right, me neither. Afraid that's how Honeycomb tablets will be when iPad 2, 3 & 4 come out. It's not a game of technology any more. Apple's stuff just works without a lot of configuring, and hate it or not people just don't want to spend a lot of time working with widgets and preferences.

    I don't doubt Honeycomb is killer, but like Windows 95 there's a lot of tweaks and settings that people just don't want or need to do. Give them a button and one safe place to download apps.

    • Misteral

      I work in Tech in a school, have win7 at home and am currently running Froyo on an HTC HD2 which shipped with winmo 6.5.

      I think Tomasso has hit the nail on the head, with the exception that he said 'People just don't want to spend a lot of time working with widgets and preferences' when he should have really said 'many people'.

      I'm not one of those people, I want to make my own choices, I want to get my hands a little dirty. I'm afraid I would never buy Apple (although I think they are good machines and the UI is very well designed and applied) simply because I do not want to be limited in what I do with the hardware I buy.

      I love Android to bits, I love the adaptability of it, I love the wide range of apps available for it, I love that it is stable and I LOVE the fact that the Android developer community is so strong that I was able to breath new life into my HD2 after Microsoft abandoned WinMo.

      But there are many other people who want a device that requires as little thought as possible to use (that is not a criticism) or who want what they are told to want.

      I think there is no real battle between Android and iOs, they are two different operating systems/platforms for two different types of consumer (broadly speaking). If you are happy with your device, you will naturally think it is the best one, but is only the best for you.

    • The_Omega_Man

      Then why is iproduct jail breaking such a prevalent problem for apple?

      • Duskrider

        Can you substantiate this too while you are at it? What percentage of Apple's iOS products are jailbroken?

        Misteral, well said. I like both platforms, but usually use the Android stuff when I feel like tinkering. When I just need to get to info quickly and easily, or when my work overwhelms me so I don't have time for my tinkering urges, then I usually turn to my Apple products.

  • Get A Life!


    What are all you Apple iFans doing here reading androidpolice??!?!? WTF?!?!?

    Don't any of you iFans have a freaking life?

    Or is this your life, comment on any Android article that even mentions anything about Apple? Sad!

    Do you all think you are doing some service for Apple? The service you are providing is proving that people who use iCrap iDevices are. . . exactly what the stereotype says they are--no way do I want to be associated in any way with that group.

    Seriously, GET A LIFE!

    • f.leghorn

      The author posted a link on Macsurfer. He obviously cares what Apple fans think.

      • Will Shanklin

        Do you mean the author of the article? I didn't post a link... but I do think this is remarkable entertainment, so I'm glad someone did.

      • ari-free

        ugh that was stupid

    • that one guy…

      Come on dude. You're here too

    • Cliff

      + 1 I was just wondering where all these apple fanboys came from

  • Vlad

    Sorry, but I completely disagree with this article. I'm a huge Google fanboy (I even have a Logitech Revue, proof enough?), but the iPad is a much more attractive device for most of the consumers out there right now. What Google device MANUFACTURERS don't understand (judging by the loads of crapware on most phones), is that it's not all about the specs. It's all about the experience, and the iPad delivers in that key area. Hand a regular consumer a 3.0 tablet and they will be overwhelmed. Hand them an iPad and they can use it with ease. Plus, 60,000 apps don't hurt. Now, I'm sure Google will catch up soon (after all, the first real tablet just launched, and look at how far we've come since the G1), but right now, the iPad is the best choice for most consumers out there.

    • The_Omega_Man

      Have you actually used a Honeycomb based tablet? I don't mean played with one, I mean used one.

  • Eric

    "So you can relax, grab a cup of coffee, and relax your sphincters: the iPad Killer label will likely soon be killed."
    No it won't. I don't think so at least. Case in point. The iPhone is outsold by android (I think it's even outsold by Blackberry). Every android phone that comes out though is first compared to the iPhone. Then, maybe, it's compared to some "Droid" that is probably not a Droid at all. I'm not saying the XOOM is bad, I'd love one. I just don't think the main stream will stop using apple as a measuring stick for quite some time, even if the measuring stick is significantly smaller than what it's being measured against ;)
    Edit: Why so many iFanboys?

