How terribly boring were the last 2 months with regards to picking yourself up a new Android handset? We've seen hundreds of exciting announcements but practically no products to actually buy - end of December and January always seem to be those kinds of months. However, things are picking up, and one of the first new devices on the market fresh out of the oven is the HTC Inspire 4G for AT&T.

The device will cost you $99.99 + tax from AT&T, but on Amazon, where it just went live, it is available for $59.99 to new customers (including family plans) and $69.99 to those upgrading. With free 2-day shipping and no tax in most states, you'll be saving almost half of its cost.

Let's recap the specs - this HSPA+ bad boy comes with with a 1GHz single-core CPU, 768MB of RAM, a 4.3" SLCD screen, b/g/n Wi-Fi, 4GB internal and 8GB microSD storage, and an 8MP camera. Sorry, no front-facing camera or Gingerbread just yet - the Inspire ships with Froyo - but HTC is likely to be pushing most of its flagships to Android 2.3 or 2.4 shortly. The Inspire 4G is essentially a Thunderbolt (sans front-facing camera) but for AT&T and at a much cheaper price point.


We've been playing with an Inspire 4G review unit for the last week, and the full review is expected sometime in the next few days. In the meantime, we've got a quick hands-on overview video to hold you over.

Source: Amazon Wireless

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  • Chris

    Excuse me while I throw my $130 HTC Aria at some AT&T employee.


  • mike

    this phone can be had at target for 50.00 bucks upgrade or new contract

  • randyfromreno

    I got mine for 30 bucks through Amazon a year ago as an upgrade.  Love it but it will never get ICS unless you Root and Rom it like I did mine.