Last night, I spotted a tweet from simms22 linking to a video of the Honeycomb boot animation on a CM7ed Nexus S. This morning I awoke to a tweet from him with a link to download it. Update: about an hour ago, simms notified me that the original animation is the work of XDA member zul8er, and tnpapadakos then released an updated (fixed) version.


I think this is the first time I've ever seen his pretend pervertedness actually pan out.

And indeed, sexy it is. For those who missed the boot animation the first go-round, we were impressed the when we saw it earlier this month on the XOOM, and it looks just as good scaled down. See for yourself:

The best part? It's not really just limited to the Nexus S... or even CM7, apparently. I've successfully put it on my EVO, and at least one person has reported putting it on their stock (rooted) ROM. Even better, installation is dead simple. Before I say how, though, the usual disclaimers: this has not been thoroughly tested. I haven't seen anyone other than myself flash it on a device other than the Nexus S, meaning I can only confirm this works on the EVO and Nexus S. I can't confirm which ROMs this does and doesn't work on, aside from CM7 and stock Nexus S see the update below. With all that said, I will say this doesn't strike me as a very risky mod (you're just manually overwriting bootanimation.zip), and if you back up the original beforehand, there shouldn't be much to worry about.

Update: Thanks to some commenters below, we can confirm this works on:

Again, it should work on any rooted device.

Obviously, this requires root, and some sort of SuperUser-enabled file explorer - Root Explorer works well, although I know there is a free alternative out there. To install:

download the boot animation. using root explorer, copy this bootanimation.zip to the /system/media/ folder. yes, copy over the one thats already there. then just reboot. YOU are doing this to your phone, not me. DO NOT FLASH THIS, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.as i didnt flash it so im not sure that you can.
i do not know who made this but thank you very much. and much thanks to Avetny for passing this to me. [sic]

[Source: XDA-Developers (simms22)]

Once again, I'll say this is very easy, but there is some risk involved. If you give it a shot, please let us know what device and ROM you're using and how it went. I'll update the post if/as needed based on any feedback we receive via the comments.

Want to give your CM7 device an even bigger injection of Honeycomb? Try out the Honeybread theme - I've been using it since the first alpha release, and it started out great and has only improved since.

[Source: simms22 1, 2]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • vinzky

    I have this one on my Droid X. TNTdroid was the 1st to post this.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Do you have a link?

  • Nathan

    dosn't look as good in portrait, IMO.

    also i'm kinda disturbed by how long it takes that guys NS to boot.

    • simms22

      yea, it takes a little time to boot. but thats only because i have nearly 300 apps. nothing to be concerned about. after a wipe, without apps, it takes about 15-20 seconds ;-)

  • dennis

    Works on cm7 mytouch 4g...easy to install

  • tmogeek


  • niteblade

    Works perfectly on my Motorola milestone xt720 stock 2.1 and also on 2.2.1 Should work on any rooted device.

  • http://www.myrecipebookspace.com Alec5216

    Working beautifully on my Captivate running Firefly!

  • Android4life

    Works great for me on my rooted vibrant running official froyo rom.

    • Austin

      How did you get this working?

  • android_user

    Works perfect on CM7RC1 on rooted Nexus One...

  • Aaron Gingrich

    Thanks guys, keep it coming. I'm updating the post within 5 minutes of each new confirmation.

    Edit: At this point, I think it's safe to say it works just fine for rooted phones.

    • http://euandroid.com.br Tsuharesu

      Working on Milestone 1 too!
      Aaron, I think it dont need SU, cause if you do this:
      adb push bootanimation.zip /data/local
      you dont even need Root Explorer or prompt for Root in your phone...

    • spyder

      downloaded it, used root explorer to move to system/media folder, but there was no "bootanimation.zip" file to overwrite? WTF? Evo 4G. Was there supposed to be that file there already?

  • tom p

    very nice, works great on my mt4g

  • http://hullap.com Hullap

    Works fine on current Nexus One Cyanogenmod nightly.

  • http://gautch.com gautch

    Works on Captivate (Cognition V3.04)

  • http://www.imatica.org Jordi

    Running on Desire + Oxygen 2.0

  • Marc

    works on droid 1!

  • Jimmy

    Doesn't work on the Rogers HTC Magic. 5 seconds of the Rogers logo, followed by 2-3 seconds of the honeycomb animation, followed by a green screen and then a reboot.

    EDIT: On the second try, I managed a successful reboot but preceding it is still the "green screen".

    • Jimmy

      EDIT 2: I just tried another animation with the same result.

