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We've heard a lot of numbers about the number of Android device activations per day in the past, but it's always nice to see it displayed visually. AndroidDevelopers has posted a very cool video that does just that, showing the number of Android activations throughout the world from the beginning - all the way back to the G1 - to January 2011. It's a nice reminder of just how far the platform has come. Take a look for yourself below.

Source: YouTube

  • abeee

    that's awesome! What software was used to visualize the data ?

  • Ed

    What is meant by activation?

    • Cameron

      ? upgrade or new line ACTIVATION. meaning the phone at one point was dormant and in a non active state. Then a person began the sequence which causes activity to begin on a particular device.

  • dragonithe

    A phone turned on for the first time after it left the factory.