    • http://zalzalaweb.com/jens anakin78z

      Good point. Someone the other day asked me if the Atrix will be an iPhone killer, and after a short pause I replied: Well, the iPhone's sort of already been killed.
      It's all about perception.
      P.S. 'killed' is used loosely. I don't think any mobile platform will be killed any time soon, except I guess Symbian.

  • Nick

    Really I do have better things to do in my life then comment on Android devices. But honestly they are a piece of crap. My Verizon iPhone works a hell of a lot better than the Droid X.

    • Eric

      Yeah ....now all you have to do is make sure you buy a good case so you can get a decent signal on your "little" Iphone. Nice to see Crapple so concerned about fixing an 8 month old problem before launching it on another network. What was the other Ifanboy saying? "Apple stuff just works".

    • The_Omega_Man

      "My Verizon iPhone works a hell of a lot better than the Droid X." At doing what exactly?

  • The future CEO of Apple Inc.

    Apple products are superior devices that change the way we live are every day lives. All competing products are bad imitations created for the sole purpose of making a quick buck. Apple's products on the other hand are created with a purpose.

  • Reality Check

    Even Darth Vader needed a wimpy ships captain to choke...That's what the Galaxy Tab was. The iPad and Apple empire is just way wicked sick! The Zoom is maybe Luke Sky-walker pre Obi-wan; the whinny brat that's not yet ready for prime time. I imagine Android tablets to come as the Ewoks, and the goofy Jar Jar Binks that only dorks with calculators in their pockets like.

    In the end, Android tablets may dominate through shear numbers like they do in mobile phones but they will never have the cool factor and capture the imagination (or the media) like the galactic "i" empire.

  • The future CEO of Apple Inc.

    Android will eventually die. Can you remember what happened to Palm and their so called iPhone killer? Android is just a buzz word.

    • http://zalzalaweb.com/jens anakin78z

      Lol. That's awesome. So the platform that has the highest adoption rate, the highest sales, and the highest interest is somehow going to get sucked into a black hole. I love it.

  • Al

    I can't wait until HP's WebOS gains traction in phones and tablets and you Fandroids can see a well thought out OS that doesn't come from Apple.

    Once that happens you will be able to enjoy your mobile experience and still hate Apple. WebOS will be a win/win for you and Google's Android will die a well deserved death.

    • The future CEO of Apple Inc.

      WebOS will be a total failure because it doesn't have a purpose like iOS.

    • The_Omega_Man

      Google has the one of the chief designers of WebOS now working on the Android UI and user experience. What has WebOS got that Android does not or will not?

  • Dan

    Wow you attracted a lot of ifanboys with this post. But maybe that was your point?

    I actually don't see that much media bias. Look, Apple is a monolithic company. If Google followed their model and had their own Google phone, sold at Google retail outlets, with GoogleOS and didn't allow other manufactures to use their software then they would garner as much attention. The fact is, there are a million Android phones and every month or so a new one comes out that competes for the "Best Android Phone" title. Even now there are at least 3 great Honeycomb tablets waiting to take on the Xoom. So really, the Xoom isn't as big of a story as the iPad 2.

    But don't fret. How long did it take for Android to take over the smartphone market? Couple of years? It wasn't until the Droid that we finally got great software paired with great hardware, and the rest was history.

    Now, straight out of the gate, we got the best tablet hardware in the world (not debatable) plus a superior OS (debatable) that's actually aimed at tablets. A FLOOD of sweet tablet apps are coming. Google's superior in-app purchasing policy for publishers will help accelerate this. Price wars that will put dual core high-res tabs in the $400 range. Quad cores this summer. Plus Google Music and Movies will make these things media powerhouses.

    By Christmas, Android will be dead even with Apple in tablet sales. Why? The iPad 2 is likely to be a slight refresh of the first one. By Christmas it will be old news. And by Christmas the Android tabs that will be hitting the stores will be amazing. And the Android Market will be full of amazing tablet apps.

    So cheer up. The tablet wars have finally begun, at that's good for all of us iFanboys and Android Fanboys.

    • Sensible

      I am a big Android fan. But you make alot of sense. I've played with an iPad and it is a great device. All of Apple products are. Android now provides a great alternative and competition to cause price drops. All I'm waiting for now is for WebOS to gain footing and provide even more competition. Then it's definitely a win/win for consumers. I hope they all succeed.