  • http://www.androidguys.com/author/justin-marden/ Mardenator

    Looks gorgeous on my CM7 G2. I also found another way to apply it, without the need for buying Root Explorer for $4. Just place the bootanimation.zip onto the root of your SD card, go into terminal emulator, and type the following commands, hitting enter after each line:
    cp /sdcard/bootanimation.zip /data/local/

    and you're all set! Thanks for this boot animation, btw!

    • HossUK

      Many thanks and much Kudos to you. Was having a nightmare trying to copy with free supposedly root file managers with no success. Followed your instructions and worked like a charm on my nexus one CM7.

      • http://androidguys.com/author/justin-marden/ mardenator


    • Rusty804

      Nexus 1 CYMOD 7.0RC1 each time I try with terminal em. it says not found. any way I can do this w/out Root Explorer? I put bootanimation.zip on SD card, & typed what you said, just keeps saying not found. went ahead w/it & once rebooted, it acted funny, so restored. Ne help would be great. running the Homebread theme, looking fresh!

      • Mardenator

        Hmm. Did you type it in correctly? There's a space afetr 'cp', and after 'bootanimation.zip'.. if that doesn't, work, try using adb.

        • Rusty804

          Yea, I believe so... I was also trying to "copy" it over the bootanimation.zip in system<media, with ES File Explorer, & it keeps saying "bootanimation.zip copy failed"... Ugh, seems so stupid that I can't get this to go thru! but can root/mod/etc the phone! Thanks for your help though. I put the Honeybread theme on this CM7.0RC1 & it is fresh, though! I will double check my spacing, & cont to try to get this right. How would I do w/ the "adb"?

        • Rusty804

          Ok, thanks alot Mardenator! I just re-typed it all out & you were right on - "spacing" was my issue! Thanks alot, bro!
          And awesome boot animation, thanks alot.
          So, now this is working perfectly on my Nexus One, CM7.0RC1, w/ Honeybread theme = damn' near perfect!

  • Raghu

    Works fine on Nexus One GRI40 - 2.3.3 rooted.

    and it's Awesome... Thanks.

  • matholamew

    Works on the Samsung Captivate running FireFly 2.3 ROM.

  • droilfade

    Works awesome on SGS :D

  • lex

    Working on a Samsung Galaxy S with Darky 's extreme edition 9.2

  • Zee

    Works on Desire HD running CM7 RC1

    • simms22

      btw, zul8er from xda put this together.
      here is an updated boot animation http://db.tt/4syJ3e1it should take care of the white flashing.

      • Aaron Gingrich

        This URL 404s, Simms provided me with the new ZIP and the download link in the post has been updated.

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Tried this on my EVO running Fresh but found it to be too fast and with light flashes between cycles to the point that an epileptic would have a seizure. :(

    • simms22

      btw, zul8er from xda put this together. here is an updated boot animation http://db.tt/4syJ3e1it should take care of the white flashing.

      • http://androidguys.com/author/justin-marden/ mardenator

        that Dropbox link doesn't work.

        • Aaron Gingrich

          Simms provided me with the updated ZIP, and I've updated our download link.

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        The new boot animation freaking rocks. No more flashing. It's still a little too fast, but it works for me. So hot.

  • liams

    Got it working on my Evo with CM7, white flashes in between animation however. Nice suggestion on honeybread though, looks great with the honeycomb dock icons at the bottom!!

  • Jesse

    works perfect on my Motorola Droid 1 sapphire 2.0.2

  • liam

    Not working on droid x darkslide 4.2

  • PhoneyEricsson

    The Honeycomb boot works on the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini. What a decent piece of hardware cruelly let down by bad parents...I'm running Cyan 6 on it and it is glorious...shame on SE. Tks for boot!

  • Simon Belmont

    Has anyone tried this on a Sprint HTC Hero yet? I would love to have this.

    I guess a Verizon Droid Eris would be the same. Let us know.

    • http://androidguys.com/author/justin-marden/ mardenator

      as long as it's rooted, you should have no problem. just follow the instructions, and make sure to do a Nandroid backup in case something goes south. good luck!

  • John J

    Awesome! Works on HTC Aria w/ CM7.

  • Robert

    Works great on Nexus One with MIUI 1.2.19 (Android 2.2.1). Installed with adb push

  • Abhigyan

    Works perfectly with HTC Desire S-OFF and MIUI 1.2.19. Installation done with Root Explorer.

    Oh...and it's so damned sexy!

  • henk

    Works on my pov 10 tegra tablet.only not full screen,

  • Moe

    Works great G2/Desire-Z Running Virtuous 1.0.1

  • User Error
  • bod1ggity

    Working G2, CM7-rc1

  • Mike

    Works on my DX with the OEM ROM but rooted

  • spyder

    There was no "bootanimation.zip" file at the location system/media to overwrite. WTF? Was there supposed to be one there? Rooted EVO 4G with stock ROM

    • Austin

      Same problem with Stock ROM / Rooted on Samsung Vibrant. I think the original poster Android4Life was mistaken.

