Social gaming engine GameSpy has announced that they are about to release their software development kit (SDK) for developers large and small to integrate at their will.

While their lone Android title (to date) is the uber-popular Dungeon Defenders, GameSpy is actually a grizzled veteran to the console world, having helped power the social engines of companies like Rockstar Games and Nintendo for years. Similar to gaming networks like OpenFeint, the network brings all the expected features (social integration, leaderboards, in-game purchases), plus a few not-so-standard perks, like cloud storage for saved games, screenshots, and videos.


Developers will also be able to use the SDK to enjoy multi-player gaming (if they provide their own servers). Of course, Dungeon Defenders introduced the first Android/iOS cross-platform gaming, so you can likely expect to see much more of that in the near future.

The services will be free to all indie developers "for an extended beta period." Starting tomorrow, devs can visit http://www.poweredbygamespy.com/ to pick up the free kit.

Source: GameSpy via Droid Gamers

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  • Thomas

    I think Pocket Legends was first for Android/iOS... Actually, wasn't Homerun Battle 3D first??

  • http://www.gmachine.net GMachine

    This is the first I've seen that anyone is pushing the developers to create cross platform. and I like it!