  • Billy

    Android is trash point blank !!

    • Eric

      There's nothing wrong with Apple products. Someone has to make phones and tablets for those with very simple minds.

      • Rick A

        Is it possible to just believe that your product is better, which it may be for you, than deciding that anyone that uses or buys apple is stupid?

    • The_Omega_Man

      "One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure!"

      It is all a matter of perspective. Now how would you feel if I went to and apple centric site and said the reverse of what you did?

  • Budius

    I'm answering from my Advent Vega tablet (not even a xoom, no, I dont have money for one, n looking forward for a honeycomb for it) but regardless of any iFanboy or AndroidFanboy argument, what really makes even my cheap Vega better than the iPad or the iPad2 .... i was just a second ago catching up with my preferred series on megaupload and i can do this straigh out of the box..... suck it apple!!

  • Danelgran

    OK. I have an iPad. I have a Galaxy tab and I just picked up a Xoom...

    The iPad just works. The tab is too damn small to be considered a tab to begin with and the Xoom was rushed out the door!

    It shows promise, but ain't there yet for the following reasons:

    1. Too damn Heavy!
    2. SD card doesnt work!
    3. No flash (yet)! Seriously?!?!?!
    4. No real good apps out there yet!
    5. Very limited support for video formats!
    6. Too damn expensive!
    7. Have to send it away to upgrade to LTE when it becomes available!
    8. Did I mention it's too friggin heavy?!?!

    How can Google/Android/Moto expect to compete with the iPad if they keep screwing up like this?

    I hate to say it but it seems that Apple is one of the most innovative companies on the planet! They are always 'raising the bar' and everyone else just tries to catch up! The iPad just works. Its not about the specs so much...its about the 'experience'...and Apple's got the best experience to date.

    I was hoping the Xoom would be better and hopefully one day it will be...but not today. Bummer.

    • Rick A

      And this is posted by someone who has actually used several devices. I haven't touched a Xoom yet, but there are some very good review of it out there - http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=UvZSe4wFmgo

      • Danelgran

        Just saw the video. Pretty good review and I agree with most of what the reviewer said. However I have a few comments:
        1. He speaks the Xoom's dock and says that the iPad doesnt have one. The Dock for the xoom is a seperate purchase (I actually have it) just like the slew of docks available for the iPad.
        2. Of course GMail is going to work better on the Xoom than the iPad...that's just a given! It's that whole Google .vs Apple thingie!
        3. Doesn't mention anything about the LTE upgrade process, the SD card slot not working or the weight of the damn thing...

        And he doesnt say ANYTHING about Flash not working at all!!!
        I really don't think the iPad2 will compete spec wise against the xoom but you can be sure that it will work as advertised...

        • Dan

          Well, to be fair, they did say it wouldn't have Flash at launch. It wasn't false advertising.
          But overall, a massive failure of a launch. Honeycomb deserved better.

          Also, lets remember that the iPhone 4 conspicuously didn't make phone calls as advertised. It didn't "just work".

        • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

          2. That doesn't change the fact that it works really well with gmail, and how many people use gmail on a daily basis?

          3. LTE upgrade process is a specific XOOM-related Motorola idiosyncrasy. Other Android tablets will not have to do this. The weight? It's almost the same as the iPad. The Nook Color, for example, is much lighter. Why are we concentrating on the XOOM here? Not sure about the SD card slot, as I'll be getting my XOOM in a few days, but I'm sure that it's fixable by a software tweak, if the problem exists.

          And Flash, it'll be available in a few weeks - not a big deal at all.

    • Dwight

      I have/had a ipad but just gave it to my daughter, it was nice and I got a lot of gaming time on it. I have. Had every iPhone that came out and still use the iPhone 4..well yesterday I went out and got the Xoom and can say I actually am enjoying it more than the iPad, now I must admit there are not many apps just for it just as there were not mmany for the I pad when it came out. Yes I am waiting for the flash update but the Ipad still doesn't have flash. Why did I get the Xoom well I wanted a smaller device and had considered the Galaxy Tab then after reading reviews by two web sites on being PC may who was very bias and a Apple lover and also Mac world reviewer and both reviews could not find any cons about the Xoom that were not cons when the ipad first came out. Well I believe the Xoom will be my go to tab now and I couldn't be happier.

