Last Updated: August 1st, 2012

Last night, Cyanogen revealed on Twitter that WiMAX had officially landed in CM7, via the latest nightly. No small feat, given that the team had to write their own code entirely from scratch. And while CM-based builds with WiMAX have been floating around for a few weeks now, this is the first official release - effectively addressing the last major qualm many EVO owners had with CM.


I have to say, WiMAX in CM7 certainly doesn't fail to impress: I managed to hit 6.5 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload. In 3 tests, I averaged 5470 Kbps download and 1041 Kbps upload - handily beating the roughly 4.5-5 Mbps download I hit on stock-based ROMs.

snap20110224_115146 snap20110224_115151 snap20110224_115258

To test it out for yourself, download and flash the latest nightly (build 6+), head into the Wireless & Network Settings, and enable WiMAX.

snap20110224_114719 snap20110224_114727 snap20110224_114735

I'd heard word a few weeks back that enabling/disabling was faster using the custom-written firmware, but in my admittedly short experience, it's been about the same. Not that I'm complaining - I rarely toggle it, so it's not really a big deal anyway. I can't argue with having it in the first place, let alone that it seems to be substantially (10%+) faster than 4G on a stock-based ROM (again, though, I haven't verified that empirically).

[Source: CyanogenMod, @Cyanogen]

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  • Dave

    MOAR GEEEEEEEEZ PLEASE!!!! Great job teamwin and teamdouche. Amazing work. Just wish I had 4g in my area. Think I'm gonna have to travel to the west side of Madison just to check it out :) Also worth noting that they have HDMI out almost completed, also. I for one will not own a phone that CM is not made for.


    What's the ETA for HDMI ;) lol jk!

  • dflipb

    Have there been any benefit tests if CM is better / faster than stock? Especially in battery life?

    • Aaron Gingrich

      "it seems to be substantially (10%+) faster than 4G on a stock-based ROM (again, though, I haven’t verified that empirically)."

      I haven't compared it to stock 4G speeds because I wasn't running stock beforehand; I'd have to download and flash a stock ROM just to run 3 Speedtests, which isn't really worth it.

      As for battery life, I'm not sure yet - I only just flashed it ;)

  • Hooty

    LOL, I was getting theses speeds on HSDPA.

    • Dave

      What exactly is your point? I guess you don't understand how great of an accomplishment this is. Please go troll elsewhere kthxbai

      • mn

        Agree with Dave. This is MAJOR and the entire Cyanogen team should be thanked. Amazing work that is appreciated by MOST of us.

  • http://www.anivision.org Xcom923

    Have you tried tethering yet? I have been trying this and I get a significant speed cut when I tether. Wimax works now with CM BUT wimax AND wifi together is still having issues.

  • Kenneth P

    Do i have to flash a new radio?...i have no idea which one im using now

    • Dave

      You don't need to, but it's usually recommended to get the latest.

      • SiliconAddict

        For cyanogenmod I think its required to be on the latest and greatest.

        • Dave

          that's a negative sir

  • chrispy

    BA DA BA BA BA! I'm loving it!

  • Brett

    I am a nooby to root. I have recently installed the unrevoked 3.3... Can this .apk be installed on my htc evo? or do I need Cyanogen rom first?

    • Dave

      You flash the ROM in recovery. I would check out the XDA forums for some how-to's. Everything you need to know can be found there. SEARCH the forums before asking questions. Save yourself the trouble of people getting after you about it

  • SiliconAddict

    Does anyone know the reliability of this and your RSA keys? I know that eariler WIMAX supported builds were fooking people's RSA keys and as a result killing WIMAX.

    • http://www.anivision.org Xcom923

      I didn't have issues. But ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS! back up your current rom before installing anything. If you do that then your RSA keys will be fine.

    • Dave

      Flashing the ROM doesn't mess with your keys. Certain methods of rooting and wiping have caused keys to go away. But always back up just in case :)

  • Jb

    I can't find it on my Nexus One. I just flashed the latest nightly.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      This only works on WiMAX-enabled phones... namely, the EVO.

  • Jb

    Lol should have known

  • Mark

    Use Amon Radio recovery to back up your WiMAX rsa keys.