Last Updated: October 10th, 2011

Among all the Thunderbolt delay rumors, here comes the latest one from the Roseville Best Buy #129. Their Twitter account, currently followed by 372 people, tweeted a few hours ago that the launch has been delayed further than we were anticipating - till Thursday, March 4th.


If true, this means earlier rumors of the February 24th and 28th launches will have turned out to be false, arousing even more suspicion around the reasons behind such a disastrous release of Verizon's first LTE handset. Are there last-minute problems with the LTE network? With the device itself? We don't know, but our curiosity sure is peaking.

We are also curious whether Best Buy #129 knows how to use the calendar, because March 4th is actually a Friday.


Let's hope it's an honest mistake by an overeager Twitter marketing genius in that branch and not just a lame prank full of unreliable information. The salt grains, prepare to utilize them.

Source: @BestBuy129

Artem Russakovskii
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  • Zach

    Haha I'm from Roseville and that Best Buy is pretty terrible....I wouldn't trust it

  • theone

    Thursday March 4th hahahahahahaha

    March 4th is FRIDAY

  • Quentyn

    Friday isn't an uncommon date. Maybe for Verizon, but there have been plenty of notable device launches on Fridays.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Oh, Friday is an absolutely plausible date, but it still doesn't change the fact that they can't use a calendar and surely doesn't add credibility to their statement.

  • FD

    I think the point is that next week "Thursday March 4th" would be pretty uncommon.

  • scadole

    Best Buy called me today to tell me that the TBOLT would NOT be coming in tomorrow... but when it comes they will call me. UGH.

  • Dude

    Thanks for this. I think the Thunderbolt release delay is the biggest story in the mobile world right now.

  • Frank

    Best buy is not aware of a hard street date on a district, manager or line level basis. I work in best buy with in the mobile branch and this rosedale store has not been formally informed. Their validity is questionable when they can't even get the date and day to sync. Also, thursdays are actually more common for release dates. The HTC EVO, Iphone, HTC incredible, Droid X all had official release dates on a thursday. I am suprised by the lack of credible information on this topic.

  • Sean

    I contacted a Best Buy in Texas yesterday and asked the gentleman about the Thunderbolt. He told me to expect the release the first week of March. I don't know how true or false the information he gave is, but it does seem to fit with the tweet above. Then again, with all the delays, it wouldn't surprise me if it came out next week or two months from now. All I can say is that the time we have been anxiously waiting had better be worth the hype.

  • R

    Very bad on Verizon's side. So much for the Valentines Day gift I thought I was buying for my girlfriend on Feb 14th, 24th, 28th. And yes Verizon is laughing at all of us right now for making this marketing scam a huge story.
    Sad to say but it will be on the CNN homepage soon................

    One more thing Verizon Wireless Corporate in Irvine, California informed me yesterday it has been pushed to March sometime. No date just March.

  • Mark in Antelope

    I prefer the Citrus Heights, CA Best Buy store over the Roseville store. (: haha LOL

    So is the delay because of a hardware or Network switching problem from 4G to 3G is what is being reported. if I buy my Thunderbolt at the Roseville Best Buy, I'm I going to have a problem by the time I get to S Lake Tahoe?? (:

  • jonthebru

    I'm a nobody so I don't wish to start any rumors or innuendo type stuff. I am anxiously awaiting the Thunderbolt but will strive to be patient.
    Question, What is so different about this phone over others? Nothing really, the LTE radio only, as far as I see. I do feel the VZW and HTC "powers that be" would like their system locked up better, especially VZW. I submit that the delay is software/ firmware related possibly to make the device more difficult to root. No substantiation, just an idea I have.
    I never thought the delay was for the iPhone release, but some other device related issue. Where I live 4G won't be available until the last part of the year so I hope the 3G is workable for 6 or 8 months.

  • mad customer

    I am very feed up with store's just like best -buy taking customers money and not caring about the out come or fairness . my issue is i Pre order this HTC thunder bolt feb 7 !!! i was told it would be for sale feb 14 that is a reasonable pre- order then this delay to cap on the ihone to the 24 then worried about people returning the phone for the htc thunderbolt so then moved it to the 28th now your telling me MAYBE the 24 th this isnt a pre order any more this was a lie to me and get a intrest free loan from a hard working faith full customer yal should be ashame !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want my money back plus intrest

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      You do realize Best Buy has nothing to do with this, right? If you want to blame someone, blame Verizon and HTC.