    • The_Omega_Man

      Interesting, because the Xoom is about the same weight as the current iPad. Care to revise #1 & 8?

      • dano

        Yeah right...how about you hold the xoom in one hand and an ipad in the other....

        I speak from experience and I own both of them...Im not going to the store playing with one and wishing I can afford one...

        Trust me...it's heavier than the current iPad and the iPad2 will be MUCH lighter...

      • dano

        Not at all. The Xoom is heavier. I took it to work today and the first thing out of EVERY single person's mouth that I handed it to was "Damn...it's Heavy!!'

  • Singapura

    There is a good explanation why the iPad is so popular. Just read at http://singapoera.blogspot.com/2010/05/why-apple-fans-accept-restrictions-that.html I myself own an iPad and love it. That doesn't mean that it can be improved or that Apple's policies don't make me want to switch. However, so far there hasn't been a viable alternative. The press goes with whatever is the flavor of the day because they want to sell clicks/newpapers not cover the news in an impartial way.

  • Tk

    Thanks for the article. I love my android phone but was gonna get an ipad to see what all the hype is about n because alot of android tablet reviews are less than ideal. You changed my mind

  • lattelady

    Hey trolls., thanks for stopping by & showing you blindly follow Apple. Truth is Apple makes good products & markets them by mind control. The problem is, there are lots of good products, many FAR superior to Apples, & the media is too lazy to educate gen pop on them. It's way easier to say it's kind of like the Apple product. If they actually took the time to compare the diffs, people could get better tech & pay less.

    • Danelgran

      Pay less??? Seriously?

      Xoom = $799.00 to get it out of contract.
      $699.00 to get with Verizon contract.

      2 Year contract works out to be about $1080.00...

      Pay less......Puhlease...

      Do your homework before saying stupid stuff like that!

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        The XOOM is not the only alternative. The Nook Color is $250 for example, while the Adam and gTablet are about $350-400.

      • The_Omega_Man

        But you get sooooo much more for your money! In that respect, it actually costs less!

  • d.

    sphincter relaxed, good buddy.

  • Kent

    When I make my weekly pilgrimage to the Apple store I have a out of body experience.
    I can feel Steve Jobs presence everytime I visit. It's amazing!

    • The_Omega_Man

      The point of this was? Go in there with a Xoom in your hands and see what experience you get this time! ;)

  • Stocklone

    Just wow. Everyone just turn it down a notch. If you are happy with whatever device you have then that is all that should matter. If the iPad works for you, yay! If the iPad doesn't work for you then you will soon have lots of choices. Someone not choosing what you have doesn't mean it's the wrong choice, it just means they are a different person (imagine that?) with different needs, wants and values. Would you expect us all to drive the same car, wear the same shoes, own the same TV or live in the same kind of house? Why the crap should a tablet be any different?

    • Dan

      It's the snobbery of:

      1. Condescending know-it-alls (Android)
      2. Elitist douche bags (Apple)

      that set off these fires.

      Apple snobs used to be in a class of their own, but Android douches are coming on strong!

      Pretty soon Democrats and Republicans are going to telling these fanboys to take it down a notch!

      • The_Omega_Man

        Hmmmm So the Choices here are:
        "Condescending know-it-alls" or "Elitist douche bag"

        I'll take "Condescending know-it-all" for 200 Alex!


  • Roofx

    Well, iPad took the lead from the start for the reason that it was the only one available. This is a huge market. People were learning how to use iPad for six months. And now, they are teaching others and others how to use it as well. This is the advantage of iPad. Every one now knows how to use it and they even market for it among themselves. Now this reminds me of Nokia phone when it started. It was so popular that every one helped the other how to use it.Not all customers are eager to know new stuff every day, but they all like a device that would be easy for them and their children to learn and teach. Besides, iPad2 when it comes out it will be a modified and better version of the old one with better features.Again for iPad1 users,it is much easier to learn and adapt than a whole brand new system. I know that I have iPad forums on the Web that will help me solve any issue I have in mind. Does android or any other model have this popularity? No:) .
    I was a microsoft mobile user before, and every time I bought a new PDA, the features which were modified in the older version were again missing for the newer version and I always had to wait for better upgrade to fix issues which should have been over and dealt with. I admit that iPad have some issues that I need badly,like flash. But if the company can provide a better streaming software and faster than flash and help modify the web in a newer and better type of streaming methods,why not ? I am always a pro for a better and much more developed sytem. Isn't that what technology is all about ?

