It looks like the Captivate is the next domino to fall, much as expected: AT&T just confirmed via twitter that the Froyo update is now available for Captivate owners through Kies Mini. Similarly, that support page we stumbled upon last week before being pulled has gone back up, and it looks just like it did then.


Obviously as the update is done through Kies Mini, you'll need that to start. Once you've got Kies all ready to go, you need to do a minor amount of jiggering to get the update installed. Not quite as easy as most OTAs, but nothing too strenuous either.

For full details/instructions, hit up the support page below.

[Source: Samsung Support, @ATT]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Kyle

    Just upgraded. Worked perfectly!

  • -bob

    So... where do I get a system running a 32-bit OS???

    • psyclopps

      It will work fine on 64bit windows as long as you do not have IE9 installed. For some reason this will mess up kies mini. Works fine after IE9 is uninstalled.

      • -bob

        Yup. I can verify that it worked on Win-7-Pro-64bit with IE8 installed at least. Wiped all my non-AT&T icons but programs are still there. Seems a bit snappier and it looks like maybe the email client is usable now (updates imap folders). Thanks!

  • annoynamous

    Well this is just great, does anybody know when the fascinate will get froyo? Huh this is insane/crazy

  • Yobee

    Update works flawlessly. Now Samsung has fulfilled its contract with buyers when it promised 2.2. Anything we get from this point on will be gravy, I guess :)

  • OROD

    Anyone know the difference between the leaked version that came out in November and the official release?

    • Slayerâ„¢

      Personally I haven't upgraded yet but I have had the leaked version at one point before I flashed back to 2.1 eclaire the only difference I've noticed is no lag with official without using a lag fix other than that leaked and official pretty much seem the same.

  • Ken

    For those of you with windows 7 x64 system, you can right click on the application icon, go to the compatibility tab and tell it to run in xp sp3 mode, and it'll work just fine.

  • Matti

    Just did it and it works great except my Android Market won't open now!!

  • http://osbuzzer.com Ashique
  • Shane

    does anyone know if wine can be used. for the update. I boycott Microsoft and use Ubuntu. I am highly disappointed my Linux based phone has to be updated using windows. I have not used a windows based computer since 98, 98 sucked so bad, I took a vow never to buy another windows Microsoft product thats what made an android phone so great. Bill Gates is a globalist eugenics freak who calls for population reduction through vaccines, abortions, gmo food etc he also talks about death panels for granny I hope more of you out there stop supporting stop supporting his evil agendas