The Google Reader app for Android is streamlined, slick and easy to use. It performs one function and it does it well: reading your RSS feeds.

So, I was pleasantly surprised when the app updated today with some additional useful features.


Firstly, two new widgets have been added, one to show the unread count and one to display new stories in a news ticker format. The unread count widget can be set to show the number of unread stories in a feed, label, person or on all your items. The news ticker widget scrolls through any of the RSS feeds in Reader. Clicking on a headline will take you directly to that article. Unfortunately, the widgets only appear to work on Android 2.2 or above.

Secondly, the app now "marks previous feeds as read" as you scroll through them. This is a very useful feature on the Google Reader mobile website and I'm glad it has been ported to the app.

QR code for https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.reader

Credit: Phandroid

Abhiroop Basu
Abhiroop Basu is an opinionated tech and digital media blogger. As a doe-eyed twenty-something he started his first blog TechComet to comment on anything tech-related that caught his omniscient eye. Since then he has blogged for Android Police, Make Tech Easier, and This Green Machine. In the real world, Abhiroop Basu is a resident of Singapore and the Editor of The Digit, a subsidiary of The Potato Productions Group.

  • http://danielkvist.net Daniel Kvist

    Nice! Now all it needs is a couple of fresh skins!

  • Peter Berry

    Trouble with Google Reader app and the reason I keep removing it is that it causes your browser cache to grow untill it has used all the internal storage on my Nexus one.

  • Jacques Thesing

    Same with me for the browser cache + the fact that even Google doesn't bother about App2SD. Deleted (while in fact I need it) using an insane amount of phone memory

  • Steven M

    the two widgets are damn ugly, especially the 1x1 one, which shows a hideous grey folder icon, instead of the proper app icon. i actually facepalmed when i first saw it, and refuse to use it. C'mon, Google, FFS... Remember: details, details, details.

  • Steven M

    & 1 more thing, the menu item icons are all fuzzy, and evidently are not designed for 800px+ screens. Truly ridiculous laxness from Google.