  • birdcountry

    You said "clinch;" I think you meant "clench."

    "Clinch": "to settle decisively"

    Clench:"to close tightly"

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      You're right, I've just fixed it up. Thank you for noticing the mistake.

  • wicked six

    OK this is simple.
    Apple= the guest account on a windows computer. Everything " just works" and most things are done for you, or you are told how to do it.

    Android= administrator on a windows computer.
    If you want to take complete control of the device( root= admin privilege's) you can. Or you can stick to the safe windows provided software and add on's and continue to chug along and enjoy it for what it is.

    The difference here? CHOICE. Something Apple didn't give without a lawsuit.( jail break) and still doesn't allow core access. Both are great, but I don't like being babysat.

    • Miko


      Apple = Mac. Everything ” just works” and most things are done for you, or you are told how to do it.

      Android = Linux user on a Linux computer.
      If you want to take complete control of the device( root= root) you can. Or you can stick to the safe Linux provided software and add on’s and continue to chug along and enjoy it for what it is.

      Comparing Apple (iOS) or Android (Linux) to Windows is like comparing two vastly superior products (Unix and Linux respectively) to the functionality of a vastly inferior product (Windows).

      I think all of the fanboys forget: Apple = Unix, Android = Linux. We're all *nix here, we can get along!

      ...as long as you all use VIM. Emacs is evil. (But that is a different debate)

  • Chris Ponciano

    I may get flak on this bit honestly ive been waiting for something to give me a reason not to look at an ipad 2 when it comes out. that however includes whatever apple doesnt include in the ipad 2.
    the main problem is i love android, i hope theres a tab that can wow me enough but the problem feels like everyone is aiming to best the ipad 1, and in most cases, spec-wise, they do, however the ipad is old, its on its way out and will be flooding craigslist by the end of the week, so all these android tablets that just barely surpass the ipad for way more price dont give much incentive to not wait and see what the ipad2 has to bring to the table.
    for example the main reason i price, if apple brings out the ipad2 out with the same price point then they already undercut almost all android tabs, im not spending 800+ bucks on an android tablet, period, hyundai didnt get where they were by selling cars that were priced 40% more expensive than a chevy.
    the other is usability. My EVO is a beast, i love it, but even @ 1ghz im still just barely satisfied with performance. running a WXGA or higher screen is gonna take some gusto in the cpu and gpu and most of the tablets ive played with just dont have it there to be a multi tasking beast.
    when it comes down to it, whoever gives me the best experience for the best price is gonna be the winner and so far all the android tablets have left me wanting more.

    • The_Omega_Man

      The Xoom is well past the ipad and is potentially past the ipad's predecessor if any of the rumors are true and in looking at apples iterative product release past. Give it time and the playing field will hopefully become more clear and the comparative price points will come down.

      • Miko

        You mean "successor", and yes, based on the specs, The Xoom is twice the machine.

        I did a side-by-side with my Xoom in Best Buy against the iPad. Performance, there's no comparison.

        I tried to load engadget on both at the same time, however the Xoom loaded the mobile version first. I scrolled down to load the desktop version, which it did. But heres the thing- the iPad started loading the desktop version first, but the Xoom only after I told it to, and the Xoom (loading the mobile version, then a few seconds later, the desktop version) beat the iPad (loading only the desktop version), when the Xoom was on 3G and the iPad was on WiFi.

        Apple fans can argue all they want, but the Xoom screams in comparison, and based on the leaded iPad 2 specs, the same will be true versus the successor.

        • http://zalzalaweb.com/jens anakin78z

          The browser is really amazing on the Xoom. I just wish that I could set it to load desktop pages by default.

  • Dave

    The iPad is the Paris Hilton of tablets. Famous for being famous. Looks OK at a distance. Has no real substance.

    • Falcor

      Right on! I can't believe you just said that...LOL!!!

