In a minor update to the official Gmail app, Google has addressed one of "the little things" that have been plaguing Android since the beginning. In this case, a lack of uniformity for copying text.

In all previous versions of the Gmail app, a user would have to press Menu, More, and then Select Text. Fortunately, this update fixes that issue by making copying text the same as in the Browser or a textbox: by long pressing it. It's not a huge addition, and is only available for those with devices running Gingerbread, but it is definitely a step in the positive direction.

The update also brings the ability to sync custom label colors, as well as some minor bug fixes.

[Source: Market]

  • froyo

    very nice. good feature.

  • rony

    don't know how to make it work. long press and nothing. is it just me?

    • helikopter

      first only a small cursor appears. you have to start moving it with your fingers to highlight the text you want to copy.

  • N1 owner

    well - where the F is Gingerbread???
    Why no article how google totally lied to customers about the GB update which is NOT rolling out NOW.