Verizon just updated its product page for the Motorola XOOM, and in the process, the tablet's release date has been made official. Just as expected, you'll be able to buy the Honeycomb-loaded beast this Thursday (2/24), but unfortunately, Adobe's Flash Player won't be included out of the box. Instead, the page's fine print says, the software is "expected in Spring 2011."

Engadget speculates that Verizon / Motorola are waiting for Flash 10.2, which is supposed to launch in the coming weeks, and I would say that's a pretty fair assumption. Still, it's kind of disappointing that the XOOM won't have Flash at launch since even the Galaxy Tab can play back Flash content.

Let's hope Verizon can stay true to its promise and deliver Flash in a timely fashion - otherwise, Big Red might have to face a mob of angry Adobe fans.

Source: Verizon via Engadget, Droid Life

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • Josh

    I'll believe the manufacturer's website over the carrier's, and the Moto site says nothing about a flash delay.

    • http://androidpolice.com/author/jaroslav-stekl Jaroslav Stekl

      Then again, Moto's site also says nothing about the release date, leading me to believe that Verizon's info is more recent.

  • Myria

    What, are they trying to drive business to the iPad?

    It's depressing to see how the Android pad market has shaken out so far. Insane pricing, bad implementations, acting like they already own the market rather than that they are an underdog... At best.

    Still no WiFi-only Tab. No Wifi-only Xoom in sight. Must pay for a contract to even activate wifi? Are they frelling serious?

  • SlidVendetta

    Frustrating. I do not understand the hold the mobile carriers have over the hardware manufacturers. Buy it from a carrier and pay for one month?

  • nory

    You've got to be kidding me... you might as well call this the Motorola ipad, no flash? Really? This is one huge reason why people use android and its not even on the xoom until sometime in spring 2011? Crazy...

  • Mike

    All of a sudden my $350 Viewsonic G-Tab isn't looking so bad. With a little effort from the XDA Developers site and you have a fully functioning 10.1" Tablet.

  • http://getyourgadgetsgoing.com Tristan Thomas

    I never liked it much when a device gets released ahead of it's time because it causes some features to be missing. Many of us can go without flash the same way Apple mobile users have, but it sends a growing negative message.

    Anyways, there is always someone to blame and reasonings behind everything with these companies. You can find some opinion based ideas on who is wrong and why there will be no flash at launch at: http://goo.gl/kcCxP

  • http://xoomtabletblog.com/ Bobby Mikels

    It’s nice to see other devices being recognized aside from Apple products. Sure, you can call Xoom a copy cat. But this copy cat happens to be better than the original. With the help of Honeycomb OS, this is the future of tablet PCs.

  • http://xoomtabletblog.com/ Bobby Mikels

    Thank God Motorola Xoom will be under Verizon. I think it is a smart choice for Motorola. Too bad their product (Atrix) was under AT&T. I truly believe that this will be a good venture for the 2 companies. Both are arguably the best on what they do.