  • Anthony

    I have to say, I am the type of person who likes to customize my phone and device in every way possible and that is one of the reasons why I love the settings part of apps for android. You can have a camera app that can take a picture with the volume button if you want to (hint hint Apple refuses apps with this capability as well as many others due to political reasons as well). I currently have a Motorola Droid and I love just about everything about it accept that it's a bit slow at times due to the processor limitations. I just tried out the Motorola Xoom in fact the other day and I must say, even my mom who has disliked android in the past loves how easy and how smoothly it runs. She said, "When you come to think of it, all the ipad really is is just an overblown version of the ipod touch, nothing original there." Honeycomb is definitely in the right direction for people who think the ipad is "all it" as well in terms of ease of use, people who are custom to straightforward solutions will definitely see the Xoom or anyother Honeycomb tablet released down the road a viable option to own. I think though that Motorola Xoom sales will kick in once the WiFi only version is available. Ill be getting one once it is since i already have a monthly data plan for my phone and 800 is a bit too steep which probably a lot of people already think about. 600 isn't steep though which I believe will be the price of the WiFi only version.

  • http://zalzalaweb.com/jens anakin78z

    I think that Android Tablets will outsell iPads much more quickly than Android phones took to outsell iPhones. It really took Android a little while to mature, but people are tired of iOS now. Sure, not everyone, but I know many many people who are done with the iPhone and have either already gotten an Android, or are looking to get an Android. The quality of Android tablets this Summer will be fantastic. The Xoom is already fantastic, and will only get better. The fact is, iOS marketing is a big lie, and users are starting to realize that:

    1. It DOESN'T just work. It's really the biggest lie that iOS devices just work. I see people jump through hoops all the time to get their shit working.

    2. Android can do more. Ok, maybe we don't have Netflix, and maybe there are some games we don't have yet, but Android has always shown more potential, and there are many things Android simply does better, and there are many use cases where only an Android will do.

    This summer, consumers will have lots of quality choices for tablets. No doubt the iPad 2 will do just fine, and my feeling is that the Playbook will do well, but Android will likely dominate before long.

  • Doug

    It would help too if android sites didn't jump to criticize android devices.

    The notion ink tablet has some valid criticisms - like it looks like the display doesn't support good viewing angles, but it's not a scam or whatever the androidpolice site kept saying. For only $300-$400 (half the price of the ipad or xoom), it doesn't seem all that bad. Theres the Archos 70 and 101 tablets, too, which are comparable.

    And people have jumped to criticize the HTC Flyer tablet before it has even been released because it has a single core processor (but it is 1.5ghz and does have 4 times the ram of the ipad) and it doesn't come with android 3.0 honeycomb (but it will be upgraded to honeycomb not long after it is released). They completely miss some of the good aspects of the Flyer tablet - like the fact that it comes with a pen with erase and text select buttons - there is nothing else like it that would be as good for students or professionals who can use it for notetaking (except the entourage pocket edge but it is too slow, and windows tablets are so expensive and proprietary/buggy).

  • jeremee

    Damn nerds stop fighting!

    I'm in Australia and all i want is for these Android tablets to arrive here.
    Saying that i realized that maybe I'm more of a fan for android since I've had the chance to buy ipad and haven't.

    Fuuuck now I got nerd!

  • Budius

    u can change the site by typing "about:debug" on the address bar, then goto settings, scrll all the way down n change the UAString to desktop.

    I S2 Android!

  • The truth

    Android does not make tablets android is a os.. The reason why you all pit multiple devices against one iPad is proof positive that it may be better.. You know? It's like comparing multiple basketball players to Michael Jordan.. Now everyone wants to know who this Jordan guy is! The point I'm trying to make is the more you do it the worst sales will get.. Don't believe me? Look at the numbers they don't lie..

  • Eric

    I'll bet 80% of Ipad buyers don't even know what Flash is so until Google and their partners can figure out a way to educate and make it cool to buy Android, the cycle will continue.

    • http://schpydurx.livejournal.com ProfessorTom

      If 80% of all iPad buyers don't know what Flash is and aren't missing it, given that the iPad owns 97$ of the tablet market, I trow that Flash is irrelevant and your educational campaign will be for naught.

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