A couple of weeks ago, EA released Bejeweled 2 to the Android Market, and many Bejeweled fans jumped on it like bees on honey. Most found the game in the Market just fine for $2.99, but others were stumped when they saw a whopping $7.99 price tag.

Those others were all Verizon customers, as we found out after digging in, because apparently EA decided to release 2 separate, but otherwise exactly identical versions of the game - one for VZW customers and one for everyone else.

After being called out by us and a few other blogs, EA came to their senses, quietly lowered the VZW app's price to $2.99, and everything was back to normal again. No hurt feelings, no bad blood - we brushed it off as a misunderstanding, the kind-hearted folks that we are.

Fast forward to today, and what do we have in the Market? Bejeweled 2 for everyone but VZW customers - on sale for $0.99. Bejeweled 2 for VZW? $2.99. You have got to be kidding me. Why are you pulling these ridiculous stunts, EA? Are those measly extra dollars really going to offset the uproar you're causing with your discrimination? Why are there 2 versions of the game in the first place? I am disappoint.

image image

Left: everyone but VZW; Right: VZW

Bejeweled 2 for everyone by VZW

Bejeweled 2 for VZW

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  • Ru

    Just tested and can verify - my rooted, CM7 incredible can't see the non-vzw version at all. EA is not getting a penny of my money....

  • Dudeman


  • Master Yami

    Aaaand it's still not available to Telstra customers in Australia. Is there any word on when they are going to release it elsewhere?

  • Fabulas

    Just bought it on my Sprint phone for the .99. It is indeed going for $2.99 on my VZW phone.

  • Joel

    Spare a thought for people around the world that don't even have access to the game at all. Everyone outside the usa doesn't even have access to the game :(

  • Raptor007

    I just won't buy it, period. Its much easier not to spend $0.99 or $2.99 since EA decided to cheat the Verizon customers.

  • Syntk99

    Free99 on Applanet, kthx.

  • nomad

    Went to their website from the link in the market, and the page is blank except at the top of the page it says "There are no games available for your phone". I'm with Verizon. I'm curious if someone that's not with verizon could go to their website and see what it says!! I haven't bought an EA game since PS1 was out. And never will!! They suck as bad as Apple!!

  • The_Omega_Man

    I'm betting that this game will turn up in the next edition of Verizon CrapWear on the Droid lineup!

  • http://www.slipshft.com Slipshft

    Has anyone stopped to think that maybe this is do to something VZN did? Hmmm, I didn't think so.

  • abeee

    I wonder if there are extra costs/work associated with putting an app in the Verizon Market.

    Personally, I think it sucks to have separate Android app Markets.

  • abeee

    I went to buy it from the Google Market for $0.99 ($1.05 with tax) and it's stuck on "authorizing purchase"

  • http://www.smsrtmobileguru.com bobby

    Just use market enabler app and switch from verizon to t-mobile and download for 0.99ยข
    Should work for everyone.

    • dtmm

      bobby's suggestion worked for me. I'm rooted, (original droid on verizon) and I thinks that's a requirement to use the market enabler app.

  • lolofon

    finally someone is fighting against the verizon. verizon is big so they take what they want for themselves (droid updates) and other people won't get it (milestone updates)

  • Samantha

    I bought it off the android market for .99 and it also stuck in authorizing purchase. So I couldn't even play it! Then 2 weeks later I finally got an email saying order canceled you were not charged so today I go to rebuy it and its not on the android market for purchase anymore!? Help me! I have T-Mobile btw