HTC Thunderbolt

Over the last couple of weeks, there has been quite the uproar over the HTC Thunderbolt, Verizon's first LTE phone. Most of the talk has been centered around the shipping date, with a rumoured release that slid from February 14th to the 24th to the 28th, then on to March 4th and 10th. After all this anticipation and disappointment, we may finally have a clue as to what is keeping this beast in its pen.

According to Engadget's sources, test units of the Thunderbolt are getting absolutely horrid battery performance. With reports of a full charge sometimes lasting two to three hours, testers of the new handset are said to be carrying another phone just to make it through the day. As badly as I want to see the Thunderbolt hit the market, is anyone surprised it hasn't with performance like that?

Engadget Thunderbolt

You can't really blame HTC and Verizon for taking their time to get the tech right. There are no doubt many hurdles to jump in order to get the LTE and CDMA radios to play nice together, and the public certainly wouldn't appreciate battery life that's any less than the standard on current Android devices. Maybe it's best we sit back, wait, and let the engineers do their work.

Source: Engadget

Zak Stinson
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  • NYC_Dude

    Ever leave an HTC Evo on WiMax only and see how long it lasts? No that far off from 4 hrs. Everyone screams about 4G and bla bla bla and yet complain that battery life is shorter than an orgasm.
    On my Epic 4G i only turn on 4G only when i want to tether (and short bursts at that) otherwise it murders battery life. 3G is good enough and more merciful on battery.

  • Johnny_Ocean

    Haha...pretty sure this is a little to far along for the engineers to be messing with. If it's still at that stage of development we might see it around Christmas. The problem is the iphone. Plain and simple. The sales were lackluster and they are trying to push people that are out of contract into an outdated piece of technology. HTC said that they were shipping the phones last week. While I'm sure the battery life is garbage just like the HTC Incredible I seriously doubt any of what this article says. I think it would be more likely that they will sell you a phone knowing it has a 2 hour battery life then try to get you to buy the extended battery.

  • LatinoComedian

    I've had it with all of these rumors. 2 hour battery life today, $300 price tag yesterday, Feb 14 er 24 um 28th ah March 10 ug November 18th (I just added that one in people, lest anyone run with that). I am so done with it all. I will patiently wait until it comes out before I make up my mind about anything. Whatever I read on the internet (no matter how "reliable" the source) is just an Urban Legend to me....

    BTW, did you hear that the killer was calling from INSIDE THE HOUSE on an HTC Thunderbolt?!?

  • scadole

    Johnny and NYC dude, I think it's a combo of the two.... I'm sure the battery life is shitty with 4g turned on. I don't doubt it for a minute. I also think that it gives Verizon a good reason to stall for the release of the TBOLT so they can sell more iPhones. I was under the impression that the TBOLT was gonna have a better battery life because of the second gen Snapdragon which is why they put a smaller battery in. If these shitty battery results are true... ugh. This will unfortunately not be the phone for me. GOD DAMMIT! I've been waiting for this MOFO since the leaked photos in November. What an effin buzz kill.

  • boriqua2000

    this is why seidio makes a killing off their 3500 Mah batteries.

  • adv

    My HTC desire last 3 days full exchange sync, gmail, flickr, facebook, weather, stocks.
    as often as they can.
    WIFI on.
    HDSPA+ all the time.
    stock room.
    If i turn off sync 5 days.
    full screen brightness
    no live wallpaper.
    adw ex
    Thats ALL stock

    • JoshL

      Thats NOT true.

  • Michael

    Greedy, greedy, short-sighted bastards. The carriers are hurting Android with their constant manipulations. Verizon is the worst. Withholding OS updates, delaying phones to try and get people to buy other phones, data caps and excessive tiered data fees, lying about ALL of it. I'm about done. New technologies are cropping up monthly, yet phone upgrades are set for two years. It's all so tiresome. I know the carriers deserve to make a fair profit, but there is nothing fair about all this manipulation! Fuck android and fuck Verizon!

  • Raptor007

    And what is the alternative, Apple, yeah 1 new phone a year, and they lock you into a 2 year contract.

    BlackBerry, sure outdated as anything else and they are living off BB Messenger, which will only keep the faithful for so much longer.

    WebOS, never tried it but look at the chicklet keyboards, its time to get with 2011 and recognize that they keyboard needs to be real.

    Windows Mobile Phone 7, stupid name, nice looking but seriously MS needs to grow a pair and make some hardware that rock. Relying on Nokia is NOT going to get you there.

    Android, the qty of new phones coming this year will make you vomit on a tilt-a-whirl and the only real way to fix it is for Google to take the reins. Time to stop the bloatware, time to stop the skins and make the mfg's release the device as stock and allow the skins to be added as a launcher like the other add-on launchers.

    BUT, the real answer is 1 year contracts or no contracts and getting the cheap a$$ americans we are to pay retail for a phone. If we paid retail then we wouldn't complain about contracts, and we would have a right to demand no bloatware.

    Finally Google needs to release a Nexus Phone in both GSM and CDMA or make it global and be unlocked. Simply put, Verizon and Sprint cannot keep your phone locked to their network, you are allowed to take it with you and they are supposed to accept it.

    Its time to force the issue. Our revolution here needs to be against the wireless industry, CTIA and their strangle hold on customers.

  • DonnyDon

    this better come out on monday the 28th or im done. Ill get the iphone 4 and sell it and get the iphone 5 then.

  • http://stuarthalliday.com Stuart Halliday

    My HTC Desire HD lasts 9hours with its 1200mah battery or 16hours with a 1600mah battery.

    The problem is that HTC supplies their phones with everything updating every 30mins or more.

    Turn off the auto-sync and fetch updates when you actually need to read them. This makes all the difference...

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