Last Updated: February 22nd, 2011

AT&T users, rejoice! Brief Mobile has been informed that user DesignGears, along with Getaphixx, has rooted the Motorola Atrix before its official release.

AT&T is notorious for restricting its users to only Market apps. Through rooting, however, non-Market apps can run via sideloading. These privileges also provide an easy way to free users of the bloated social-networking service MOTOBLUR and disable many other unnecessary applications.

Full instructions follow:

What you’ll need first:

  • .NET Framework 2.0 or Mono v1.2.6 (more information on Linux) (Windows XP: Download .NET Framework 2.0)
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7
    • Ubuntu Hardy (8.04 LTS)
    • Ubuntu Jaunty (9.04)
    • Ubuntu Karmic (9.10)
    • Ubuntu Lucid (10.04 LTS)
    • Ubuntu Maverick (10.10)
    • Debian Lenny (5.0)
    • Debian Squeeze (testing)
    • Debian Sid (unstable)
    • Debian Experimental
  • Install Motorola drivers on your computer
    • Mount the device for Media Sync.
    • Motorola Helper will install proper drivers.
  • Download Super One Click v1.6.5
  1. After installing the drivers, meeting the prerequisites, and downloading CLShortFuse’s Super One Click, proceed to the next step.
  2. Extract the Super One Click package to a folder on your computer
  3. Place your phone into USB Debugging mode
    • Menu >> Settings >> Applications >> Development >> Enable “USB debugging”
  4. Connect the device to your computer via USB cable
  5. Do NOT mount your device’s SD card
  6. Run the Super One Click program
  7. Simply click the “Root” button in Super One Click
  8. Before rebooting, click “Allow Non Market Apps”
  9. Reboot your device

Unfortunately, unlocking the bootloader is still in limbo at the moment - it appears that Motorola has signed the Atrix's bootloader just like it did to the Defy. Thus, custom ROMs aren’t on the menu just yet. 

Source: Brief Mobile

  • http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=960336 designgears

    The bootloader is signed, not encrypted.

  • http://www.twitter.com/getaphixx Getaphixx

    Bootloader as of this writing is signed not encrypted.


  • Steve

    @Getaphixx, that's great news, and thanks for your time and energy that went into this, I'll have to thank DesignGears next... i guess i'll buy him a beer (donate)!

  • Joe

    as of this morning bootloader confirmed to be encrypted by TBH (TeamBlackHat).

  • Joe
  • Eg

    would someone explain me what this means? i am a newbie. Can i change this motoblur look? (maybe to HTC sense?) And what can i not change, if the bootloader is locked?

    • http://noneofyourbiz.com vaibzzz123

      unlocked bootloader means you can't install custom ROMS, or HTC Sense, or stock Android.

      • Joe

        wrong... most phones come with a locked bootloader. We want them to be unlocked so that we CAN install custom roms. You can usually unlock these bootloaders on phones to install custom roms. HTC and Samsung don't go overboard to lock you into their look, but Moto has had a history of doing so..

        HTC Sense is a ridiculous hard venture because you need to port parts of the framework to the new phone (labor intensive, generally not done).
        Custom roms have signatures and if the signature does not match the signature on the bootloader (which we don't have access to in an encrypted bootloader) then the phone will not boot. When we get the encrypted key, we can begin signing roms with this key, but the likelihood of cracking this key is very low. Our best bet is to hope it is leaked from moto.
        You can use home screen replacements to get rid of the stock motoblur look, but you won't be able to get rid of it completely unfortunately and then with the use of Widgets somewhat imitate the look of SenseUI.

  • Adrian

    I don't have a Milestone, a Milestone 2, any of the other ones and I don't plan on getting the Atrix, but I might as well help with this http://androinc.net/