For anybody who is planning to buy a Xoom tomorrow, we finally have an idea on how the upgrade to 4G LTE compatibility will work. Instead of just being a simple software update, you'll have to send your device to Motorola, which, while free, will take "up to 6 business days." The process will be available approximately 90 days after the Xoom is released, and will remain available for six months. Be warned, however - this may result in some unpleasant circumstances, as users are warned to backup their device before shipping it. The details should be available officially tomorrow, and will be found on Verizon's soon to go live Xoom 4G LTE upgrade page.


Source: Droid Life via The Android Site

  • shadowjin

    wtf? at least its free

  • yen

    Free? Not thing is free, cost of upgrade already factor into the price.

  • http://www.droidninja.com Neil Lund

    I was afraid of that. I asked the PR reps about how the Xoom customers were going to upgrade their tablets to 4G and their response was "I'm not authorized to talk about it". I was hoping it was a OTA software update at the time, guess I was way off. This is the first time I've seen a company upgrade the radio hardware like this in the mail. It leads me to think, "What other parts can we upgrade?" :)

  • Jon Garrett

    Shipping it back sounds like a very bad idea. can you imagine the complaints they will get and the headaches that come with it.

    People will claim their devices were damaged, devices will lost, some will take a long time to come back.

    Why would any customer want to ship their device back? sounds crazy.

    I'll just wait a month or two before I get this, maybe by then the Samsung 10.1 will be available.

  • codeman

    Sigh, their product marketing is next to idiot... Who's going to ship back the used XOOM that is full of personal data for hardware upgrade? Instead Motorola should have technicians to visit each customer for upgrade, lol