    • Mike

      Just drop the zipped file in there and reboot

  • Rod

    Works on my rooted Moto Atrix 4G running stock 2.2.1 via adb push

  • http://none CervAnteZ

    Hereby confirm fully working on cm7@zte blade!

  • Filthy

    Works on the Garmin-Asus A50 (nuvifone) fine on rooted 2.1.
    I did have to overwrite the bootanimation.zip file in data/local but other than that works ok.

  • http://illdill.org illdill

    Works on Dell Streak 7, but only displays in portrait (expected).

  • http://illdill.org illdill

    Correction, I just changed the '480 800' to '800 480' in the desc.txt file and it works normaly on my Streak 7.

  • ashjas

    This works on Moto XT502 CM7RC1

  • lolobabes

    "Looks gorgeous on my CM7 G2. I also found another way to apply it, without the need for buying Root Explorer for $4. Just place the bootanimation.zip onto the root of your SD card, go into terminal emulator, and type the following commands, hitting enter after each line:
    cp /sdcard/bootanimation.zip /data/local/
    and you’re all set! Thanks for this boot animation, btw!"

    this instruction actually worked! kudos mate! ahihihihihi

  • http://gagglenation.com Barry

    Works on Optimus V Rooted Stock ROM

  • Josh

    Workiing with no problems on Backflip running Cyanogenmod 6.1.2

  • Firedrake1

    Works like a charm on rooted Droid 2 Global

  • MXDX

    Just flashed onto the DX running the liberty 1.5 rom and it works like a charm.

  • TONY


  • Athrun88

    Hi, works on HTC Desire Z running Virtuous 1.0.1

    Alittle fast, but it shows up great!

  • Jason

    Just installed it on my dInc. Had a problem after the first boot, had to format my SD card afterwards. Easy fix: Load it on your sd card as mentioned previously. When you go to reboot your phone after overwriting the original bootimage, turn your phone off and eject the sd card until AFTER the boot. Also, if you run SetCPU, let it take superuser priviledges before you insert the SD card. This only needs to be done the first time from what I can tell.

  • ninjeneer

    heck yes. working on my Aria, CM7-final. I just used terminal emulator with


    cp /sdcard/download/bootanimation.zip /data/local


    mine kept failing to copy. :P and btw, this animation took way less time to boot than stock CM7, not really sure why, if it's even as it appears, lol. Freaking sweet animation! :D

    • http://www.ericcamil.com Eric

      Same problem (though on EVO running CM7 Stable) Kept getting a error regarding the folders permissions even though I'm using root explorer and my SU...anyhow terminal worked like a charm and my boot feels a lot shorter -- though it could just be the honeycomb seizure I am experiencing.

  • Wicked1

    Love it. Works for me, on a G2, running CM7 stable

    • Wicked1

      And boot animations go in the system/media forlder for me

  • Ant

    i copied it to system/media folder but when i boot only the word android pops up :(
    nexus s cm7

  • Phil

    worked on my mytouch 3g with CM 6.1.0-DS on it. Nice loading screen to say the least. Definitely be keeping that one.

  • iceblue

    Worked awesome on my DroidX with GB. Just used ADP to move the file on the system and :) grab a beer.

  • John Doe

    Got this working on LG P-990

  • sansserif

    I just pasted it on my /system/media on Moto Milestone A853 using Rootexplorer and works perfectly
    im using cm7.1.0 rc11

  • InsanelyWicked

    I've tested it with CM7, all of Virus' newest ROMs, and Stock/rooted ROM on my Evo. It works perfect.

  • maanikko

    Works fine on Galaxy tab (gsm) "7 running overcome v3.1.0 kratos

  • zaul

    tried this on the Nook Color. there is about 60 pixels all around that are left unfilled by the boot animation because of the screen size. did a google search for "alternative android boot animations" and now trying some new ones that will actually fit the screen res. if not just gonna get back to og boot animation :)

  • xterminans

    Works like a champ on my Frankenphone- Optimus V with aosp and CM7. BTW, ES File Explorer is free and can be granted root in its settings menu (^^)

  • rere

    BTW U don't need to overwrite /system/media/bootanimation.zip (and so to have a rooted device). Just drop the file in /data/local/bootanimation.zip (with adb for example). This should have worked since froyo or gingerbread...

  • anon

    Link below and in article link not to the youtube video but to tome lame trinity animation.